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DISCLAMER and NOTE: 'Big O' and all characters are owned by Sunrise, Inc.
As you'll see if you read any of these I'm a bit of a soppy ^_^ but I'll get around to writing a Big O battle someday, if anyone’s got any tips for it (I’ve got the idea and the place for the battle just not sure how to go about it).
Also I'm going to be posting each story seperatly, so this'll be updated bit my bit.

Act One.
I’m Home Now.
By Ryuukei_Canntan / Lost_Cyborg / Gene Wolfe

Roger was out meeting a client and Norman was out shopping, so Dorothy was alone in the mansion, she’d done some cleaning but there had been little to do, and now she sat before the piano and played a simple tune.
It was 3:00, Roger was due back at 5:00, and Norman was coming back around 4:30, Dorothy thought she would be alone in the house for another hour and a half so she was startled when the bang of the front door slamming open echoed up through the mansion.
She stood up and wandered down the stairs to the elevator, the doors where closed and she could hear it going down, she backed up and ran back upstairs to the penthouse, thoughts ran through her mind, but every time she cancelled them out:
Roger or Norman had come back early… Both had promised to phone if that was the case.
Someone had broken in. Beck? … Someone who took the elevator to break into a house? And it was too plain for Beck.
It was just her imagination…. No, that was impossible.

Dorothy went onto the roof and stood behind a pillar, out of sight from anyone in the penthouse, she lent against the pillar and waited.
She heard the lift stop and the doors slide open, there was a scuffling sound and the stairs clanged as someone, or something, fell against them, then she heard something sliding over carpet and a chocked sob, someone called her name in a voice barely audible.
I’m stronger than human beings, Dorothy thought, if it’s an enemy I could defend my self. Still she was wary as she moved towards the open French windows and looked in, what she saw made her gasp airlessly in shock.
“Roger!” Dorothy ran forwards to the unconscious man and knelt beside him, his suit jacket was missing and his shirt bloodstained from gunshot wounds, as was the carpet where he lay.
Dorothy gently ran her hand through his messy hair to find it matted with drying blood.
Steadying her self mentally Dorothy turned him over, there were more gunshot wounds in his shoulders and side and his face was badly cut and bruised. Yet he was still breathing.
She wasn’t sure what to do, so she got a pillow and laid Roger’s head, on it’s side, on the pillow. Then Dorothy went hurriedly to the phone and rang the military police, she pacifically asked for Dustan, who was the only person she really knew out side of the mansion who wasn’t an enemy, and after a nerve racking moment of hold she got through, told the Colonel what she knew and he said he’d be right round.

He did come along, and with an ambulance; he knew Dorothy didn’t exaggerate so knew Roger’s situation would have been bad.

“Yes Dorothy?” Dustan stopped just before pressing the ground floor button,
“Bring Roger back home as quickly as is possible, he hates hospitals.”
Dan smiled, “I’ll see what I can do.”

The mansion was lonely without Roger, even with Norman around, the roof seemed uninviting and the piano’s well-tuned notes sounded empty.
The rest of the day passed deathly slowly and there was no call from Dustan or the hospital.

Dorothy was surprised when she opened her eyes the next morning to find her self curled up on Roger’s bed hugging a pillow, she shook her head and sat up, her black dress creased and her collar twisted.
Straightening her clothes she left the room after tidying the bed, she went as if in a trance out onto the roof and stood on the wall, hair blowing back slightly in the breeze.
“Please come back Roger, it’s lonely here.” She murmured.

It was still early and she stayed until Paradigm’s dreary, faux sun rose up higher before going to the kitchen to make the newly awakened Norman his breakfast.

Dorothy busied her self during the next few days by wandering around the house cleaning, and when there was nothing left to clean she made a mess and cleaned it up again.
She’d never really realised how big a part Roger played in her existence, without clients to see or jobs to complete, even a Megadeus battle would be welcome right now.

Three days after Roger had been hurt Dustan came to see her;
“I’ve been talking to the doctors.” He said, “They say he is a stable condition, or rather, seems to have recovered well enough, to go home.”
“That’s good.” Dorothy was relived, that meant things would be getting back to normal soon.
“Oh, and Dorothy, I see what you meant when you said that he disliked hospitals.”
“Mmm, apparently he’s been picking fights as much as possible, has been cynical, sarcastic and has been called a louse quite a few times.”
Dorothy raised an eyebrow, “It sounds like he’s back to normal then.”
Dustan laughed, “Yeah, well, I’ll go pick him up and bring him back here, do you have any clothes of his he can get changed into?”
After Dorothy had fetched some of Roger’s more relaxed clothing Dastun left to get Roger.

