Coyote Ragtime Show

BigPrime 07-08-2006 07:48 PM
In my never ending quest to bring you news of the latest, greatest anime (or something like that), I bring you Ufotable's latest offering, Coyote Ragtime Show. Sounds a bit like Cowboy Bebop, eh?

So what's it about? Honestly, it's hard to say. The first episode is called "Jailbreak" and begins introducing our interesting cast of characters. It seems the planet Graceland is embroiled in civil war and the galactic government doesn't want it to spread, so they're working on authorizing Photonic Bombing of the planet.

Meanwhile, Federal Investigator Angelica Barnes, a compulsive eater, travels to the planet Sandvil, hot on the trail of "Mister", a mysterious criminal she's been chasing for four years. She believes he's been in Sandvil's jail for the last year. Before she can find him, however, his comrades in arms hatch a plot to break him out. In the confusion, a third party enters the scene, the 12 Marciano Sisters, a team of 12 Gothloli Cyborg Maid assassins named for months. It seems they too want Mister and are under orders to take him alive. And that's just the first episode. The second hasn't aired yet. Big Grin
Is it good? I dunno. The first episode was a fun romp, though. Guns, explosions, cyborg maids, ne'er do well lead males and Dune-esque sandworms abound.

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Green_Bird 12-11-2006 09:13 PM
From finding the first episode on IGN through ANN's new layout...I must's actually a good anime from the first episode. The dubbing isn't bad either. This series may be something I might want to check into more.
evanASF27 12-11-2006 09:52 PM
Why did I somehow think this was gonna be an anime based on the "Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show"?? O.o
Schoolie 12-11-2006 11:23 PM
I just watched the trailer. Looks cool.

We've been in a slump from "cool" anime on Adult Swim. I'd love to see GunXSword or this show, to fill the hole left by Big O, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop.
Paradigm Dog 12-12-2006 10:26 AM
My two cents...Sorry, I saw most of the first episode, and I found it annoying and forced. Animation's decent by today's standards, but character designs are pretty bad. It's a far cry from something that would have been it's equivalent some years ago like Outlaw Star, and it isn't even good as some of the better anime around right now like GunxSword. Anime's in a dryspell right now.
Raven 12-12-2006 12:18 PM
How are those 12 sisters? Are they anything original or just the same thing we've seen in so many animes before? April, May, and June do look cool I have to admit.
Green_Bird 12-12-2006 03:48 PM
Originally posted by Raven
How are those 12 sisters? Are they anything original or just the same thing we've seen in so many animes before? April, May, and June do look cool I have to admit.

Android maids and a butler. So not really other then them being a group of assassins and all...I don't know if they're different in the other 11 episodes or not...
Barrin 12-26-2006 02:44 PM
For one week, ADV's anime download site let people download the 1st episode for free. It has some good art and animation. The cg work felt like it fit well with the view of things.

The character designs are okay for the show. We'll have to see how their personalities work out. What's fun is that cheeseburger shot that doubled as a cheesecake shot, if you know what I mean. Cool As for 12 sisters, they're meant as a sort of parody of other maids in other anime. We'll see how they shape up.

The only thing that may be a problem is the treasure and the 1 week deadline. This will only hold up a few episodes, unless they use a lot of flashback episodes.