[Fan Art] Big O: Its SHOWTIME!

Chitter-Box-Kat 08-21-2006 02:40 PM
Cool Megadeus thingy! OoO It remeinds me of Russia and that animated Atlantis movie.
R. Daniel Olk 01 08-21-2006 10:16 PM
I take all that as a compliment Smile I think heavy industrial things are hardcore, like Russia, and well about Atlantis: that was a pretty sweet flick.

I'm actually doing much grander Big O related things right now, though.

I'm eager to see what ideas Mattartist will come back with next.

Dude why don't PMs work for you, Mattartist?
Mattartist 08-22-2006 09:45 AM
Hey ya'll, sorry to leave real snippy like -- the parental units were bidding me off the computer... Red Face

Anyway, yeah, sweet picture there, R. Dan. I especially like the funky looking legs. I can understand how he walks, since I created a character a while back with the same kind of -- double jointed legs -- stuff -- so, I figure he wobbles a little, or hobbles. He also sort of reminds me of a combination of Norman and bearded Schwartzwald (or Crispy Chicken man... heh funny name still).

The idea I had eariler, R. Dan, was possibly -- A CHILD! You know what I'm talking about? Here's another hint: R and D had a little BABY!
HAH! Hey, anything can happen in Paradigm City! Anyway, there's a morsel for ya.

Finally, as I said, I really liked your -- or your friend's megadeus -- I hope both you and your friend are okay with me doing this -- but I actually sketched a picture of the dude's face this morning, so I hope your friend or you won't -- sue me or anything...

OKAY, so until next time, make sure all your electronic house maids are FULLY FUNCTIONAL! See ya! Big Grin

EDIT!: Whoa, maybe I should explain -- R. Dan could be the name of Dorothy and Roger's baby, but I already had the name R. Alexander -- it might produce some stress because why would Roger and Dorothy name their kid the same name as the stupid white suit guy who almost destroyed Paradigm City? See my reasoning? Anyway, the name would be: R. Daniel Smith, provided of course that Roger and Dorothy find someone legit to have them married?

See, in Paradigm City, there's a law about marrage. That couple in Act 15, people didn't know the senator was an android, hence the marrage card. SO, Roger and Dorothy have to find a way of keeping the baby hush hush, and getting Dorothy to act human enough that they can be married! SEE? I guess that's ANOTHER morsel for ya... SEE YA!

PSS: Heh, kidding.
R. Daniel Olk 01 08-23-2006 04:39 AM
Aw I'm honored Big Grin

By... so many things! Wow.

Well maybe I deserve it. I've been trying to master the art of owning for a while now... maybe I'm finally breaking through.

Right now my attempt at owning equals this... you just might recognize it. Maybe.


About you makin' a sketch of Richelieu, haha don't worry. I truly think that BYA001 has forgotten about it completely. His animation group, BlueYonderComix or BlueYonderAnimation, wasn't professional. I don't know if they've ever completed a project.

But your spirit makes me want to draw Richelieu for real! And animate him an' all... make him LIIIIIIVE! along with the several other Megadei I've envisioned. But if I started drawing original Megadei, Richelieu would be the second I'd start. Big Grin


Ah a Dorothy-Roger kid, eh? Fans just wanna see that! It's funny you mention it 'cuz another fan said the same thing only joking, like a couple hours after you posted, yo-sef.

It WOULD be fun. It'd be fun if both of us did it and compared how we mix-n-matched, shake-n-baked their features... they're so DIFFERENT, those two. And their eyebrows... would it be a mix of elegance and weird thing at the end? Or would the two extreme eyebrow genes, when they collided, explode into mutant eyebrow-powers, or generate a pair of angel wings attached to the face above the eyes? We may never know. I sure won't.

But.... we can try!

For now, though, I'm up to my ears in Flash stuff.



Well, heck I'll post it here: my AIM number is:

Atomicpower Robo

For some reason here in the forums you haven't tell me why you can't PM... but maybe you can IM?
Chitter-Box-Kat 08-23-2006 04:50 AM
A fan girl's dream! The Roger+Dorothy child! Big Grin I liked the animation sequence thingy for his legs. And just curious: Richelieu. Is that a French name?
Mattartist 08-23-2006 04:53 AM
ooh... er, I'm real sorry, but "IM" not allowed. I really WANT to, but I can't -- parental units make the rules... Frown

BUT! (waves finger in the air) Man, Big O's legs are walkin' away! "NORMAN! What the gafmnciald did you do to him?" Cool

Awesome to the power of infinity. You must've, what, taken one animation of one leg, then made it smaller and put the same first animation to coincide with the first, presenting -- gasp -- WALKING! Dude, nice.

