Monster Hunter Discussion/Help

David Ryder 06-07-2006 03:35 PM
Well I figured it wasn't such a good idea to keep clutering up the "what are you playing now?" thread, thus I created this one. While I know alot of people don't play this game, much less heard of it, but they are more than welcome to post here as well, with their question's and comments about the game and what it's like. For those who do play it, if you need some help, I will be more than happy to help out, and from time I will post some bio's on the wyverns, and some helpful tips.

1. What is Moster Hunter?
A. Monster Hunter is a series of games created by Capcom,in which you create a hunter and hunt large dragon like monsters, and other assorted things of that nature. It's also a rather rare breed of game, in which skill is the most important factor. It's been compared to phantasy star online, although I feel that is a rather unfair, comparison, where as PSO, required zero skill and honestly got boring after the first 5 trips threw the same areas.

2. How many players is MH?
A. One for offline and up to four online.

3. How many games are there?
A. Five so far, MH 1&2, and MH G are on PS2, MHF is on PSP, and a 3rd one is in the works for PS3.

4. Is the game tough?
A. Yes, it can be very unforgiving, to new players and veterns alike. Most players run in assuming you can use PSO online like Hack-and-Slash tactics, but they learn quickly that to do so, will only end up getting you owned something fierce.

5. Is the game hard to find?
A. It can be, the first one for PS2 was a decent seller, but it's suffering from the "jack up the price" syndrome games like Star Ocean II and Suikoden II suffer from.

Monster Hunter Portable/Freedom is getting a sequal. Nothing is know now but do expect to see monsters like Shen Gao Ren (a massive hermit crab that wears a Lao Shan skull as a shell), Dodobrango aka Jashi, Kushal,Oonazuchi, Yamatsukami, and the powerful Red and White versions of Fatalis. Oh and I'm not taking any chances, I will be ording the Japanese version, much like I will get the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 3 for PS3, not taking any chances with the furuture installments.

07/07/06: I'll start posting some tips on the various Wyverns oh and Youtube has some awesome video's from MH, like this one... Teo by the way that's not me. And the monster is Teo Tuskital, he's a manticore, also a female version.
Generalissimo D 06-07-2006 04:31 PM
I have one of those games lying around.

It was horribly confusing, but this is probably because I had no manual or anything.
Travis Bickle 06-07-2006 05:22 PM
I have the one for the PS2. We should play sometime.
David Ryder 06-07-2006 06:02 PM
I have the one for the PS2. We should play sometime.

Sounds like a plan, I'm going to have to and set up my cable modem (not sure why it's not working) again.

What's new in MHF/MH2:

Blue Kut-Ku (He can actually be pretty annoying)
Red Khezu (He's not to much to worry about)
Pink Gypceros (the standard Gyp is easy, this one can actually put up a fight)
Blue Lao Shan-Lung (Like the standard Lao, but with more hits)
Reohart (A cherry colored version of the Rathian, watch out for her flip attack)
Reosoul (A Azure colored Rathalos,likes to combo attacks, so watch him closley)
Silversoul (A rathalos with Metal scales, very dangerous)
Goldhart (A gold rathian, likewise dangerous)
Black Diablos (A slightly tougher version of the standard)
White Monoblos (Like wise the same.)
Yian Garuga (A black Kut-Ku, with a white mane, can't be killed until MH2)
White Prey (Like the Ioa,Gen, and Vel, just with a small boost in hp)

New Armor's are also added like Gen and Ioadrome armors, Kirin (Qilin) armor and weapons, color variants of the guild knight and maid sets, several new weapons. Most of the new mosters, are from the Japan only release of MHG.
Schwarzwald 06-09-2006 08:29 PM
How do you guys take down your Wyvrens?

So far I've only gotten around tracking em' with paintballs, and using those flash things to confuse them. I've killed 2, but my third I just can't seem to get in enough hits. I use up like 15 healing things but can't seem to get enough damage on em'.

