[Fan Fiction] A Day in the Life: The Smith Trio

Zayne 04-09-2006 04:19 PM

"Zayne, would you hurry up?" Artemis Smith asked, clearly irritated that her twin was purposely slowing them down. Slated to be the next Negotiator, Artemis had inherited her father's calmer personality.

"Yeah, yeah. Shut up," Zayne shot back, pulling on her shoe. "Excuse me for not staying up 24/7 like you and Dad!" She fixed her black wrap around her waist and ran a hand through her hair.

"If you two don't hurry up, you're walking!" their brother Jaden warned from the doorway. The oldest of the three at 17, he was the girls' only ride to school on the typical morning since their father slept in.

The 15-year-old girls grabbed their bags and hurried after their brother. At the door of the mansion, they all turned and yelled "SEE YOU TONIGHT, DAD!!" up the stairs. Hearing the satisfying thump of their father jumping and falling out of bed, they all laughed and got into Jaden's black car.

Jaden, Zayne, and Artemis were happy with their lives in Paradigm City. It was just them and their father Roger. Of course, Dorothy and Norman were there, but they had no blood relation to the trio; the siblings' mother, Yin Edogawa, had been killed in an accident ten years before. Immediately following her death, Roger had nearly killed himself with his "no weapons" policy (go figure), but a short hospital stay had made him see that his children needed him.

Jaden was the oldest and the most like his mother. He was great with computers, math, science, and programming, and had the disposition for it. He was patient and level-headed with just enough temper to deter enemies. He was proud that his mother had been Japanese, brought to Paradigm by her father with three siblings, and he played up to being all he could.

Zayne was the rebel, the older of the twins, and the musician. At fifteen, she was already signed to a record deal with a little studio and making it known that she would be a singer, much to Roger's dismay. She had always been his "little girl", no matter how hard she tried to deny it. She of her siblings ignored his rule about uniforms being black; in fact, she rarely wore much black at all. She had her father's more violent personality (yes, he has one), and was more than willing to use force and fight for her little sister or something she believed. Like Jaden, Zayne was proud of being part Japanese and often used some phrases she knew from their mother.

Artemis was the sweet and innocent one, quiet, the youngest, and the obedient one. She listened to her father often unlike her sister who did the exact opposite of what he told her. Temperate and logical, she was in training to take her father's place as Paradigm-s top negotiator when she grew up. She made top grades and thought through things more carefully. She usually wore black as Roger's rule dictated and was opposed to violence and rarely let Zayne get away with fighting no matter who it was for.

"See you girls after school," Jaden said as they entered Paradigm City High School. He branched off to his first class (English), and the twins continued to their first period, Debate for Artemis, and Gym for Zayne.

"Don't strain your vocal chords," Zayne teased as they neared Artemis's classroom.

"Don't crack your skull," Artemis shot over her shoulder as she went in.

"Hey, it's thick enough to stand anything!" Zayne shouted in reply before running down toward the gym, school bag flying.