Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Big Money 05-15-2006 08:14 PM
I've since been told that there were versions people played that had it, and that the beam weapons are stackable a la the sprite versions. This has yet to be proven.
Mike 05-15-2006 08:16 PM

Plasma + spazer + charge = APOCALYPSE.
NVWC2006 05-15-2006 10:24 PM
lol, that kind of beam weaponry stacking causes instant ownage... and must be reserved, if used at all, for the very end of the game.

the person who kept falling in the pit WAS pretty stupid.. or maybe, it was to show how you start over if you lose a life, or get hurt, rather than the scene w/ur helmet getting cracked.

i'm sad. i never got MP2. i need to borrow it from someone. i've played it but never bought it.

perhaps the scan visor is still there, but they just did not include it in the demo? things can still change, and i have a feeling that this game will be a lot different from what we've seen when it does come out. though the fight w/Ridley, that was pretty sweet if you ask me.

only... they need to make a storyline for how ridley dies in metroid 1, is rebuilt as Meta-Ridley for MP, and then... made into normal ridley for MP3?

i heard a rumor sometime that kraid would be in MP3... anyone else hear that?
Mike 05-15-2006 10:35 PM
I think...that they Six MillionDollar man'd Ridley for Prime. Since in the spaceship at the beginning, in teh room where you find Ridley, there are a few consoles telling you about him, and there's a few more later on.

And after the fight in Prime 1, just his armor was broken, and afterwards it was just plain ol' Ridley.

But the Ridley in the video looked...weird. Like a purple Charizard.
X Prime 05-16-2006 04:47 AM
Originally posted by Mike
But the Ridley in the video looked...weird. Like a purple Charizard.

That is his Super Smash Brothers Melee incarnation. Check his trophy.
Mike 05-16-2006 07:23 PM

IGN: Can you tell us about the visors in Prime 3?

Mark Pacini: We have the combat visor and the scan visor. We also have a new visor called the command visor, which is how you manipulate your ship. It will be a pretty important visor as well. [Turns to rest of team]: Should we say what the fourth visor is?

so there is definitely the scan visor.

And I know that's the trophy of him's just so...not badass.