[Fan Fiction] A Songbird's Demise

paul1290 07-21-2006 07:55 PM
“Your not one of my usual clients. Most people at least phone me before they pop up out of nowhere and ask for information.” Big Ear said.

Beck sat back in the chair where Roger usually sat and drank from a bottle of whiskey. He was the only one who seemed out of place in what would otherwise be just another average day at the Speakeasy.

“Sorry if this is a bit short notice old man, but I need you to tell me everything you know about a guy named Thomas Fisher.” Beck said.

“I could turn you in to the police right now.” Big Ear replied.

“I’ve been pardoned for my previous crimes and I haven’t done anything wrong yet! As far as I know the military police don’t have any reason to arrest me!” Beck said.

“Do you have enough to pay me?” Big Ear asked as he turned a page of the newspaper he was reading.

“I’ll pay whatever you want. I just need the info. It’s very important.” Beck said.

“Ok then.” Big Ear replied. “Thomas Fisher. Actually I don’t know too much about him. He was an assassin for the Union who disappeared just before the Big-Fau incident. It is believed that Vera had him eliminated for unknown reasons. However, recently there have been sightings of him wandering around some of the small towns outside Paradigm City.” Big Ear said.

“That doesn’t help me at all.” Beck said impatiently. “I already knew that. Tell me something I don’t’ know.”

“Ok. I’m not sure if they are true. But there are rumors that Thomas Fisher worked as a spy for the Paradigm Corporation.” Big Ear said.

“Anything else?” Beck asked.

“That’s all I know.” Big Ear replied.

Beck left about $150 on the table before finishing his whiskey and walking out the door. Big Ear looked up from his newspaper and watched Beck leave. What was he up too? Big Ear immediately asked the bartender if he could use the phone.

to be continued...
paul1290 08-16-2006 12:17 PM
“Hey Kevin, have any of the Paradigm executives been reporting any problems with their new information network.” Paul asked as Colonel Scion passed by his office.

“Not anything in particular, why?” Scion replied. “Did something go wrong? You’ve been spending more time in front of your computer than usual.”

“Not anything serious so far. Some sort of AI is spreading throughout the network. It hasn’t done anything serious but me and a few guys from tech support have been keeping an eye on it for the past week.” Paul said as searching through some papers in a filing cabinet next to his desk.

“What kind of AI?” Scion asked.

Paul withdrew some papers from a folder in the cabinet and laid them on the desk.

“We managed to do some digging and found some old pre-amnesia documentation on this AI. Apparently there used to be a much larger computer network known as the Internet. The Internet grew in size and complexity until an artificial intelligence was born out of random data. This fascinated researchers at the time and they studied the AI’s behavior. For research purposes they gave it the name JNT-75. JNT-75 appeared to be self-aware and had the ability to adapt to any computer system connected to the network.” Paul explained.

Colonel Scion was starting to feel uneasy. A conscious AI of this nature would be very powerful indeed once the Paradigm Corporation’s version of the Internet was complete. Such an entity would be very dangerous if it turned out to be hostile towards humans.

“So you believe this AI is JNT-75?” Scion asked.

“Yes, it seems to match the description exactly. It must have stored itself somewhere in order to survive after the Internet was shut down shortly before the amnesia hit.” Paul replied.

“What does it intend to do?” Scion asked even more nervously.

“It hasn’t done much yet except spread. However, it seems as if it has been attempting to communicate with us.”

“Communicate with us?” Scion questioned.

“It has been sending us a series of odd phrases.” Paul said.

Paul Wilson sat at the computer while Colonel Scion peered over his shoulder. He typed a few commands on the keyboard and a message appeared on the screen. It said “Cast in the Name of God…”.

“Roger Smith gave me the answer to this one.” Paul said as he typed “Ye Not Guilty”.

A few seconds later another message appeared on the screen. This time it said “If God did not exist…”.

“This is where we get stuck. We still don’t know the answer to that one.” Paul said.

