The Music of Big-O

snakemarcato13 05-05-2006 06:14 PM
I was taking the story I've been working on for here and turning it into a script format, but I ran into a problem: Music cues. I don't know the titles of the songs and so forth. So I was wondering, Where can I find the music of Big-O? Not just the song titles like what is here, but the music to accomany said titles.
ScionofDestiny 05-05-2006 06:24 PM
. . . maybe

You'll have to use the "search" at though - they don't have it listed.
mecha0083 05-05-2006 06:34 PM
I don't think you need the music for a fanfic, but, there are a number of ways to get your hands on it. I got mine at Anime Expo. There is also online shopping or your local anime retailer might have it. Or you could get lucky and find it at a music-sharing site. A friend at school might have it or know someone who does.
snakemarcato13 05-05-2006 09:15 PM
It's not for the fanfic. It's for the script version that I'm writing.
ScionofDestiny 05-07-2006 04:37 PM
I've looked but can't find it anywhere. Is there a chance it might be on ebay?

I'll keep looking and post it (the link) here if I find it.
Krang 05-07-2006 10:05 PM
If you're looking for the second soundtrack, you can find it at CD Japan. The first one is out of print, so it is much harder to find. Try searching for its catalog number (see here) to find a store that sells legitimate soundtracks.
ScionofDestiny 05-09-2006 07:07 PM
Thank you Krang. I think I want to buy it as well.
snakemarcato13 05-09-2006 08:51 PM
Thank you very much, Krang.