That Film You Slept Through Lately, What Was It?

Revan 05-22-2006 05:42 AM
I watched Phone Booth last night, it was really good how they managed to get so much of a story out of one location. Kiefer Sutherland did a great job as the sinister sniper.
Nine Kuze 05-22-2006 06:57 PM
- A Clockwork Orange
- Million Dollar Baby

A.C.O. is a very well made film, I just wished that there were more scenes with Alex and his crew causing more mayhem and more scenes with him and the film clips during his treatment. But other than that, a very damn good film. And the lingo Alex spoke was kick ass.
pen1300 05-27-2006 02:48 PM
Let's see. I feel like I've watched a lot but that's because I don't watch a lot of movies unless I'm home.

Memoirs of a Geisha :LOVED IT! Checked out the book. If you can suspend your thoughts about the collection of Asian actors and actresses, you'll enjoy the work. It was beautiful but reminded me a lot of Dangerous Beauty.

Faerie Tale Theatre:

The Tale of the Frog Prince: part of a classic children's series called Faerie Tale Theatre. I watched this when I was a kid and just remembered Robin Williams was in it. It's hilarious and watching it as an adult, I was stunned at the adult humor in it. It was written by Eric Idle! My favorite thing is she said "I'm not going to shack up with a FROG!" when he said he wanted to "Sleep with her" when he really meant "Sleep beside her." Cheesy 80s special effects but a childhood favorite. (Young Robin Williams and gosh he looks good.)

Cinderella same series. Cute, but not nearly as hilarious. Nonetheless, I watched it and thought how YOUNG Matthew Broderick must have been.

Beauty and the Beast same series. Today's movie, way too fast paced but still nice to watch. Prince was cute. Anjelica Huston is in it for a 'second' and Susan Sarandon is Beauty. I loved the hands holding the candles.

Yeah, I'm going to watch all the Faerie Tale Theatres I can because I watched some when I was a kid. Can't wait until I can see Little Red Riding Hood because the wolf reminds me of the wolf in Into the Woods. Its also a favorite from childhood.

EDIT: I think this is a good idea. It's like the "What are you reading" thread and the others you mentioned so STICKIED IT IS! Big Grin

Mugiwara Luffy 05-28-2006 12:24 AM
Just watched A Clockwork Orange. Yeah. Pretty f***ed up movie. But good.

Saw X-Men III on Friday. Have mixed feelings about it. It was cool, but seemed rushed and contrived, plus some of the...uh...occurences angered me as a comic book nerd.
Chitter-Box-Kat 05-28-2006 12:49 AM
Lately I saw the latest episode of One Piece on Cartoon Network. Does that count? I'll be seeing X-Men III today.
Nine Kuze 05-30-2006 01:45 PM
Originally posted by pen1300
EDIT: I think this is a good idea. It's like the "What are you reading" thread and the others you mentioned so STICKIED IT IS! Big Grin


Oh, thanks Pen1300! That completely took me by surprise and its nice to see my stuff get the Golden Maiyer some more loving.

Saw Saving Private Ryan a couple of days ago. And everytime I try, I can never get the chance to see this movie. I think its Spielberg's best films (Schindler's List holds that title) and the cinematography was amazing. While I was watching it, I had no earthly idea that Paul Giamatti was in the film... and on the other side of the spectrum, Vin Diesel as well. Ah, at least he died. Pleased

EDIT: I forgot but I also watched West Side Story. Amazing direction and one of my twenty favorite films (to exact, 13th).
Nine Kuze 06-07-2006 04:16 PM
I know its a double post but anyway;

I rented The English Patient the other day and that was a very well made film. I'm a Ralph Fiennes fan so it was good to see him kick ass in his role as Count Almasy.

Before, also watched The Incredibles for the first time and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Even though I don't watch animated movies that much anymore, Incredibles was pretty damn good. I especially liked the "No Capes!" sequence. And also, it was to finally get a chance to see Cassidy and Sundance. I also heard that there was a rumor that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wanted to do a remake of the movie.

If this is true, here's hoping at the last scene, last bullets are used somewhere by Newman and Redford.

Also, I was watching Fiddler on the Roof but I didn't finish watching it on the count that I had to drop my brother off for soccer practice. I really wanted to see that movie too.
Revan 06-08-2006 09:08 AM
Couple of days ago i watched late night classic war film Kelly's Heroes, which was very good, mainly because Clint Eastwood is in it.

