PS2 USB questions

NVWC2006 04-02-2006 12:52 PM
i've had a few questions about this and i'm wondering if i can get them answered.

i have a PS2 slim. i'm not sure of the specific model.. it has 2 usb ports, one ethernet port, and the optical sound thing, if that helps any.

1) i have a SanDisk sansa. previously, i hooked it up to the PS2 and the player turned on the same as when i hook it to a computer via USB. the PS2 did not detect it, however. the player then shut off it's USB/power mode and went to normal player... so all i know is that it's recieving power. is there a way i can make it work on the PS2? i'd like to use it to save games, or even better, play mp3s. (my friend's X-Box 360 could use it just fine, dunno about original xbox)

2) what are the possibilities concerning a mouse and/or keyboard?

3) i have a USB webcam from Creative. what are the chances that i could use it as an Eyetoy?

4) is there any other cool thing one can do w/those USB ports, or are they useless beyond this?
088nd 04-02-2006 03:11 PM
Any keyboard can be hooked up to use, it just depends on whether the game supports it. Same goes with the mouse, but I know of very few games that support mouse usage. I'm assuming that any webcam that requires the installation of software isn't going to work on the PS2, and I'd be surprised if you could use anything other than the eyetoy.

The thing about PS2 is that its USB ports aren't really compatible with most devices except for keyboards, mice, headsets, and the EyeToy. I don't think you'll get your mp3 player to work in it.
Volt 04-05-2006 07:31 PM
1) There isn't any way to use it on your PS2. The Xbox 360 has MP3 player support because it was coded in specifically, and as far as I know no other console right now can stream music off of MP3 players or any of that jazz.

2) You can use any USB keyboard, but only on certain games that have support for it. I don't play PS2 online so I'm not sure, but I'm guessing a lot of online games would support a keyboard for chat. I'm not sure about mouse support. But, I mean what would you wanna use a mouse for on a PS2 anyway? Tongue

3) I'm pretty sure that's a 0% chance. That's how they getcha.

4) Like 088 said, there's not much you can do with the USb ports beside hooking up a keyboard or headset. Keep in mind the PS2 came out over half a decade ago, so there really wasn't much they could do with them back then. The 360 supports a whole crapload of USB devices though, so I'm sure the PS3 will too.