So I'm assuming someone else here has seen venture brothers

Sharpshooter005 05-25-2006 07:04 AM
(I figured this might as well go here, since if I'd put it in the anime forum someone would have found fault with it not being from broadcasted on t.v. can still jibe with the fact this is technically the movie section I'm assuming. If not, someone feel free to move this.

And a search showed the last thread about this show as being from March of last year, so I'm pretty confident we've passed the statute of limitations for a new one about season 2.)

Anyway, for those who aren't really aware of it. June 25th one of the best shows on AS finally comes back after the network couldn't decide for a while whether to pick it up, and the episodes were finally drawn (unlike pretty much every other show on AS, this isn't done in flash or something).

If you're confused as to what I'm talking about heres a brief summary. The Venture Brothers is somewhat of a sendup of the old johnny quest cartoons, but really only in premise. As for the appeal of the show, it's generally the writing people seem to like. This is pretty much the polar opposite of a 12 ounce mouse or ATHF where it's just the general bizzare non-sequiturs that drive the humor (not that this shows entirely free of those). The main characters are Dr. Venture, a burnout scientist living in the shadow of his father, his walking death machine of a bodyguard Brock (voiced by the same guy who played the tick in the short lived live action show, and the voice of joe from family guy) and his two inept kids who may or may not have been cloned. Basically every character is sort of a neurotic take on some superhero comic or cartoon character from the '60s.

If you missed the last few episodes of season 1
spoiler (highlight to read):
Hank and Dean venture both die in a parody of the final scene of "easy rider". It's currently unknown how they'll resolve this for season 2, as theres a big picture of the cast up on the creators livejournal featuring a number of old and new characters, but neither hank nor dean.

The DVD release of season 1 is scheduled for May 30th, including the pilot (which is interesting to watch after having seen the series, since it REALLY changes from the comparatively weak pilot to what eventually became the series) and the 11 minute holiday special, as well as the requisite commentary/deleted scenes/behind the scenes mockumentary about the cast and crew.

This show really dosen't get enough attention. Alot of people seem to be giving up on AS because of stuff like tom goes to the mayor, or 12 ounce mouse (then again..I loved both 12 oz mouse and this, so maybe they're not mutually exclusive), but I really can't stress how utterly different this show is from the general sort of family guy gimmick humor thats showing up more and more on that network.
SEELE 08 05-25-2006 07:11 AM
I miss the days when AS's programming was semi coherent. But Venture Brothers is one of my favorite things they've ever aired. How can you not love Brock? The Monarch's henchmen live in constant fear of him...for good reason.
X Prime 05-25-2006 07:13 AM
Venture Brothers is quality programming. Yes indeed.

Sharpshooter005 05-25-2006 08:33 AM
I miss the days when AS's programming was semi coherent.

I miss the days before AS was entirely about family guy, crazy tie-ins with rappers I've never heard of, and entirely one-note shows (Moral Orel and Minoriteam...Minoriteam kind of surprises me, since it was written by the guy behind "I'm with Busey", and I'm pretty sure I even made a thread once about how much I liked that show)..also I'm not sure how comfortable I am with them showing "the oblongs", since I'm afraid it means the people behind that dreck might be making money off of it.

Also I'm starting to think maybe they're not even going to bring back
spoiler (highlight to read):
dean and hank
, none of the promotional materials/ads shown have them.

Which really could still work. Picture if season 2 was just "tag sale, you're it" (which is probably my favorite episode) multiplied by ten and lasting multiple episodes, or even more references to how Dr. Venture became the pill popping basket case he is. Good stuff.

edit: And obviously, Brock tearing stuff up. But thats a given.
Generalissimo D 05-25-2006 12:07 PM
I episode of this show before it aired, and didn't really like it.

Plus, everytime I manage to catch AS when I go to someone's house who has cable, it usually bores me.

Samson's cool though.
Mike 05-25-2006 12:22 PM

Come on people, how can more of that be anything less than pure, undiluted awesome?
Hobodoken 05-25-2006 01:00 PM
Originally posted by Mike
Come on people, how can more of that be anything less than pure, undiluted awesome?

It should be a zombie crocodile. Or is it an alligator... regardless, I think the show's great.

I'm all set for the new season, especially since (If memory serves), the new season of Robot Chicken is almost over.
Nine Kuze 05-25-2006 02:46 PM
Yeah, the Venture Brothers are making a comeback and its about time Adult Swim did something that was... well, that actually made sense as far as programming goes.

Adult Swim keeps saying that its believed that Dean and Hank are still dead for the new season coming up, and like Sharpie said, this could still work and the series would still be quite decent.

And Brock Samson completely pwns.

"tag sale, you're it" (which is probably my favorite episode)

That was my favorite episode too. That and the episode where Venture, Brock, and the two other friends are kidnapped and we get a flashback to their lives in college.

"It's like a museum of failures. What can I possibly do to this guy that life already hasn't?"

That is some damn good writing. Glad to see it making a comeback.

Also, sidenote, the new season begins on June 25. The same day as my brother's birthday.