It's a bit weird though because the tank commander is like a hippy but uh...this is set in 1944-45 so he is 20 years beore his time... Confused
Schwarzwald 06-08-2006 11:37 AM
I've been watching Season 2 of the A-Team Big Grin It's frikken awesome.
Chitter-Box-Kat 06-08-2006 11:41 AM
Edward Scissorhands

Edward = KAWAII
Dork 06-10-2006 02:49 AM
I've been watching Mary McDonnell movies. She has a handful of really good ones. Unfortunately before working on Battlestar Galactica she'd gotten into Lifetime movies. So I watched 'A Father's Choice' and 'For All Time', and 'Nola'. She was hot in the first one though the movie was unbearable. It felt like holding my breath at the end of that one. The second one was solidly cute fluff throughout. In the third one Mary played a high class pimp. She was very very cute. Movie sucked like you can't imagine. I wanted to strangle the protagionist (who wasn't Mary).

But I also saw 'Dances with Wolves', 'Passion Fish', and 'Mumford' all of which are enjoyable movies throughout. Not just the Mary parts. 'Dances with Wolves' is now one of my favorite movies ever. It doesn't have much of a plot but it's one of those movies where not having much of a plot is part of the charm. It's like 'Edward Scissorhands'. It's a character movie. You watch it and you rewatch because you love the people and their lives. 'Passion Fish' stars Mary and Alfre Woodard. It's another character movie and is quite possibly is Mary's best work. The things she does physically like showing pain, discomfort, the seizure she has on BSG she does so well that it's painful to watch.

Then there's 'Mumford'. I love 'Mumford' it's a little 1999 movie with a handful of recognizable actors that absolutely bombed at the box office. And it's no wonder why. It's a movie about a small town with some big time taboo problems. Why any studio bothered to sink the money into this thing is beyond me but I'm glad they did. Mary McDonnell's scenes are few and literally far between but it's an enjoyable movie throughout. The characters, all of them, are lots of fun, lovable and lovably quirky on top of being well acted. I esspecially liked Martin Short's performance (well, after Mary's). Speaking of Mary. I read her scenes on IMBD before I watched the film and aside from a very small chuckle moment there's nothing particularly funny about them but Mary kills in the delivery. She is hilarious. Her character, Althea Brockett is perky, sexy, and damned cute. She's such a little cheer leader. I love her.

I hope Mary gets nominated and wins the Emmy for best actress for Battlestar Galactica this year. With the Emmys being judged by a blue ribbon panel this year (instead of by popular vote) she might have a shot this year. She most certainly deserves it. If she does win I hope SNL has her come host. She has a sense of comic timing that doesn't get a chance to come out on BSG. She would kill.
David Ryder 06-10-2006 04:25 AM
I watched the following yesterday.

Excalibur: I'm a sucker for Knights and the middle ages. Great movie.

Wind Talkers: A great WWII story ruined by Ang Lee. He turned it into hong kong action fime complete with slow mo death scene's. It also didn't help that alot of asian groups bitched about the whole "OMG U.S soldier's pwning Japanese soldiers!!!111"
Buck Buck #1 06-10-2006 11:14 AM
I watched True Romance the other day. That was a pretty good movie, and Elvis makes anything better.
Mike 06-10-2006 11:35 AM
I saw Finding Nemo yesterday with my 10 year old cousin, and that is a really really good movie.

And today I watched Saving Private Ryan for the first time in like 5 years. Still an asskicking movie, and I can think of a bunch of points in Medal of Honor games and Call of Duty that pretty much are carbon copies of scenes from the movie.
pen1300 06-11-2006 05:14 PM
Saw "Anchorman" last night. That was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Def. a good movie and I think I might be heading on a Will Ferrel kick...

Nine Kuze 06-12-2006 05:17 PM
Over the weekend, I watched;

- M*A*S*H*
- The Maltese Falcon
- Sunset Bouvelvard

I feel like I'm forgetting one, but classic and movies from the past are the best. Oh yeah, The Da Vinci Code in theaters.
Fujiko 06-13-2006 01:09 AM
A 1930 semi-silent French film called L'age D'or, mainly surrealist with plenty of dark humor. The plot: two people going against society in order to get laid. No joke. Here's the link. Just in case you're curious. The sound's a bit off, and the quality isn't the best, but it doesn't detract from the story.
Nine Kuze 06-19-2006 12:27 PM
Over the weekend, I rented Munich and The Third Man. I watched Munich and it was a damn good film. I think Eric Bana should have been nominated for Best Actor but I have no idea who to take out of the original five that were nominated. I've surely ben thinking about it for a while now. But that's just my opinon.

EDIT: I watched The Third Man last night. It kicked ass, and Orson Welles' first appearence in the movie was simply amazing. As was the sewer chase scene. I highly recommend it. Thumbs Up
Chitter-Box-Kat 06-19-2006 03:24 PM
The first five episodes of Saiyuki and a Tokyo Babylon movie thing. I think I'll re-watch Princess Mononoke for the hell of it.
David Ryder 06-19-2006 05:12 PM
The Omen Remake. COntray to what alot of retards where saying, this movie was actually pretty good. Loved the music too. And it sure as hell is better than Nacho Libre, and Tokyo Drift.