To Dustan’s surprise Dorothy wasn’t there to greet Roger back home, Norman instead greeted the rather groggy negotiator.

Dorothy stayed in the hanger and skulked around in Big O’s cockpit nether said anything, they just sat there… Thinking…

Night fell on Paradigm city, the domes glowed balefully but outside, the only lights were behind windows and were lanterns on the streets.

Dorothy stood out on the rails, her coat ruffled in the breeze as she watched snow falling and the flickering lights of the streets, her concentric eyes gazed blankly at the only world she knew.

Roger sighed heavily and nuzzled the pillow as he started to wake up, it didn’t smell like a hospital bed, nor did the bed feel as uncomfortable.
Roger sat up and looked around, a smile crossed his face when he saw his own bedroom, clear in the ‘closed curtain’ gloom.
“I’m home.” He murmured, slipping out from under the bedclothes, he wasn’t in his pyjamas, instead he wore a shirt and his boxers, glancing around Roger grabbed the pair of jeans on the end of the bed and put them on.

There was a soft breeze blowing, Dorothy, standing on the balcony edge faced away from it, ignoring her red hair being blown into her face by wind.
Her hands hung by her sides, pinning her black dress down despite the tugging of the wind.


She turned at the sound of her name,
“Roger? You should be resting.”
But he only scowled and shrugged, before answering and walking to the edge of the balcony,
“The nurses at the hospital always said that.” He murmured after a while,
“You’re not at the hospital anymore Roger.”
“True.” He looked up at Dorothy and smiled, “I’m home now.” He said, unsure if it was for his or her benefit, “I’m home now.”
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Sappy. But cute. I like it. Happy
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Thanks, it kinda... Took a flying leap into my head and stayed till I wrote it dwon ^_^
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That happens to me all the time with my writting and my pictures. Embarrassed Sweatdrop
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Act 2.
Dorothy, Dorothy!
By Ryuukei_Canntan

Roger jumped at the sound of R.Dorothy’s voice. Roger was sitting on the dark green sofa, thinking about the case he was currently on, it was a little confusing and he hadn’t noticed Dorothy come into the penthouse.

He jumped and looked up, “Yes Dorothy?” he was kinda glad to be pulled out of his own thoughts as they were doing his head in,
“Can we talk?”
Oh-dear, he thought, “Sure, what about?” he stood up, but Dorothy came over to him and he sat down again,
“Do you remember that I asked you to protect me?”
“Of course, and I did, didn’t I?”
She nodded, “Yes, and I wanted to ask you; have I paid you back?”
Roger sighed and hung his head; he’d been dreading this, “Yeah.” He murmured, and then he looked up, “Yes Dorothy, you have, many times over.”
“Then I ask; may I leave?”
“Dorothy?” Roger stood up sharply and nodded dumbly, “If, if you want.”
“Thank you Roger.” She nodded to him and walked away, Roger stared after her blankly for a moment then scowled and vanished into his bedroom, slamming the door after him self.

The next morning Norman bid farewell to Dorothy, and she left, Roger lent over the edge of the balcony and watched her leave, unsure whether he was angry, sad or both.
Five days had past, Roger had completed the tricky job surprisingly quickly and the last few days had been dull, he’d past the time by wandering around the mansion, getting under Norman’s feet and standing out on the balcony until late at night with a bottle of whisky and a glass,
He’d been waking up late, not eating well and Norman was getting worried about him.

It was Friday, Roger was walking back from Amadeus, he found a little rest there, even if R.Instro no longer played there as much after losing his hands.
A light drizzle fell on Roger’s scruffy hair and bowed shoulders, it was only because someone running by caught his shoulder slightly as they passed did he look up.

