The Voice of the Nightingale (NOT A FAN FIC, dummy...)

Mattartist 05-14-2006 05:20 PM
...Oh, sorry, I'm just breathing deeply...

.... Neutral

Okay, I'm done.

HI EVERYBODY, MATTARTIST IS BACK! Yes, back from a rigorous 2 week performance period of the show AIDA, and man, is my back hurtin'...

Oh yeah, the topic... (clears throat) Red Face

This came to me a while ago when I was listening to some fair voiced singer on the radio, and it hit me. What does Dorothy Wainwright sound to you if you could choose how her SINGING voice sounds like?

Provided I'm a complete doofus (heh, doofus... ...) about these types of things, I was wondering how you guys percieved it.

I figure there should be a musical number in one of the Big O episodes in Season 3, pray to the Gods of Nubia to get it!

Okay, Zoser's out... Big Grin Yes, I played him. Big Grin
ScionofDestiny 05-14-2006 09:36 PM
I imagine she would sound like the human Dorothy as heard in Act 14 - except we have to imagine what her voice would sound like if she were singing.