Some crazy coincidences...

Shadow dorothy 07-29-2006 01:08 PM
You mean you don't see the similarites with Friuts of Kozaky's studies/Timothy Wanyeright?
Diverse Considerations 07-30-2006 12:10 AM
I like Searchlightman, myself. He has the "chromebuster light coming out of my head" thing going for him. And Robolady does look kinda like R. Dorothy...trying to channel Madonna... And the Keldo/Glinda connection looks believable.

The rest...not so much.
Shadow dorothy 07-30-2006 01:35 PM
Theres a car that looks like the griffon.
Big Jauln 07-30-2006 02:03 PM
A card looks likes Roger.
Mattartist 07-31-2006 09:55 AM
FINALLY the rescue crew came and lifted me outta the floor. Man, I'm gettin' tiled...

Anyway, WOW! Those cards do look a dang lot like Big O characters, namely the ones looking like Big O and Tim Wainwright. Seriously, that guy could be his evil scientist brother -- or his good scientist brother, you never really can tell if Wainwright is really a good guy or a bad guy, but, meh... Big Grin I miss the new episode smell... Crying

Oh yeah, and Jonny Axehandle? Yes, he does say that exactly like Roger Smith would have, except maybe a little faster, cause hey, the character's in a race... Big Grin

Roger is a card... Big Grin

I know, I should stick to jokes like that floor one... Smile