In Big O Showtime's defense, Flash is nice to present stuff in. As soon as I can get Flash (I'm still praying) then I can do some wild stuff myself.
But how's about right now we look at some other megadeuses, or megadei, or -- (thinks) THE WORD MEGADEUS PLURAL, you get the idea.... oy... Big Grin

By the way, I guess I can show you a BIG I've created, although not in this post at this very minute in time, but I'll share you the name, and this one is definately gonna be used, and you'll agree with me when ya see it: BIG MARS -- or BIG SATURN.

I'm not entirely set on either Mars or Saturn, but seeing how Angel's megadeus was named Big VENUS, the common phrase is:
"Women came from Venus, Men came from Mars". I'll most likely pick Mars.

WHO IS BIG MARS, YA SAY? Da king o' da bigs... Big Grin

You take de low road, an' I'll take de high road, and I'll get to Paradigm before ye! Heh... Schwartzwald's doin' a jig... Big Grin

EDIT: ooh! Didn't see ya there, Chitter chatter Box! And, Richelieu? I don't know if it's French! Hey, R. Dan! Is it French? Or is it a FREEDOM ROBOT?!? Big Grin
Chitter-Box-Kat 08-23-2006 05:03 AM
In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love. Mars is the god of war. And Saturn, if I remember correctly, was thier king. Does that help with the naming process any? OuO
Mattartist 08-23-2006 09:40 AM
Dang... that's good, Chitter chotter chutter, chat --- kat... Big Grin

I guess then that means TWO BIGS, Mars'll be Saturn's lackey, or something like that -- about the same way Alan and Big Duo Inferno were to Alex and Big Fau -- and yes, Big Duo and Fau ARE returning...

Here's the pilots for these big robots, at least in an unfinished sort of way:

-Roger (of course) Big O
-Schwartzwald (he lives! Cool ) Big Duo

(expect dual fights with Roger and Schwartzwald fighting together!)

-Dorothy -- (bum bum bum) Fau. There, I said it. What can I say, I was sold by someone's awesome theory about Dorothy being a bit more powerful than she lets on and probably doesn't even KNOW...
I wonder how Schwartzwald would react...hmmm... Big Grin

-Dastun - some military police megadeus a new character invents
-Then of course there's Big Venus and Fau and Mars and Saturn.

Thanks for the input, Kat Chat Box -- darn it! My tongue keeps tripping over the keyboard! Blegh! Thanks, you know who you are -- now I gotta clean the keyboard... its all wet now... Red Face

R. Daniel Olk 01 08-23-2006 10:03 AM
Originally posted by Mattartist
ooh... er, I'm real sorry, but "IM" not allowed. I really WANT to, but I can't -- parental units make the rules... Frown

... do they let you IM anybody?

You must've, what, taken one animation of one leg, then made it smaller and put the same first animation to coincide with the first, presenting -- gasp -- WALKING!

Hah, you make it sound so simple! You have to realize that when one resizes, the reference points are lost; also, Big O's legs to not pivot cleanly, but swing along an invisible point higher inside the waist, and I don't yet know how to simulate that in Flash; also, using just one leg pose as a reference for leg size does not always work, due to the up-n-down swinging factor I just mentioned. All in all, what you see consumed about five hours of my time. And I'm still going to have to tweak it for the final copy. Hell it's not even perfect--if it was, then Big O's waist wouldn't just dip, but PIVOT as well. Unfortunately that would consume even more time than I'm willing or able to... relinquish.


Yea, everybody makes Big Mars... man I'm a real bubble-burster, ain't I? BYA001 gave me a vague concept for his idea for Big Mars--basically take every Megadeus component ever exhibited in the show and stuff it all into one machine. It ended up looking decent, but such a stupid idea... what's the point in making an Omnideus, I ask you? A robot like THAT doesn't have any personality of its own--it just steals from others!

I'm not entirely set on either Mars or Saturn, but seeing how Angel's megadeus was named Big VENUS, the common phrase is:
"Women came from Venus, Men came from Mars". I'll most likely pick Mars.

And, Richelieu? I don't know if it's French! Hey, R. Dan! Is it French? Or is it a FREEDOM ROBOT?!? Big Grin

Freedom Robot? Bwah and hah to that!

Richelieu served as Cardinal and Prime Minister during Louis XIV's reign. Despite the Sun King's many bloody wars and lavish expenditures, Richelieu managed to keep the French economy afloat... through all the storms. The Megadeus Richelieu would serve the function of partially redeeming the Union after its many costly losses.