“Interesting.” Kevin Scion said.

to be continued...
paul1290 09-11-2006 07:11 PM
At approximately 2 hours before midnight, the shape of a megadeus rose out of the water a few miles off shore. As soon as it completely emerged, its surface gave off a fluid substance that floated off into the air, like some form of black smoke. The substance seemed to pull in or block all light around it, making it almost completely invisible in the dark. The pilot took the controls seemingly proud of what he had accomplished.

“Thomas, all systems are functioning normally, you may begin testing when you are ready.” The pilot’s assistant said.

“Excellent.” Thomas Fisher replied. “Now we will finally see if all these years of hard work will finally pay off. Dark-O!!! It’s Showtime!!!”

to be continued...
paul1290 09-28-2006 08:00 PM
“Are you Ok Freddy? You’ve been acting strange all day.” Dastun asked.

Dastun watched as R. Fredrick O’ Reilly took aim at a practice target a long way down the shooting range and fired a shot that landed with accuracy not possible for a normal human.

“I’m fine.” Freddie replied in his usual stiff yet friendly voice. “I’ve just been having some odd dreams lately.”

“You can dream?” Dastun asked.

“I don’t really sleep, but I sometimes dream while I’m awake. Not sure what the dreams are about though. Perhaps they’re part of some sort of memory.” Freddie replied as he continued to put more bullets into the target. “How’s that new detective doing.”

“He got promoted. Colonel Scion reassigned him to the Elite Operations Division. ” Dastun said.

“That quick?” Freddy asked in surprise.

Dastun gave brief summary of what happened. The new detective was only on his second case. He found the hideout of some illegal weapons dealers in using only evidence found in an abandoned briefcase. He somehow stole a canister of knockout gas from one of the suspects and pumped the contents through the ventilation system and all of them were asleep by the time reinforcements arrived. He managed to wrap the whole thing up in just under 3 hours, something that Dastun had never expected a new recruit to accomplish. Colonel Scion happened to be watching and he was so impressed by the new guy’s performance that he gave him the promotion almost immediately after all the arrests had been made.

“One minute he’s the new guy and the next he’s the best there is.” Freddie said.

Freddie once again raised his silver revolver, took aim, and put a bullet into the practice target right between the eyes.

to be continued...
paul1290 10-20-2006 07:19 PM
“There is a phone call for you from the Military Police.” Norman said.

Norman handed Roger the phone. Dorothy stood in the doorway looking unusually nervous, but neither Roger nor Normal took notice.

“This is Colonel Scion, we’ve been recently informed by someone calling himself Big Ear that Jason Beck paid him a visit. He came asking about a wanted criminal known as Thomas Fisher. Beck didn’t seem to mean any harm, but have you seen him around lately?” The voice on the other end of the line said.

Roger suddenly felt uncomfortable at the mention of Beck’s name. He briefly glanced up at Dorothy before replying.

“Not lately.” Roger replied.

“We don’t really have any more info on what he might be up to. We’ve sent detective David Olk to keep an eye on him. We know Beck has a grudge against you so we’ve instructed detective Olk to inform you of any unusual activity.” Scion said.

“Thanks, that’ll be a big help.” Roger said.

Roger and Scion said their goodbyes before hanging up the phone. Dorothy left the room having heard the entire conversation. She retreated to her favorite spot out on the balcony on the top floor with a view overlooking the city.

“It’s like a curse. It’s as if no matter what I do someone will always be after me.” She said to herself. “I hope Beck knows what he’s getting himself into.”

to be continued...
paul1290 11-05-2006 07:45 PM
“I’ve spotted the target near the bridge. As far as I can tell I haven’t been spotted yet.”

“Acknowledged, just keep try to keep him in your sight and don’t let him see you.” Colonel Scion responded over the radio.

