[Other] Original Poetry

RoseRose 05-22-2006 05:08 AM
This is my most recent poem... I wanted to see what... people who aren't exclusively my friends thought about it. It's somewhat emo... but, it's also a decent poem, in my opinion. I'll probably use this thread for some of my other poetry, as well, I guess... if that's okay?

Father, Where Art Thou?

The scene is new, you and me.
My feet and head drag.

Your eyes are closed.

Words come out of my mouth
Trying to make you see
"I'm watching the tube,
I'm reading, aren't you?"
Responses that make me shy away.

I speak, about myself, to others
Father... I don't MEAN to...
"Take over the conversation"

I'm sorry, daddy.... I know...

No one wants to hear me...
What the things you say mean to me

you show I
am not


I waited for you to reach me
I tried... my hardest... to reach you

Denied... you closed off

I hurt too...

I stopped trying
Long after all reward had ceased

Why aren't you proud of me?
Why don't you want to talk to me, Daddy?