“Dorothy?” he whispered, stopping in his tracks and staring at the figure winding it’s way through the people and umbrellas on the pavement, there was no mistaking the slim red headed figure in the black dress, which Norman had allowed her to keep.
Roger started to walk forwards again, braking into a run as he shouted,
“Dorothy, Dorothy!”
She hesitated and looked back, startled to see a scruffy man, who vaguely resembled Roger, he sped past her and skidded to a halt on the slippery ground, turning he came back to her, it was Roger, she realised.
“Dorothy, did you really mean it?” he blurted,
“I don’t understand.”
“When you first came, you said you didn’t want to be there, with me, but you had no choice, did you mean that? Do you still mean that?”
“I did mean it Roger, but I did change my mind.”
“Then why?” he grabbed her shoulders so he could look directly at her, “Why leave?”
“I had paid you for your services, and it didn’t really seem that you wanted me around.”
Roger opened his mouth to speak then hesitated for a moment, “I guess you’re right.” he said finally, “It didn’t seem that I really wanted you around, but… But I did, and still do, please Dorothy, come back, come back home.”
“Come back?” she caught Roger’s gaze, his eyes were almost as black as her own, “Why?”
“Because it’s not the same! I can’t concentrate on anything, I’m waking up late, and it’s not fair on Norman, he’s got to work on… Well you know, and do house work AND look after me.”
“You could help with the house work Roger.”
“I have!” he whined, “But I’m not any good at it.” He sighed and hung his head, practically leaning on Dorothy’s shoulder, “Please come back Dorothy, I miss you.”
“Fine, I’ll think about it.” She pushed him upright again and gazed at the bedraggled young man, “You’ll know by the end of the week, if I come back to the mansion I’m staying, if I don’t come, I’m not.” Roger nodded hurriedly, “And Roger?”
“If I don’t come back, don’t try and find me.”
“I-I wont.”

It was Friday; Roger hadn’t slept all night and was now leaning on the balcony, quivering from head to toe, if she didn’t come today… Well he didn’t want to think about it.
He was dimly aware that Norman told him breakfast was ready but he didn’t go down to eat.

Just as hope set along with the fake sun, Roger slumped and sighed, “I guess she really hated it here.” He murmured, and then jumped as a hand settled on his shoulder, “No I didn’t Roger.”
“Dorothy!!” he span around and embraced her, pausing only to kiss her cheek, “You did come!”
“Of coarse I did. What would you have done without me?”


I went back and added the Kiss for Chitter-Box-Kat, who said it was a good idea, and I agreed, don't like it? Blame her.
Chitter-Box-Kat 04-22-2006 11:22 AM
Daaaaaaww! That is so kawaii! (That's Japanese for cute.) I could really see that happening if Dorothy decided to leave the mansion. But you missed a good oppertunity to throw in at least a kiss on the cheek. Tongue

C'mon! I like where this is going. MUST SEE MORE!
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It's my fave of all the stories I have to say ^_^
But... *head butts wall* how the HECK did I miss that out?
... And now... For a story dedicated to my friends....
Act 3.
By Ryuukei_Canntan

Three young women were coming down the path; two were blond and the other a brunet, they where laughing and joking amongst them selves.

This was the expanse of asphalt and concrete, meagrely speckled with stunted trees that had been named Central Park.
R. Dorothy sat upon a concrete bench reading a book with a red cover, beside her, a bag of groceries.
The three young women came level with the bench; they were going to be picked up by Samba’s, one of the blondes’, farther in a while,
“Excuse me?” the other blond, Gene, bent down to Dorothy’s sitting height, “Do you mind if we sit here?” she asked, hurriedly adding; “You don’t have to move of course.” Dorothy looked up at the girl in the long tan coat with large lapels, which reminded her vaguely of Schwarzwald’s.
“Yes, you may sit here.” She picked up the shopping and put it under the bench then slid along the metal seat so there was room, Gene turned and nodded to her friends, Samba was wearing a denim jacket and jeans, Niki, the brunet, was wearing no jacket, but a loose white T-shirt and black trousers and Gene wore a form fitting black T-shirt and blue jeans below the coat.
They all sat down thankfully and set about a game they’d played since kids; one of them would have a mouth full of water and the others had to make her laugh and spit it out. Dorothy watched the proceedings out of the corner of her eye, after Gene had rolled of the seat in hysterics and the laughter had died down, the tree girls sat looking slightly bemused, then Samba lent over to Niki and Gene and whispered something into their ears, Dorothy heard and raised her eyebrows slightly;
“You know, while we’ve being trying to get each other to laugh, she hasn’t even smiled, and I’m sure she’s been listening.”
“You’re right Samba.” Agreed Gene who smirked in a startlingly manic way and glanced over to Dorothy,
“Maybe we should try and get her to laugh?” Niki said with a look that suggested that she didn’t think anyone would go for it.
“Could do, could do.” Gene nodded sagely, “What do you think Samba.”
“Lets go for it.”

In the end after much elbowing Niki shifted up and coughed nervously, Dorothy looked up passively as usual,
“Um… We were wondering, if… To pass the time, we, that is; my friends and I, if we could…” she laughed nervously and Samba lent over her shoulder,
“If we could try and make you laugh.”
Dorothy blinked slowly and nodded once, it would, as they said, pass the time until Roger came to pick her up from meeting with his latest client.
“Cool, thanks!” giggled Samba.

