Negotiator, Wanderer, Producer (Superego, Ego, Id)

ScionofDestiny 04-03-2006 08:28 PM
Alright - so I was doing some thinking and made the following conclusion.

Superego - The part of the psyche that imposes order, ethics, morality, and law upon us. The "big boss". The orderly king of the psyche.

Ego - The part of the self that mediates between the Superego, which represents the order, and the Id, which is the more chaotic aspects of humanity. In a way, the ego negotiates between the Id and Psyche, which gives rise to our consciousness - the we who exists right now, reading this.

Id - The primitive, passionate, emotional humanity that is ruled by urges and instinct.

Roger the "Producer" - The Roger we see in Act 14, looking down at Roger the Negotiator from the "audience", and the same Roger we see at the end of Act 26. Roger the Producer is the aspect of Roger we know the least about. Religiously, Roger the Producer - who is sometimes call the Director, but that is probably a role that belongs to Angel - is probably God. While some believe that this Roger is literally God, I think the more viable theory is that Roger the Producer is the part of Roger that survived the apocalyptic war forty years before and built Paradigm City with Gordon Rosewater as the Director and himself as the Producer. Supposedly, Roger was a Major inside the United States army - derived from how he and Angel inact in Act 14 - where she is the lieutenant and he is the Major. Seeing as how he is the power behind the Dome over the Domes, he is obviously the one who writes the laws and order that balances Paradgim - consider the influence he wields over Angel - the Director herself - at the end of Act 26.

The Producer hassles the Director to make the changes they want - I wonder if Konoka was trying to say something here Wink

There are some that say Roger the Producer is seperate from Roger the Negotiator - but I think he is the Superego, the part of Roger that imposes law and order on the Self. He is the polar opposite of the Id - Roger the Wanderer.

Roger the Negotiator - Mediates between Roger the Producer and Roger the Wanderer - is it a wonder Roger Smith is a man of contrasts and odd taboos? Roger is the self-aware of the three Rogers that form one - the Roger that is the consciosness of the soul. He is the ego.

Roger the Wanderer - WHOA! Definitely the Id - he is possesed by odd fits in ways that Roger the Negotiator is not susceptible too. He is not ruled by order and civilization and doesn't fit in with the City - the pinnacle of civilzation. His emotioanl outbursts - so uncharacteric for the Negotiator - are obviously the insticts and emotions of the Id. This Roger just sort of popped out at us.

So Roger the Producer is God (Father) and Superego, Roger the Negotiator is the Son and Ego, and Roger the Wanderer is Id and ...?
Big Jauln 04-05-2006 12:09 PM
I'd have a hard time believing that Roger the 'Producer' is God or the Father. I would think he is just a concince in Roger waiting to make himself visible in Roger's mind. The 3 would fit perfectly into the ID, ego and superego. I would have to say that the superego is furthermore Roger the 'Producer'. In a sense these 3 people that make Roger up are different personalities that is 1 person, meaning the three Rogers are actully 1 Roger seperated by his personalities into 3 people that show up, When certain events happen in the series. We see Roger the Negotiator, then Roger the wanderer, then Roger then Producer watching over the stage of Paradigm city. I think this is the Roger of Lost Memories trying to get to Roger the Negotiator and Wanderer so the man that is Roger Smith would be completed.
ScionofDestiny 04-05-2006 06:34 PM
My theory is rooted into the religious concepts rooted inside Big O's plots.

The "studio" is a metaphor - for heaven. Erstwhile, New Paradigm is Hell - for Roger anyway - and Paradigm City is the earth itself. Notice that in the Act entitled "Beck Comes Back" - Roger has been pinned to a CROSS! Beck pinned Roger to a cross while he was making that head. That can't be coincidence.

Erstwhile, many people compare psychology, religion/spirituality, philosophy, and science - it is actually quite common.

Also, Big O is based admittedly off Plato's Republic (Philosophical Spiritual work), Metropolis (famous 1920/1930's movie, probably one of the first you see if you went to film school in fact), and Old Testament - with sparkling of New Testament. Oh, and uh - certain Western characters who are wealthy playboys... but that is less noteworthy.

The common theory is underlined.

- Roger the "Producer" is a Major in the United States Army - fights war with Bigs (we see him fighting a bunch of Big Duo's with fallen Bigs all around him) which were his units. Meanwhile, Angel is a lieutenant - we see this in Roger the Wanderer. Ironically, this coincides with Major Dastun and Lieutenant Smith from Paradigm - compared with Major Smith and Lieutenant Angel.

-War sparks out between - countries, and everything becomes an ambigious mess. I think watching the movie Metropolis would help you understand what the movie is about - 1920's movie made by Germans near the end of the Weimar, remade in America, about a futuristic society with androids where philsophers live up and are rich and the working class live low. Big O take major ideas from Metropolis.

-Only a few survivors - possibly due to the Venus project. Roger the Producer, Dorothy, Angel, Gordon, and the others rally what is left of mankind and then make Paradigm City using the Venus technology - Paradigm powers - meaning a change in the perception and relation of reality with our ourselves. It is probabable that what waits outside the Dome over the Domes is nothing but wasteland.


Roger is accused of playing God. In religious philosophy, it is POSSIBLE to be "high" and look at yourself down in the "low" - like God and Jesus are supposed to form one being with the Holy Spirit. God looks at Jesus down, being "high" and "low" - this also seems to echo the Sethian idea with Seth looking on Seth while he is "low" and also "high".