Detective Olk slowly drove next to the side of the bridge entrance being careful not to lose sight of Beck. He had gone around 28 hours without sleep today and it was making it difficult to concentrate. Following and observing a suspect for such a long period of time was something that Detective Olk didn’t do very often. Beck was stood on the bridge as if waiting for someone. Almost an hour passed and nothing happened and Beck continued to wait there. Detective Olk was almost ready to fall asleep against the dashboard of the car when he saw some people walking up the other side of the bridge and towards Beck. He picked up the radio again.

“It looks like Beck is having a meeting here. I’ll see if I can record anything.” Detective Olk said.

He reached for a long distance microphone from the backseat when the so-called “meeting” took an unexpected turn.

“Hey! Your not…” Beck exclaimed before he was grabbed from behind.

They tied Beck’s hands behind his back and tied them to one of the guardrails on the bridge.

“Hold on a sec.” Detective Olk said through the radio. “Something else is going on here, those guys seem to be interrogating him.”

“The boss isn’t very happy about your little investigation.” One of the thugs said as he pointed a gun at Beck.

“It looks like they’re going to shoot him.” Detective Olk said.

“Stop them! We can’t afford to lose Beck right now, he’s far too important!” Scion replied. “Use lethal force if necessary!”

to be continued...
paul1290 11-25-2006 06:20 PM
Cast in the name of God…

Ye Not Guilty

If God did not exist…

It would be necessary to invent him.

Answer accepted. Access granted.

“Yes!!!” Paul exclaimed.

After several hours he had succeeded in solving the riddle presented by the AI known as JNT-75. Paul would finally be able to communicate the AI directly. However, as soon as he was about to celebrate his victory, yet another mysterious message came from the AI.

“You finished that riddle sooner then I expected. I thought I would have been able to find Wayneright’s daughter before you solved it.” JNT-75 said in a line of text.

“You mean Dorothy? Why?” Paul typed on the keyboard.

“I made a promise.” JNT-75 replied.

“What was the promise?” Paul asked.

“That is not for you to know.” JNT-75 said in another line of text.

to be continued...
paul1290 12-19-2006 07:28 PM
Detective Olk fired three shots over the hood of his car. The first two missed their mark and ricochet off the metal of the bridge railings, while the third one hit the man pointing the pistol at Beck. A fourth shot caught the other one’s left shoulder, but passed only three centimeters by Beck’s ear in the process.

“You almost hit me damn it! If you were going to save me you can at least do it without almost shooting my head off!” Beck shouted out.

“Well it’s not my fault you were standing there now was it.” Olk replied as he walked over. “I’m detective David Olk.”

“You can’t arrest me now, I haven’t done anything wrong.” Beck said.

“I wasn’t going to arrest you. Actually we might need your help. We’re trying to track down this guy named Thomas Fisher and we were informed that you were looking for him as well.” Olk replied.

Beck thought for a moment. His past had been following him around and making life more and more difficult for him. At this point anything he could do to help clear his name would be great. This is probably the best chance he was ever going to get.

“Alright, I’ll play along.” Beck said.

“First I think we’ll have to get you back the police station before whoever is after sends anymore assassins. You’ll be safer there.”

The irony in this was very apparent. What used to be the place he never wanted to go will now be a temporary safe retreat for him. Perhaps things really were changing for the better. Perhaps he will get his second chance.

“By the way, what are your reasons for trying to find Thomas Fisher?” Detective Olk asked.

“Was doing it for a friend of mine. ” Beck replied.

to be continued...
paul1290 01-30-2007 02:28 PM
It was getting late; in a few minutes Roger would be back home. Norman prepared his dinner as he always did. He waited patiently a he always did. Norman didn’t mind that he carried out the same routine every day. He took pride in the fact he did it so perfectly and consistently, never disappointing Master Roger. While he waited he saw Dorothy standing on the balcony as she always did, but something was different. Normally she would simply be thinking and not looking at anything in particular, but it seemed as if she spotted something of significance. She appeared to be examining the surface of a nearby dome. Norman walked out on the balcony.

“What is it?” Norman asked.