10 minutes had passed, they’d tried every trick they knew and had nearly given up, Gene lay on her back on the tarmac with her head cushioned in her arms and Samba sat beside her while Niki the current champion attempted to defend her title and Dorothy just gazed at the horizon of domes and skyscrapers, she’d never noticed that she could see the roof of the mansion from here before.
“I give up.” sighed Niki sitting back, merely seconds later Gene gasped grabbed Samba’s arm and span her around, Samba squeaked and laughed at her own silliness, Niki and Dorothy both turned to see what it was they were looking at.
It was the Griffon; it engine purring, as it pulled smoothly around the corner, there was no mistaking this car, especially not for Dorothy and Gene.
Dorothy stood up with her book and groceries, “I have to go now.” She said in her normal monotone,
“Mmmm?” Gene turned and looked up, “Okay, er…” she stood up, “I’m Gene by the way, and this is Niki and Samba. I hope we get to meet again.” Something had been bugging Gene since they’d seen Dorothy…
“It was nice to met you. I am Dorothy.” With that she span on her heel and ran to the now parked car, Roger Smith was lent against the black car and waved as she approached.

Gene was still gaping like a fish even after they’d driven off,
“Well that was unexpected.” She span around, coat billowing out rather over dramatically, “I knew there was something familiar about her!”
“What?” asked both Niki and Samba who were only now beginning to wonder about Dorothy,
“Um…” Gene pulled the folded and rolled up newspaper out from her pocket and fumbled through the pages, “Here!” she passed the paper to her friends and pointed to a picture, “See? That was R. Dorothy Wayneright, the android who works with Roger Smith!” the article was on the assassination of Roscoe Fitzgerald.
“Cool! I didn’t recognise her.” Niki raised an eyebrow,
“What?” Niki looked at Samba, who hand a slightly bemused look,
“You said ‘her’, you meant ‘it’.”
Niki shrugged and Gene glared, “What ever. This means I’ve got some stuff to add to my portfolio anyway.”
“You’re still putting that together?” Samba looked up,
“Yep!” Gene grinned proudly, “You know I’m convinced that Smith has something to do with the Black Megadeus.”
“Why?” Niki questioned,
“Because I’ve been searching around, it seems almost every time something er… big happens Roger or the Griffon are seen and just before the Black megadeus shows up he and, or the car vanish.”
“Consequences.” Sighed Samba, “Look, my step-dad’s here lets go.”

And so, they left.
Lost_Cyborg 04-22-2006 02:13 PM
And now... Living up to it's name of short with an abrupt ending...

Act 4
Alexandra T. Hampshire

He felt himself lean forwards in the seat, a scream erupting from his mouth as the grappling claw was blown from the sky by a missile; the orange robot still flew, powered by simple jets, the slim red head still gripped in it’s claw.
The scorpion robot is out of reach and he slumps slightly, before seeing the huge, gaudy, red robot to the side of him…

Roger Smith snapped open his eyes, the room was dark and there was no light filtering through the curtains; it must be late, he thought, slipping out of bed, wandering forwards and groping for the light switch, he found it, and blinked in the sudden light, grabbing his robe he left the room.
It was a chilly night, and Paradigm city’s lights gleamed through the light fog that had arisen from the river, the top of the bank a few blocks away showed over the lower buildings in front of Roger, but his gaze was fixed on the construction site a few miles away, there cranes tower into sky like monsters from a past era, and Gordon Rosewater’s half constructed domes glittered as they reflected the city’s lights.

Roger was pondering his dream, not the domes, but it was already fading, the only thing still vivid in his mind was the young woman,
“She was beautiful.” He whispered, “I wonder why she appeared in my dream?” he sighed and shook his head, before turning and wandering back to bed, murmuring; “I’d better get to sleep, I’ve got to go see Rosewater tomorrow.”

That weekend a photo appeared in the newspaper…

I could do with some help here, I want to round of the ending but I'm not sure how.
Chitter-Box-Kat 04-22-2006 04:31 PM
I don't think much of anything would make Dorothy laugh. She's so...stoic and slightly introverted. But I do give points to Gene, Niki and Samba for trying.

