Big Venus?

ScionofDestiny 05-05-2006 06:37 PM
I was reading the copper room theory and Big Venus cropped up. I was just wondering.

Who says that Paradigm was taken out of existence? It could well be that Big Venus emitted waves that interfered with the perception of the mind rather than altering that which the mind perceives.

This makes more sense with the word "Paradigm". Paradigm shift means altering perception or thought (and these two things walk hand in hand with each other) - not with altering reality.

I'm aware that you can't twist a word to mean something else, but in Act 14 the word Paradigm Shift appears as the headline of the Newspaper Roger is reading (by Michel Seebach)

That had to be deliberate.

So I don't think that reality is being altered or deleted - although it might be easier to talk about it in that light. I just think that the way people perceive reality is being altered directly.

In short, Big Venus doesn't alter reality - in fact, in a way that doesn't make sense. Much more simply, it emits a wave signal that alters brainwaves to make people think that reality is changing.

Take Roger for example. He hallucinates all the time (especially in the second season) to the point where things seem real, but they can't be - like when he went down in the Subway and when he was lost in "New Paradigm" in Act 14.


So the theory sounds viable. What about mass? What if you walked into a bulding you perceived wasn't there?

With a shaky knowledge of perception and cognitive-psychodynamic psychology, I'd say your brain would reprogram or adjust your memories to account for the fact it perceived nothing.


You are walking. You see a wall in front of you. Big Venus comes. There is no wall. You slam into wall.

Your brain perceives no wall, therefore there is no wall. No pain. No recollection of smashing into a wall. The brain does (and this is proven) adjust memories when and as they come into you. So you could walk into the wall but your brain would reconcile it with something else in order to account for the reality it does not receive.

Gordon Rosewater makes a point about memories in this light. They change and are replayed in people's minds while they are inside us - forcing us to challenge if that was ever what really happened at all.
R. Daniel Olk 01 05-11-2006 01:57 PM
I've always liked to believe that the whole grid thing really is just Venus messing with people's brains. By thinking that, then Paradigm City still exists as a real, static place--not some depressingly fake program that resets itself.

And, yeah, ScionofDetiny, your explanation is the same one I imagined. Smile
ScionofDestiny 05-11-2006 06:23 PM
The grid seems to just represent the universe from a geomtrical perception. Supposedly, at a fundamental level, our universe could be portrayed like that as well. In fact, the universe portrayed in Big O probably is an isolated part of our universe.

People saw "grids" for lack of anything better to see. It's like stripping the layers of an onion to get down to the core - beneath all of the reality we see around us, that is the mathematical plane that is the universe. Once everything else is gone, that is all you have left to perceive.

Plot wise, Paradigm City is probably maintained by Quantum technology. I'm saying that because of the "Paradigm Shift" headline on the newspaper in Act 14 - Roger the Wanderer. Quantum technology is the same technology that lets jets fly really, really fast.

Moreover, the discovery of Quantum physics (or the substances that led to Quantum physics) was a literal paradgim shift and is acknowledged as such.

It seems to strongly hint artificially generated reality, but still reality.