Hard Candy...anybody with info on this movie?

DorothyFan1 04-11-2006 06:46 PM
This movie Hard Candy is the reason why Canadian actress Ellen Page got the part for Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat for the final X-Men movie and I read this in Premiere magazine. What I've read about this movie in that issue of Premiere (obviously I haven't seen it) is there's a "shocking" scene that will have people talking...and from what I've read...the hints are gruesome...something to do with a scalpel and private parts. Oooohh! If this is what the movie ultimately hinges on...I gotta see this one. I bet this is going to get a NC-17 unless they severely edit the "scene" in question.

My query about Hard Candy is this...does anybody know when this will get a theatrical release? I've heard it was raved about in Sundance...but it was done LAST year...so something tells me this movie has been in the pipes for quite some time...probably due to the squeamishness of movie studios unwilling to front this film. And if the hints about this "scene" are true...this will make the scene in Thelma and Louise look like nothing. And according to the article...once this movie gets a wide screening...it may cause Ellen Page to zoom to the top of the list for directors. So the looks of this sounds very promising indeed. If these indications are anything to go by...this performance by Ellen Page could even be Oscar nomination material...but this is just my opinion only.
DorothyFan1 04-11-2006 08:42 PM
Never mind. I did a search on this movie at MRQE and it's being released on June 1st. I wish I could see this film right now. I personally think the June date is not appropriate for this kind of film. Marketing wise...I believe they should have held out to at least late August or early to mid September. This movie is clearly not for kids. Period. So whomever made the marketing decision to showcase it during the summer months deserves to have his/her behind handed to him/her. I even think the decision to release it in June could cause people to complain about the necessity of marketing a graphic film like Hard Candy to younger kids which I think will run in the same vein as Memento for a more "mature" audience wise. Clearly, I can't believe this film is being released on the hope of recouping revenues...because it's a small film. It won't be able to compete with X-Men 3 or Superman Returns. So this is why I'm puzzled about the timing of June 1st for the release.

On the other hand...this is definitely shaping up to be one of the best films of 2006 bar none. The review I read was very interesting and I can tell we're talking possibly Oscar caliber performances by Ellen Page. It's looking like she's the next Anna Paquin...which I think would be ironic because Anna Paquin got the Oscar when she was much younger than 17 for her performance in The Piano. And in a way...Ellen Page DOES look similar in appearance to Anna Paquin. In fact, in her costume...Ellen Page almost looks like Anna Paquin. I almost did a double take because I thought Ellen Page had been recast for the role of Rogue...not Shadowcat or as Professor Xavier says "Well, I know a girl who can walk through walls." I'm definitely circling my calender for Hard Candy come June 1st. As far as ratings go...unless the "scene" gets "cut"..(pardon the pun) this movie is headed for an NC-17. If that's the case...then I'll probably have to wait for the DVD to see the "uncut" version. (Again, no pun intended)
DorothyFan1 04-12-2006 10:42 PM
Last correction...I've now found out this movie Hard Candy is coming out this Friday. Now that's a smart move because since X-Men is coming this summer...the best way to promote Ellen Page's performance for Hard Candy would be to have her seen in this movie before the blockbuster comes out. This way the exposure for Hard Candy gets solidified with X-Men. No question about it...Canadian actress Ellen Page is suddenly getting alot of attention.
Generalissimo D 04-12-2006 10:55 PM
You do realize you could have condensed this down with the magic h4x of editing, instead of triple posting?
Nine Kuze 04-15-2006 06:09 PM
Originally posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox
You do realize you could have condensed this down with the magic h4x of editing, instead of triple posting?

Oh, Zaphod! You're such a character but yeah, the edit button. Its there for a reason. Big Grin

Anyway, I just read this review on Hard Candy and I'm not sure about Oscar talk for it (and its good to hear something about the Oscars this year) but it does sounds very interesting at least.

EDIT: I forget to mention this but, it has Sandra Oh in it! There's some points for the film right there. Pleased

EDIT: I just read a review in USA Today and they had some quotes from the movie. I'd like to see this movie because how how twisted and intense its suppose to be and the screenplay sounds to be pretty damn good as well.
DorothyFan1 04-17-2006 08:00 PM
As I suspected...the "scene" in question is "offscreen" as surely it would have been slapped with the NC-17 and killed the movie's chances of being seen in your "specialty" theater. This movie is going to be hard to find because of the subject matter. It won't be in the local cineplex at all.