Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

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This topic will serve as a place for me, or others(most likely me though....Tongue ) to post news that deals with the Compilation of FFVII as a whole.

Square-Enix Conference Report
During the recent Square-Enix Conference, president Youichi Wada hinted that towards more to come in the Compilation of FFVII, saying that he believes the franchise will be alive for two decades, meaning ten more years. The company also announced a profit of 17.08 billion yen for the 2005/2006 fiscal year, indicatating that the Compilation project has sales of over 50 billion yen so far.

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Trailer Reports
FF7AC Reunion has updated their website with a full summary of the Crisis Core trailer, which can be found here.

We hope to have an exclusive report by the end of the weekend, so continue to keep up with us as we bring you the latest news.

For a translation, please click on the Full Story.

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Before Crisis Goes Multi-Carrier
As mentioned earlier, it has been mentioned that Before Crisis will be made available to other mobile carriers in Japan besides DoCoMo. It was recently announced that the game will now also be available for Yahoo and EZweb phone services. It appears that these new releases of the game may have all new content, as there are two new logos for the game, one featuring Katana (Male) and a new female Turk holding throwing knives, while the other logo featured Shuriken (Female), and a new male Turk with a nunchaku draped around his neck.

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IGN Gives Us Summaries
Once again, more TGS news.

IGN has provided summaries of several of the trailers shown at today's press-only day, and you can read about them here. Please be aware that they do seem to have misinterpreted some things, stating that Cloud is wearing a SOLDIER helmet, and that Agito is a "card game", when it is likely just the playable character that uses cards as weapons. The description for the Versus trailer is also the same as last years, so perhaps they didn't get the new one.

Thanks to forum member Gaffmiester for the link.

More TGS News (So Soon)
Mediaworks is giving brief summaries of the trailers showed in Square-Enix's Closed MegaTheater at the show.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[/B]
This latest trailer reveals that the game is going to be made available to other mobile careers besides DoCoMo.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Lost Episode[/B]
Will be released to DoCoMo subscribers for FOMA 903i series phones.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
The trailer features movie and event scenes, and the quality of the graphics is said as being unbelievable for the PSP. It has familiar characters such as Zack, Angeal, Sephiroth, and Aerith, along with the "G", who's voice is described as something that "must be heard." There was also gameplay footage, but apparantly not a whole lot. The trailer is described as being "very long", comprised of only "Crisis Core", and very satisfying.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
This is the new Blu-Ray special edition of FFVII:AC, dubbed "FFVII:ACC". The content is described as something that can be enjoyed all over again, because the visuals have not only been improved and some scenes have been re-edited in different ways that will make it completly new. The trailer shows off many of the new angles and cuts for the scenes and improvements.

It also mentions KH2:FM+ and KH:ReCoM, and there are apparantly some more summaries which they have not yet posted.

» Source: Mediaworks

First Bits of TGS News
First of all, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-'s new trailer has been showed, and as expected, it was in a private screening theater. The launch title has supposedly been pushed to 2007, and the trailer supposedly contains gameplay footage, as well as scenes with Zack, Tseng, and "G", or Genesis (who isn't a digitized version of Gackt this time around). There are also reports of a battle taking place between Zack and Bahamut. Though, no images or video have been released yet.

Reports also indicate that a new version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be released on Blu-Ray DVD, and will contain new some new footage and video enhancements, as well as some redone and replaced scenes. It seems that it is now hi-definition enough to clearly see details like the dirt on Cloud's face.

For some more Square-Enix news, check the full story, and keep checking back with us for all the latest news from TGS '06!

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