Death Note (The movies)

Green_Bird 04-22-2006 12:14 PM
I thought I would make a thread on the movies for any news of pictures that seem to come out. I know not alot of people here like Death Note, but the movie looks like it's going to be good.

The movie's basicly going to follow the same line as the manga, other then some few aparent changes that I saw in some of the screen shots from a news brodcast of some of the senes (mainly Naomi's suiside).

Random facts:

The opening has been confermed as Dani California.

The Shinigami will be CG.

Death Note was the first Japanese movie to shut down a subway system to film the Raye Pember scene.

Here are some screenshots and press confrence pictures: (L) (Light) (New poster) (Light and the Red hot chilli peppers) (L) (L) (Light) (light) (press confrence) (random scenes and press confrence) (alot of screenshots)