[Fan Fiction] Missing Mr. Fofo

Zayne 04-09-2006 04:22 PM
Red = Zayne
Orange = Mrs. Beck (since there's no yellow) [What a rip-off! What's the point of color changes without YELLOW?!?!]

Hey-o all! Time for another very RANDOM idea from Zayne & Mrs. Beck.

Tomatoes to throw at us are located in the back corner of the thread. *points to tomato stand* They're 5 cents each, plus a $4.95 dollar charge for service fees.

Raven!!! Anyway! So, who is Mr. Fofo you might wonder? Well, courtesy of a walk around our neighborhood and a loose dog, Mr. Fofo is the victim er.... star of our most recent bout of stupidity. WARNING: We cannot be liable for the loss of any butts as a result of laughing them off.

Firstly, Mr. Fofo - acctually, Senior Fofo (Oh whatever!) means Mr. Cute in Portugese. Yes, poor - er I mean lucky - Mr. Fofo is a pooch who runs off ... and finds quite possibly the worst person you could find running around the warhouse district. And there's alotta bad people around there. Therefore, Mr. Fofo can't be the brightest pooch in Paradigm.

Well, no duh! .... wait.... are there any OTHER dogs in Paradigm? Ehh.... never mind.... Anywhoises! First thing we run into is Roger (and his three [see Day in the Life by Zayne]) getting a negotiating case from a batty old pompous rich lady (don't ask) who lost her dog. Not that we know how it's a negotiation case.

Eh, a woman who's batty enough to offer millions - that's one big-ass check - for the retreaval of her dog ... I don't think she really needs a reason.

Anywho, in the warehouse district, someone (a goon no doubt since I doubt even Beck would be that dumb -- OWIES! RAVEN!) left the warehouse door open, and in waltzes a black Saluki with gray and white patches.... AND bites a goon on the leg! Oh shoot! we've said too much! Oh well. Next post will be the actual.... um.... What's the word..... STORY! That's it!

Oh, yeah, one small detail. Beck's stuck with the thing. No, really. It won't go away/stop pouncing on him every 10 minutes. At any rate, enjoy our random story of utter randomeness!!

Oops! We forgot Mr. Fofo's picture!!
Generalissimo D 04-09-2006 04:35 PM
There is yellow

Might I ask where the rest of the Wherehouse is?
paul1290 04-11-2006 03:30 PM
This has got to be the weirdest most random thing I've seen in Nightingale Club for some time. Laughing
Mrs. Beck 04-11-2006 06:51 PM
Hey, we try. Big Grin

It may be a bit till we can get up the first part of the fanfic, seeing as we have to write it together - but hopefully it will be soon. I hope you all enjoy it though - after all, there's gotta be some pure humor fics here and there, right?