Schoolie 04-28-2006 09:48 PM
Has anyone heard of this or seen it? From what I know, it's an OAV/OVA about these spiritual warriors who slip in and out of the real world. There's a mix of 2D/3D animation and some hollywood actors involved (not to mention some noteworthy anime VAs).

Here's a couple of websites:

http://karas-movie.com/ (nice clip)



Of course, the big draw for me is that the Director/Art Director/Planner for this show is none other than Big O's Character Designer/Supervising Animation Director Keiichi Satou. That's right, this is the guy whose amazing artwork we savor on the DVD covers and interiors.

Looks interesting. I heard about it a while ago. Then imagine my surprise when I saw it on the Wal-mart new releases DVD rack right next to all the big new Hollywood releases. And a pretty good price.

Plus, there's a full orchestral score. Keen. Maybe I'll have to buy it.
Ano Hito 04-29-2006 11:33 AM
I was involved in a goofy viral marketing campaign with the distribuitor for Karas, and they never sent me a copy, dammit! I was promised one if I advertised it on my blog (which nearly nobody reads, which makes is seem less like selling out). Stupid @#$% distribuitors!