As far as tying int he photo, I got nothing. It would make sense, to me, to go go towards a mystery-type 'Roger tries to find out what the photo' means kind of schtik.
Lost_Cyborg 04-22-2006 04:47 PM
Yeah... I could go back to 'Present Paradigm' that's a possiblity...
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Yay, I'm the first guy to post in this thread! Big Grin

It's really good. Especially the part about Dorothy almost leaving and the three girls trying to make Dorothy laugh.
Chitter-Box-Kat 04-22-2006 08:05 PM
Dude, Paul1290 is right...HAH! Big Grin

One thing I cannot deny is that somewhere along the line, Beck HAS to be in the fic. You can't have a good Big O fan fiction with more than one chapter and NOT have Beck in it somwhere.
Lost_Cyborg 04-23-2006 05:56 AM
*passes out* How did I over look the blond baffon! -_-

I must come up with an idea for him... Wait... I thought I did already... Damn... Why didn't I write it down...

Oh and... Gratz Paul1290 for being the first guy here!
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Okay, this is my last one to date. But I'll write a Beck one, one day.

Act 5
Heavens Day a Time of Forgiving

He glanced up at the tall building through the sleet, once a bank, then a house, now a place just collecting dust.
He ran his hand through the iron coloured hair of his head and tugged the heavy coat closer.

He stood in the hallway, dust clogging on his muddy boots.
No point in taking the elevator.
He thought, wandering on though the cold building.

Norman will be… Gone, he realised as he climbed the stairs, it has been so long, I wish I could have said goodbye. But what about… Her? She should… He sighed, no, there was no should about it, She, theoretically, could still be here, but there is no reason why she shouldn’t have left.

He came to the landing and walked out into the hallway, glancing up the last few stairs, a whisper came from his lips, “Dorothy…” the stairs creaked but he ignored them.

The penthouse was icy, one of the French windows out onto the roof was open, “I’ll close that.” He murmured, trudging over the dust and, from the scarce trees lining the roads, leaves. The glass and metal moaned but the window closed and the breeze stopped.

He looked around, above the long cold fireplace was a vase of flowers, “I wonder how long they’ve been dead…” he mused, then noticed the figure on the dustsheet-covered sofa, and he bit his lip and approached.

Her delicate hands where clasped and rested on her knees, her head bowed and auburn hair dusty along with her once black dress. He grit his teeth and lowered his head, “I’m so sorry Dorothy.” He sat beside her, “I’m so, so sorry.” He rested a hand upon her own and choked back a sob.
“I wish I could have told you where I was.”
“Rog…er?” the voice was stuttered and hesitant, “Is, that, you?”
“Dorothy!” he yelped “I, I thought…” he trailed off, what had he thought? The android raised her head, her dark eyes moved to look at him, “You, came, back.”
“Yes, I did.” Logic told him that her voice was strained because of fatigue and lack of maintenance, but a traitorous thought entered his head; or is she upset? Is she upset because of me?
“Dorothy, I didn’t mean to leave.”

Silence. Then; “The one thing I, resent, about my, farther…”
“Is that he never gave me the ability to cry.” Dorothy looked up and met Roger’s eyes. “However, if he had, I’d cry now.”
Roger bit his lip, “Dorothy, I…” he shook his head a threw his arms around her, “Forgive me! Please!” he sobbed, “I’ve missed you so much.”
“Of course I forgive you Roger… I've missed you to...”
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Daaaaaawwww! That was so sad! Frown But it was also so heartwarming. Pleased

You got some serious talent for setting a mood Lost Cyborg! Can I...put your name on my buddy list? It'd be nice to have a friend. We could send messages and stuff and create a fic with Beck in it! If you want to, of course. Embarrassed Sweatdrop
Lost_Cyborg 04-23-2006 02:38 PM
Squeee! Sure ^_^ I'd love to write a fan-fic with you.
Chitter-Box-Kat 04-23-2006 03:07 PM
Cool, now I have a buddy! Big Grin And since it's Beck...there should be some kind of kidnapping or smugling type of situation. That's what Beck is good at...I'll do some thinking for a it and PM ya with my ideas! Smile

Lost_Cyborg 04-23-2006 03:26 PM
Good idea.
Shadow dorothy 06-06-2006 12:56 AM
Originally posted by Lost_Cyborg
Silence. Then; “The one thing I, resent, about my, farther…”
“Is that he never gave me the ability to cry.” Dorothy looked up and met Roger’s eyes. “However, if he had, I’d cry now.”
Roger bit his lip, “Dorothy, I…” he shook his head a threw his arms around her, “Forgive me! Please!” he sobbed, “I’ve missed you so much.”
“Of course I forgive you Roger… I've missed you to...”

Whered Roger go?