Tool: 10,000 Days

Travis Bickle 04-09-2006 12:41 PM

Tool's first album in about 5 years comes out in less than a month. So far, all they've released is the track listing, title and cover, which could all possibly be fake (like they did with Lateralus). I've heard what I believe is the first 2 minutes of "Vicarious", the first single, though I could be wrong since faulty versions are going all over the internet for it. "Vicarious" hits the radio on the 17th of this month, and the album comes out shortly after that.

Is anyone else going to get it when it comes out?
Generalissimo D 04-09-2006 04:14 PM
I might.

And that logo needs to cop off that top part because it looks like "Fool"
David Ryder 04-09-2006 05:08 PM
If I can borrow it from a friend I might, but other than that, nah. I never was and still not much of a tool fan.
spiked-knives 04-09-2006 06:52 PM
yea i'll be getting it.
Travis Bickle 04-16-2006 12:39 PM
So the actual first single "Vicarious" has leaked, and it kind of sounds a lot like Schism from "Lateralus".

Has anyone heard it yet?
spiked-knives 04-16-2006 05:17 PM
Originally posted by Cerpin Taxt
So the actual first single "Vicarious" has leaked, and it kind of sounds a lot like Schism from "Lateralus".

Has anyone heard it yet?

Yea I heard it. or maybe it wasn't it. I liked it though, but don't recall it sounding like Schism. I remember it was only 2:49 long. But I think the song was a fake purposely put out by Tool to through their fans of as they have been known to do. I mean the song I heard sounded like Tool, but when I heard Vicarious from my friend that sounded like Tool and it sounded totally different so I don't know.
Travis Bickle 04-16-2006 05:35 PM
Well, Vicarious was leaked last night via an FTP server that was supposed to transfer the song to various radio stations.

But the song itself is awesome. It's about television addiction. I think 10,000 Days will be yet another concept album.
088nd 04-16-2006 05:43 PM
I would've heard it if you would've sent me it.
Travis Bickle 04-18-2006 07:24 PM
Well, I've been listening to the album on repeat all day. It's...different. It's got some sort of odd tone that I'd expect off of a Tomahawk cd. Overall, it's decent.

It's also another concept album. I've got a vague idea of what it is, but I won't really say anything until the exact lyrics are confirmed.