The Random Thoughts Thread.

The Baker St. Irregular 07-11-2006 12:16 PM
What sound does a Pallas' cat make?!
Shadow dorothy 07-11-2006 12:23 PM
Meow I think.
Chitter-Box-Kat 07-11-2006 12:37 PM
Meow of course. IT'S A CAT. A kitty kitty purrr meow ban bones pussy cat.

I gotta stop staying up late. Sweatdrop
David Ryder 07-11-2006 01:14 PM
Cats are fuzzy and nice. I have two.
Chitter-Box-Kat 07-11-2006 01:58 PM
I got four kitty kitty purr meow ban bones pussy cats. And they're all girls.

Little brothers can get very pissy.
David Ryder 07-11-2006 02:07 PM
And they're all girls.

Female cats = the best. Every male cat I've had didn't like me. Tongue
Sir Nise 07-11-2006 02:21 PM
my brother sucks at Smsh Bros.
Chitter-Box-Kat 07-11-2006 04:24 PM
PSAT prep classes in the freaking sumer suck ass.
SEELE 08 07-11-2006 04:33 PM
PSAT? Which one is PSAT? I've taken the English SAT II and that thing sucked, granted I was in 10th grade when I took it....
Chitter-Box-Kat 07-11-2006 04:39 PM
It's like the prep test for the whole schmeal. My parents spent like $1000 so I could go to this class to prepare for it. I DON'T WANNA GO!! Crying But my parents already spent the cash by the time I found out, so I'm pretty much screwed for the next couple of weeks. Dead
SEELE 08 07-11-2006 05:19 PM
I don't know what's the purpose of those prep classes, I just studied the SAT books you can buy and did fine.
Chitter-Box-Kat 07-11-2006 05:59 PM
I royally suck at studying.

True story:

I watched Kill Bill Vol 1 for the first time on DVD. I watched it all by myself while my brother and parents went shopping. During the whole movie, I didn't laugh, cry or make any sign of emotion. When the end credits started playing, I turned off my DVD player and called my dad. And I told him somethingalong the lines of: "Dad, that was coooooooool!" XD
David Ryder 07-11-2006 08:29 PM
I have a weird nickname for chitter. I call her the Box, as to why, I don't know myself.
Chitter-Box-Kat 07-11-2006 08:43 PM
Originally posted by Gaddes
I have a weird nickname for chitter. I call her the Box, as to why, I don't know myself.

Along with CBK and others I haven't paid atention to, my nickname list grows! I feel so lurved! X3

The only thing better than eating the dessert that drives your tastebuds wild is eating the dessert that practically mind rapes them with goodness.
Shadow dorothy 07-11-2006 09:59 PM
>.0 suuggaaaaarrrrrr
Chitter-Box-Kat 07-11-2006 11:50 PM
Originally posted by Shadow dorothy
>.0 suuggaaaaarrrrrr

More or less. In my case, the wild is lemon Italian ices and the mind rapers are ANYTHING made from chocolate. Chocolate cake, pudding, ice cream (damn, I love the ice cream!) get the idea.

It's ten to 1 in the morning and I'm still up. Whatever. Tongue
Shadow dorothy 07-12-2006 10:50 AM
I can stay up for to days maxium.
Big Money 07-12-2006 11:08 AM
There are 30+ boxes of folders stacked in my tiny office Sweatdrop ...
Buck Buck #1 07-12-2006 12:11 PM
I have to work from 5:30 - 12:00 every night this week.
pen1300 07-12-2006 01:55 PM
Dude...we need to go grocery shopping. This is day five without ice cream.

How are we (mom and I) surviving is my question.