The Man Who Lived In Leeds

Chitter-Box-Kat 05-24-2006 10:27 PM
I was reading a part of the "Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark" series and came across a rather interesting, if not disturbing poem. It's called "The Man Who Lived In Leeds", author anonymous. I just wanted to put it on the forums and see what people think of it.

The Man Who Lived In Leeds

There was a man who lived in Leeds
He filled his garden full of seeds
And when the seeds began to grow
It was like a garden full of snow
And when the snow began to melt
It was like a ship without a belt
And when the ship began to sail
It was like a bird wothout a tail
And when the bird began to fly
It was like an eagle in the sky
And when the sky began to roar
It was like a lion at my door
Ad when the door began to crack
It was like a penknife in my back
And when my back began to bleed
I was dead, dead, dead indeed

So...whaddaya think? Creepey ne? Tongue I personally, would LOVE to recite this in my English class around Halloween. It would fit the mood of the season so perfectly! Big Grin
Randolph 05-25-2006 04:20 AM
Well, it has structure and flows smoothly. However, most of the imagery makes absolutely no sense at all-- what does a ship need with a belt?-- sounding more as though the author was at a loss for a rhyme, and it's only "scary" element is the stabbing that takes place at the end, sans any setup, foreshadowing or justification.

So if I had to rate it... it would probably only get 4 of 10. And that's being rather generous.
Sharpshooter005 05-25-2006 11:11 AM
Would he happen to have a cousin who resides in nantucket?

edit: Also I'll never forget those books, or their illustration, or the poem/song thing "did you ever think when a hearse goes by", which coincidentally has gotten stuck in my head whenever a relative dies.

If I can ever find that, I'm giving it as part of a eulogy someday.

what does a ship need with a belt?

It's not as bad as the tay bridge disaster, then again...very little is. Heres some examples of that masterpiece.

The alarm from mouth to mouth was blown,

Wait what? Why would you blow the alarm into someones mouth?

Thinking they would enjoy themselves on the New Year, With their friends at home they lov'd most dear, And wish them all a happy New Year.

As opposed to spending new years eve with their friends and wishing them a happy kwanzaa or a fun filled thanksgiving?

Good Heavens! the Tay Bridge is blown down,
And a passenger train from Edinburgh,
Which fill'd all the peoples hearts with sorrow,
And made them for to turn pale,

This makes it sound like the train itself was causing them great distress.

And this thing just goes on and on...really theres not much I can say against it that hasn't already been said numerous times.