I'd say more, but I'm at work and break time's over!
Mattartist 08-23-2006 10:39 AM
An Omnideus...that steals -- POWERS?!?! Shocked It looks like a job for Paradigm's new chief executive -- Jason (bum bum) BECK! Colored in the always stylish GOLD! Big Grin

Dude, ideas spring from -- well --- urh -- THE GROUND! Cool

The reason for Omnideus? Well, R. Dan, that's simple! Drama! Big O and Roger need to be put to the test, and a megadeus stealling powers from, say, Duo and Fau, then goin' up against Roger? This provides drama to Roger as he ingeniously finds a way of defeating the brutish robot! See? Simple drama, something I crave deeply, and heck, that's one of the reasons why I'm writing this darn thing in the first place!

Oop. Sorry if I sounded like I was thrashin' ya... Frown It's cool!

The animation looks AWESOME right now. Dude, if you could enhance it, make it better, it would look just like the show! Maybe this'll help -- the joints Big O's legs are connected to are ball sockets inside the lower part of his torso -- butt -- thing. They're within the same dimensions as the ribcage section. Trust me, I built a Big O model, ya know, the plastic and the gluing and everything -- I know this, so try it out!

Also, about the Mars and Saturn thing, I figure due to (cough) Roman mythology given by Chitter Chatter Box Kat, Mars and Saturn are BOTH gonna be in Showtime.

One more thing -- do you guys get steriotypical donut breaks? Big Grin
Ooh... donuts.... darn it, the post made me hungry -- AGAIN! Big Grin

Well, until next time, salute to the Union, and then be arrested by the Military Police, and then get out and repeat process! Big Grin

EDIT: Here's another "spolier", so called, of Dastun with a balloon?
Here's the real thing:
spoiler (highlight to read):
Dastun is a foreigner, and Sybil Rowan was his sister...
Chitter-Box-Kat 08-23-2006 03:14 PM
Cute! And I'm glad my knowledge of Roman mythology helped out. If you ever need any more mythology references for names I'll be glad to help! I have Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse all under my belt, which on it's own provides a bevy of cooly names! ^3^

I like the idea of a Megadeus that steals powers from other Megadei. It has potential for some very interesting face-offs... And I really can't wait to see concepts art for Dorothy the Domineus! Go go Dora!! Anime Smile
Shadow dorothy 08-23-2006 05:38 PM
Dude did you work on the Big O team or something to know all this.
R. Daniel Olk 01 08-24-2006 06:26 AM
Whom are you addressing, Shadow-D?
Mattartist 08-24-2006 09:17 AM
Hello! I'm back with another picture, one I'm sure you'll wet yourselves over... so, if your looking at a laptop, please vacate to the nearest toilet -- just in case, of course. Big Grin

Here's Dorothy -- with a strange look in her eyes, hmm? -- getting ready to pilot Big Fau! How (I mean, Big Venus chomped off an arm, I mean, huh?)? Why?!? Well, I'll tell you ---


NOT RIGHT NOW! When I get my fan fiction finally finished (say that ten times fast! Big Grin ) THEN you'll see. Also, I read a really awesome fan fiction that tells of Schwartzwald's dscoveries beyond the clouds of Paradigm City. I really can't get the name outta my head, but I'll post it in the EDIT. Anyways it really influenced my first sequence with Roger and Schwartzwald -- in the SKYS OF PARADIGM! Yep, that's basically the first "Act", so to speak, cause everything -- at least in the show -- got reset.

Welp, here ya go! Big Grin Until next time, don't mix pets with hourglasses! Big Grin Yes, we're talking to YOU, Pero...

Oh yeah, Pero's back too... Big Grin I am lovin' this!! Pleased

EDIT: Okay, it was the wonderful writings of The Ghost of Ember, he wrote something entited: Finis Coronaut Opus. Although the name is something I really know NOTHING about (you speaka de english? Big Grin Kidding) the inside writing is definately awesome. I completely agree with his statements of Schwartzwald basically feeling like his entire search and everything has been a lie. So try to find it -- since I can't put a link on god knows ANYTHING, called Finis Coronaut Opus, and give him a high five -- or something! Cause it's GOOD! Big Grin Bye!

Oh yeah, I am lovin' this.
R. Daniel Olk 01 08-24-2006 10:01 AM
TGO-Ember posted that fic here, too? Well, the more places the merrier.

Finis Coronat Opus means, like.... oh he explained it to me in a PM.... like "the end tops it off," like it's all about the ending or something like that. In the case of the fiction it was how Crispy was proved kooky 'cuz bam, he sploded... and 'sploding ain't the central truth of the Universe I'm sure.