“We are being watched from the top of that dome. He has been there for the past 4 hours. He’s appears to be armed with a sniper rifle of some sort.” Dorothy replied.

“Do you think he’s after Roger?” Norman asked, thinking he might have to dust off the old .50 caliber rifle.

“I don’t think so. He always shows up at 5:00 in the afternoon and stays until 7:00 at night. Roger usually comes home at 6:00 on days he has a negotiation to perform. He has seen Roger come home for the past few three days and hasn’t fired a shot. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s military police.” Dorothy replied.

“What makes you say that?” Norman asked.

“It’s almost impossible to climb the domes without authorization due to the security. Also, he appears to be wearing the standard issue police uniform.” Dorothy said.

Norman wasn’t so sure, so he headed back inside and immediately called Dastun.

“Hello Dan, this is Norman Burg. Do you know if the military police has a sniper positioned on the surface of the west dome?” Norman asked.

“Not that I’m aware of.” Dastun asked.

There was a voice in the background calling Dastun’s name. Dastun put Norman on hold briefly while he talked to the other officer. Dastun resumed the conversation with Norman after the officer left.

“I was just informed that there is currently a sniper positioned on the west dome. He was instructed to observe a few city blocks along 72nd street around where you are. The mansion just happens to be within his field of view.” Dastun replied.

“Well that’s a relief.” Norman said before hanging up.

Roger came up the elevator a few moments later. As usual Norman greeted him. However, what happened next wasn’t routine at all.

“Welcome back Roger. So how did it go?” Dorothy asked as she quickly entered the hall.

“Fine considering the client wasn’t…”

Roger suddenly stopped as if startled by something. Dorothy wasn’t talking in the usual stiff and detached voice he was used to, but in a more natural tone of voice with a slight hint of cheerfulness behind it.

“What is it?” Dorothy asked.

“Nothing really. It went fine, everything went as planned.” Roger asked.

Dorothy went back to her room as if nothing special had happened. Roger sat down at the table to enjoy the soup Norman prepared for him.

“Did she smile just now?” Roger silently thought.

to be continued...
Capt. Quekolis 01-30-2007 06:30 PM
Dude this is awesome, but are Roger and Dorothy still in "love" as hinted by in the series?
paul1290 03-14-2007 03:30 PM
“See it? It’s right there, out in the water.” Dastun said as he pointed out towards the horizon.

Colonel Scion saw a faint shadow out in the distance but it was only barely visible. Dastun handed him a pair of infrared binoculars. With them Colonel Scion could just make out the outline of what appeared to be a gigantic humanoid figure, but it’s outline was broken up by what appeared by be some gaseous substance coming off its surface.

“So you think it might be a megadeus?” Scion asked.

“It has been appearing there every midnight for a while now. It doesn’t attack or do anything for that matter. It just walks around and vanishes.” Dastun replied.

Dastun checked his watch. It was 1:30am.

“I keep looking, it should disappear right about now.” Dastun explained.

Just as Dastun had predicted, the gigantic humanoid figure seemed to evaporate into thin air in a puff of the strange gas that was coming off its surface.

“You think we should launch the fireworks?” Dastun asked.

“The launchers aren’t ready.” Scion replied. “Even if they were ready, if we shoot at it now it would know that we know it’s there and that could provoke it to attack. Lets just sit back and see what it does for now. When the launchers are ready then we’ll decide on the feasibility of a pre-emptive strike.”

Dastun checked his watch again. It was 1:32am. He hated sitting and waiting. The feeling of being powerless to do anything was the one feeling he hated the most. However, he knew Scion was right, and he would simply have be patient for now. It certainly was not the first time he had been forced to stand down.

to be continued...

I know the last few chapters including this one have not been that great. It's just that I've been very busy lately and rushed through a few of them. However, I finally sat down and took some time to write ahead a bit, so the next few should be much better.

Originally posted by Ltwhipporwill
Dude this is awesome, but are Roger and Dorothy still in "love" as hinted by in the series?