It seems possible that technology and our understanding of physics grows so great in the future that we can begin to "manipulate" reality for great effects. This would effectively be the "power of God" wielded by man.

The general idea is that the "studio" is the place outside the Stagelight that Big Duo Inferno (Schwartzwald) crashed into at the end. Remember what he said about?


The idea here is that Roger is Jesus "the actor" and yet he is also on high, "the Producer" - the idea being that people can act in their own movies. Like Mel Gibson!

As Schwartzwald says:

NOT GODS! JUST EQUIPMENT! IT IS A COMEDY! then Big Duo Inferno crashes into a stagelight.

This doesn't mean that Paradigm City isn't real. It just means that Roger the "Producer" is using the power of god wielded by man to make a world of his own - in the image of an old one if you will. Roger the "Producer" is a former Major who is manipulating reality.

It seems Roger the Negotiator symbolizes Jesus (among other things) but is also a clone of Roger the Producer set into Paradigm City. It is likely that Big Ear is a person who Roger the Producer knew in real life, was killed in the war, and was remade as an android.

I always thought that the third season might incorporate Roger the Negotiator breaking out of the Dome within the Dome and leading his people away from Paradigm City - forty years is a significant number in the Bible, if you know what I mean.
Big Jauln 04-05-2006 11:47 PM
As Gordon Rosewater said, that war with Bigs is nothing more than an artificial memory, a dellusion to show events of something that never really happened. And Roger being accused being of a god, you ask? Well the gods that Roger is being accused of is really being accused of being a dominus, and that is how Alex Rosewater would put it, because those being accused of being gods, like Alex, Roger, and Schwartzwald are just dominuses of 'god' megaduses that are the bigs. That is my response.
ScionofDestiny 04-06-2006 10:02 AM
Big O means Omega. Megas means great. Deus means God. Dominus is a priest, minister, or sometimes a prophet. But lets stray away from spiritual and religious symbolism for now. Let us be literal.

Don't forget the picture where we see Roger shaking hands with Gordon Rosewater. That was not Alex - it was Gordon. He was making the contract that Gordon asked him about. "Have you even forgot the contract you made with me?!"

Okay - so why is it Roger is so damn young while Gordon is old and wrinkling?

The obvious answer is that Roger is a clone. The tomato children are all clones of people who lived over forty years before. Beck is a clone of Dr. Wanyeright - hence his knowledge of Roger as the Dominus of Black Megadeus and his ability to build Megadeus and understand Dorothy's technology - Schwartzwald is a clone of ... some unknown man who piloted a Big Duo. Alex Rosewater is a clone of Gordon Rosewater. And Roger is a clone of Roger Smith - since the original Roger Smith probably died at one point or another, it seems Roger himself is a clone of Roger.

Now you say that the war was just artificial, correct? That isn't quite true. Gordon did say that - but he said a number of other things that seemed to support the theory. He said that a higher power commanded him to write that in Metropolis. Now let us become metaphorical AND literal. Also - Gordon might have met something else when he said "everything is a lie".

More importantly - what do you think the Bigs were made for? Maintenance? No - they were made for war. To maim and destroy.

Roger the Producer lives outside the Dome within the Dome. He was part of the war. He commanded that Gordon Rosewater write Metropolis - not the history of Paradigm City, but the history of the world Roger the Producer comes from. In a sense, that would be a lie for Paradigm City but not for him.

"Everything is a lie" probably pertains to the world that Roger the Producer has set up in the "Paradigm Shift" of Paradigm City.

Also - in Act 14, Roger the Wanderer - when Roger is reading the newspaper. Before the wind blows it away, you can see the title of the back page is "PARADIGM SHIFT" in bold letters - written by Michel Seebach. So there is proof that the perception of reality has changed during the Events - if you want to know more, look up the word Paradigm Shift on

God watches himself as Jesus who is on stage. The "stage" is Paradigm City - and also the earth, as well as the conscious self - ego. Conversely, the "studio" is heaven, the superego and place of order, law, and morality.

Roger the Producer probably made a negotiation with Gordon Rosewater - Gordon was the Director (of Paradigm - a postion that angel took over) whereas Roger was the Producer. Because he made a negotiation, Roger the Negotiator was born - probably "made" by Gordon Rosewater - he was one of the tomato children.

The tomato children (including Alex, Schwartzwald, Roger, etc) are probably beings in a vegetative state - no personality, no memory, no ability to form thought - in short, they are vegetables - tomatoes. The numbers that are imprinted through their retina (or eye) probably contain data or a match of the personalities of the people they are made from. At the same time, the failed tomatoes are people who aren't precise copies. Roger, on the other hand, is the true Dominus and NOT a rotten tomato - meaning he was ressurected. This again points out Jesus or a like figure.

You also keep glossing over Act 18 - when Beck pins Roger to a Cross. That had to be deliberate.
Big Jauln 04-06-2006 10:31 PM
That's what i've been wondering ever since I saw that picture of them. Someone please answer this question,please,please(3 minutes later)PLEASE!(And prove Roger is not a clone.)
ScionofDestiny 04-07-2006 07:39 AM
I think that literally Roger the Negotiator is something along the lines of a clone - born in a Vegetative State (hence - tomato) and then implanted with memories, some of them real, some artificial, in addition to the same personality as the last Roger - personality is something that is imprinted on our brain.

At the same time, they seem to stress that Roger is the "true Dominus" - meaning that he is not merely a clone but also Roger ressurected or maybe something else altogether.