I'm thinking I'll post pone that quest for some other ones. Looking to get enough materals to upgrade my sword again. I feel safe enough with my full set of velociprey armor.(Not the skin, but the +iron heavy armor built for blademasters).
David Ryder 06-09-2006 08:43 PM
Which Wyvern are you fighting? Rathalos, Kut Ku, or Gypceros? Your armor doesn't seem to be the problem and your weapon seems decent. Although I'd recommed making both an Iron line Great sword and a bone line. iron for either Lacator Blade, Tactical blade, and the deadly Chrome Razor. And bone for oblivion and Sigmund.

If your fighting Rathalos, wait until you know he is going to stay still long enough, Rathalos is a pain because he is constantly moving from one area to another. One thing I do is hit him with a flash bomb and when he looks like he's ready to charge set up two large barrel bombs and then set them off, then take a few swings at him. Also try and cut his tail off, it nets you an extra carving. His armor is is good stuff as well, a medium attack boost and fire protection +10 but -10 to dragon.
Schwarzwald 06-10-2006 01:46 AM
I'm finding Kut ku. But thanks for the advice. I'll keep the tail thing in mind.
David Ryder 06-10-2006 02:16 AM
Oh Kut-Ku, he can be tricky, but try this, it works for me all the time. you can use sonic bombs and small barrel bombs to put him the "Daze" status. use this time to set up a pitfall and let him have it with two large barrel bombs, after wards slash him a few times then retreat, to fail until he falls in the pitfall trap, and get him with two more barrel bombs, but he will be in Frenzy mode, so work fast. Gypcero's is pretty annoying to, try to upgrade to atleast Buster Blade+ Gypcero's armor is a good set of armor for new players, simple to make and offers' good def.

Edit: Also watch out for Blue Kut-ku. he's faster stronger, and has a good bit of health, but his parts make decent armor, and sell for some good Zenny.
David Ryder 06-20-2006 06:54 PM
Well I figured I would make a rather large list of recommeded items. This is a work in progress.

(Great Swords)
Siegmund: This is a powerful great sword, developed along the Bone Blade line. Pretty simple to make and offers high attack, but no elemental attack. Getting the Monoblos horn can be annoying.
Plesloth Watersword: This is another weapon I use. It's pretty easy to make. It has a base attack of 864, and does 330 more of water damage. This is pretty much need for the four horns guild quest, or another weapon with water elemental damage.

Sword and Shield:
Poison Battle Axe: Great weapon. Good attack and does good poison damage.

Binder Mace: This weapon is very nice. Great attack power, and it can bind the enemy for a few seconds, even big monsters like Rathalos and Rathian.


Velociprey Mail D: This is a great set made from White Velociprey scales and Black Gravios crust. Many Good stats, very nice defense, and it looks nice. Kind of a pain to make.
Gurga Mail: Made for Yian Gurga parts. Offers amazing defense over 200 with a full set. It offers fair resitance to elements.

I'll update this part as much as I can. Fell free to ask questions.
David Ryder 07-12-2006 12:36 PM
Ign artical

It's more or less a port of MH Dos (MH 2). Although it's bound to have a few new monsters and what not. I had some scans ready but, well the site is flooded with traffic.

In this scan we can see the Katana fighting style, however it's not that great of a weapon. Weaker than the standard Great swords (which you can now charge like the hammer), below average sharpness, can't block, they bounce of the monster alot, but you can use a fury mode like duals, and they are a little quicker than the great swords. That giant snow ape is Jashi/Dodobrango, he can summon helpers, and he's quick. Also there is a black minotaur type monster from the online mode, he's a tough one judging by the videos I've seen.
David Ryder 09-17-2006 12:35 PM
Here's another scan of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (it's doubtful that it will be released over here) so, do what I'm going to do, buy the japanese version.

As to what this monster is called, I'm not sure. There are also several new monsters as well.