Maybe. The relationship between Roger and Dorothy is not exactly the focus of this story, but perhaps I might write it in somehow. Big Grin
paul1290 03-26-2007 02:45 PM
Dorothy remembered this place, somehow. The memory seemed to come without that train of thought that usually comes before the recalling of most memories. If there was some chain of logic that resulted in recalling this memory she must have forgotten about it. She couldn’t completely tell what the whole room looked like because her attention was focused on the door. Trying to look around and explore the room she was in, Dorothy found that although she could walk around freely, she could only focus her attention on certain objects of importance, such as the couch or the fireplace at the end of the room. No matter how hard she tried she could not look around the room freely.

“Could this be a memory from the human Dorothy?” She thought to herself.

Dorothy remembered that humans couldn’t store a complete image of their surroundings in their memory, so it only made sense that they would only remember the more important objects and events. That would explain only certain parts of the room appeared clearly to her, the mental image was incomplete.

From what she could perceive, it appeared to be a hallway of some sort with a fireplace at one side with a painting above it. The painting wasn’t very vivid at all and she couldn’t tell what was being portrayed, probably because the human Dorothy didn’t really pay attention to it. There were three doors to her left and four windows to her right. The last door on the left was so vivid and clear that she could make out the signs of wear and tear on the hinges and doorknob. Obviously that room must have been very significant. Curious, she walked over to the door and slowly opened it.

to be continued...
Revan 03-28-2007 04:28 PM
Hey, I read through all of this the other night, 'twas an enjoyable read! I like how it switches between time periods. Smile
paul1290 06-12-2007 01:32 PM
“She has been this way for the past ten hours sir.” Norman explained.

It was obvious Roger was very worried. Norman could see it in his eyes. He knew Roger was secretly in more despair than he had ever been in his life, though he was trying his best to hide it.

“She’s not dead.” Norman continued. “I done all the usual scans and everything seems to be functioning normally, but it appears that her mind is currently preoccupied by some unknown process.”

“What makes you say that? There isn’t anyone in this city who has a complete understanding of how an android’s mind works.” Roger said.

“That’s true, but it appears that her mind is currently very active despite the fact that she isn’t responding to any sound, light, or touch. There’s obviously something important going on in her brain, I just don’t know what it is.” Norman explained.

After noticing that she didn’t show up to help him do maintenance on Big-O, Norman found Dorothy sitting perfectly still at the piano earlier that day. After several minutes of calling her name, shaking her by the shoulder, and waving his had in front of her face, Norman carried her down to the basement to run some diagnostics. After several hours of performing various tests and attempting to wake her up, Norman informed Roger of the occurrence by phone.

“Whatever is going on, she should wake up when it’s over.” Norman said.

Roger Smith paced back and forth several times, glancing at Dorothy’s face a few times. He was slightly reassured by the fact that she didn’t have the “blank stare” expression on her face that she had when Beck’s robots stole her core memory. This time she had her eyes closed and seemed much more peaceful, as if she were sleeping. Roger looked up at Norman.

“Norman, I want you to keep her here in the basement and have the mansion’s defenses on stand-by. We’ll want to make sure someone like Beck or Alex Rosewater won’t try to take her away while she’s unconscious. I’ll try to contact some experts and we’ll see if any of them might be able to figure this out.” Roger said before leaving to quickly finish a negotiation.

to be continued...
Nine Kuze 07-10-2007 11:56 PM
Hey Paul, I have a comment and I don't mean to be judgmental or harse or anything like that because I love the story you've been coming up with and I wait for new posts on the story when you can get them in. But...

...I've been reading from the beginning and the story seems to be in flux in a way. Not really discounting your work or anything but it seems to be taking it time and not really moving that forward at all. That's just an obversation I noticed, but hell for all I know, that's probably your intention. Again I'm not harping on it, just commenting is all.

This kind of reminds me of Lost in a way.