[Fan Art] Ally's new Fan Art

Sara Comatori 06-18-2006 07:44 AM
My first Piece is the funniest FMA fan art you'll ever see...

unless you see funnyer...

titled: Someone really hasn't been practicing...

Ok, Photo Bucket is offically being a dork so here's what the panels say:

Going down

Roy: What's happening to him?

Ed off Panel: Gah! I can't get it to turn back!

Al: He tried to make a Doll out of silk but he turnes his arm into a sword so mush, he really can't do anything else...

Roy: Oh...

Scar: Be kinda hard to do stuff if you keep frogetting...

Roy: yay...

Ed off Panel: Gah! Don't take my other arm *Rip!* Gah!

Al: Oh no...

Ed: Gah! Al, Help me!

If you want the picture, but bigger so you can really read it, just ask and I'll e-mail it to you.
Chitter-Box-Kat 06-18-2006 02:09 PM
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. That is funny. Big Grin Where'd you come up with that?
Sara Comatori 06-18-2006 02:50 PM
I drew it at 1 o' clock in the morning and finished the ink at 3 am.

Thank you
Chitter-Box-Kat 06-18-2006 04:30 PM
That is talent. Shocked My early hours pictures are based off the retarded thoughts of my sleep-deprived mind.
pen1300 06-20-2006 02:20 PM
Nice! I love the humor too! Excellent piece of work!