[Fan Fiction] Goodbye for Now, Paradigm

Zayne 05-12-2006 08:56 AM
Zayne's POV

Black and white. My life. You would expect me to be on a tight leash, always tailing after my father like a faithful dog. Wrong. I'm as rebellious as the Paradigm Corporation is corrupt. My appearance would tell you that I am my father's child, but my attitude says otherwise. I fight back when I'm attacked. I load my Glock every day and unload every night, leaving one bullet in the chamber. Just in case.
I have no patience. I'm a singer and musician, not an emotionless android (no offense to Dorothy) in the face of someone's problems. I can't be. I'm not like that. I'm rash and impulsive and always fired up. I'm violent when I'm angry and full of attitude when I'm not. I'm sweet to my teachers and whiplash to my peers.
But Reno was different. He knew I was easily ruffled and took advantage of it. He messed with mind and teased me constantly, but I couldn't hate him for it. The sexy (yes, sexy) red-head had me wrapped around his finger, and there wasn't a thing I could (or wanted) to do about it. He was a Turk, a spy for Paradigm, a leech of the grapevine, but I could overlook that. He was amazing. He was brilliant. He was a musician like I was, sang in different languages like I did, had a smart-a$$ attitude like I had.
Reno was my other half, that I knew. He and I liked to mess with each other. During the winter, we threw snowballs at each other across the street, often with ice packed into the center. During the summer, we pushed each other off the docks into the sea, laughing as we pulled the other in when they offered a hand up. They thought we were insane. I guess we were.
I was 18 when I told my father I wasn't going to be a negotiator after all. That was Artemis's dream and destiny. Not mine. I was an artist. I sing and play music. I write and act. I work in drama, not debate.
"It's that boy, isn't it?" he asked me coldly. "That Reno."
I stared him straight in the eye. "I love him." Then I turned and walked away.
Reno was waiting on the steps for me and drew me into his arms, kissing my forehead. After a moment, I nodded and hoisted a bag over my shoulder (I had hidden it before I told my father). A smile from Reno, and we ran out into the street and to an awaiting bus to take us to the train station.
I found my way to the back of the train after we had left the station. I clung to the railing as Reno came up beside me and kissed me gently. I grinned at him; he knew my plan. I flicked the headset microphone down to my mouth and pressed a button behind my ear. All through Paradigm City, though I was leaving it for months, my voice was heard in my temporary goodbye:
"I'm Gonna Buy A One Way Ticket On A West Bound Train
See How Far I Can Go
I'm Gonna Go Out Dancing In The Pouring Rain
And Talk To Someone I Don't Know
I'm Gonna Buy A One Way Ticket On A West Bound Train
Gonna Have My Breakfast With Pink Champagne
I'm Gonna Sail The Ocean, gonna Spread My Wings
I'm Gonna Climb That Mountain, Gonna Do Everything!!"
Chitter-Box-Kat 05-12-2006 03:18 PM
Wow. Smile I like it. But who exactly is talking? They sound like someone I'd like to meet.
Zayne 05-12-2006 03:33 PM
Gomen nasai. That's Zayne's.