... I'd post more but I have to get back to my "donut break" Tongue

Big Grin


There's much mroe where that animation came from.
The Ghost of Ember 08-24-2006 01:07 PM
"End crowns the work" I think it was, but close enough. In any case, Finis is still kicking around? Man, I posted that a long time back. Never got any replies here, which made Ember a sad panda, but got a few at SaveBigO, plus a short semi-debate with Daniel there, so yeah, cool and stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it was a source of inspiration to you. But enough about me, lets talk about me... I mean you.

You've got some awesomelope art. I can't manage much more than stick figures, so be proud of your coolio abilities. I particularly found your Schwarzwald and Dorothy picture with the sunglasses completely awesome.

spoiler (highlight to read):
Also: The role reversal of Dan Dastun and Sybil? Pure. Awesome. Why didn't I think of that!?

I look forward to more of your art and reading your fanfic.
Chitter-Box-Kat 08-24-2006 01:20 PM

Love you love you love you!!!! <3<3<3

Dorothy is in white! PERO! I love Pero! He makes such a cute litle kitty!! Cool picture, BTW. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!! Big Grin
Shadow dorothy 08-24-2006 07:57 PM
I ment Martisit.
Mattartist 08-25-2006 07:00 PM
Bear with me, this is a big post…

You're very welcome, Ghost of Ember. I tell ya, there's a TON of great writers here that have really helped me to shape up a season 3 story HOPEFULLY (praying) EVERYONE will enjoy, even those who think Big O is ended for good! We're on a mission, folks!

Also, it's not so much SWITCHING the roles of Dastun and Sybil. I mean, Sybil was and is still a foreign murderer spy. It's just that Dan figures out his past in one of the "Acts", and finds that his roots are from some place else.

Finally, about your writing, Ghost of Ember. Schwartzwald believes that there is no god in your writing. Brilliant. SO! When Schwartzwald is talking to Roger in the first "Act", Schwartzwald still however questions that if he had found his own personal “truth”, why was he still alive? This of course is a very strange mystery as why Schwartzwald AGAIN is alive, and has a CORPORIAL body – that mean’s a solid body, not like his “ghost self”.

Roger then sums up that Schwartzwald has yet to find his own truth, and this makes Schwartzwald determined and fiery in his passion to discover the BIGGER truth, one perhaps beyond even the “abandoned sky dome” of Paradigm City, which of course, is the biggest of them all – God. Now, let me explain before this goes into a religion fight.

The one thing I like about Big O is that it has a pull and tug relationship with its people about faith – faith in God, and faith in oneself. Many times people are seen in church, devoting themselves to something. They don’t exactly know what it is, but they are willing to pray to it, worship it, and so by feeling that they are protected. Schwartzwald, when he gazed up at the metal sky dome, jumped to a wrong conclusion.

Life is not meaningless. Of course, Big O doesn’t speak that “moral”, but rather is undecided about whether or not there is a “real” God in the series, or if the people have “souls”. But it is highly Christian, and perhaps a bit Jewish here and there – Big Ear, for one is Jewish. Therefore, as the “principal” writer of Big O Showtime, I breathe into Paradigm the real God. That although there are falsities to Paradigm (counting the entire city – OOP! Forget I said that…) the world is still very much real, and the people are very much real. There are, however, androids robots – and holograms – I’ll get to that one later! – but the humans are generally human – humans based from other humans…

I’ll get to that later. But for the majority, I hope everyone will enjoy Big O Showtime, as I know as a very fanatic – well – fan of the show, it’ll be enjoyable for me.

“Clones…holograms…divine intervention with the push of a button… What has the world come to?” Norman gazed breathlessly into the darkening skies.
Schwartzwald smiled.
“The world has come to us – and to HIM – to protect it. And I – believe he will protect it…” A tear came down the scarred man’s check – a tear of hope.
(For those who don't know, this is from the fanfic. Thank you Big Grin )

Oh, and thank you very much, Shadow Dorothy! I -- I'm touched! Pleased
But really all I'm doing is compiling all the mysteries of Big O, being influenced by what the fans want, and sprinkling a bit of my own wit and personality, and there's Big O Showtime! As well as some other robots, like Richelieu and others. Come on, people! Even discribtions of robots you'd like to see in Showtime, lay 'em on me! Big Grin

Chitter-Box-Kat 08-25-2006 07:16 PM
Man, I never try to look too deep into undertones in anime for two basic reasons:

1. It gives me a headache.
2. There will be somone who will come along to explain the sh*t that never completely made sense to me.

And then it does make sense, and I am able to observe animes on newer levels. Thank you Mattarist and all others who fill this role. Smile