Questions about Big Duo

Big Jauln 04-01-2006 12:02 AM
When I think about Big Duo, I always ask myself these questions:

1.Where did Big Duo come from? I mean they never give a clue where it came from.

2.Where did Schwartzwald find Big Duo? How could Schwartzwald get a hold of Big Duo in the first place without anyone knowing. Wouldn't someone notice a giant robot being towed around by Schwatzwald?

3.Is Schwatzwald really Big Duo's dominus. Everyone would think Schwatzwald is Duo's dominus, but in Act 24, Roger says that Duo betrayed Schwartzwald. A megadus wouldn't betray a dominus.

4.Why didn't Schwartzwald reveal Big Duo earlier in the seies. Couldn't Schwartzwald just fight Roger earlier in the series and try to blast him.

Please answer these as soon as you can!
Jabberwiccy 04-01-2006 12:17 AM
Well, my memory of the series is a bit rusty, but I can try to answer the questions..or at least the first one.

In one episode (I can't remember which one) we see an entire fleet of Big Duo's soaring overhead, apparently for war. I think that at least got shot down, but landed in good enough condition to be re-used.

Or, now that I think about it, one might have been left at the runway where they launched...because, after all, isn't that where Schwartzwald first revealed it? Plus, in another episode, they show Schwartzwald running around (arms outstretched) in front of a Duo. I can't remember perfectly, but, wasn't it in a hangar, and lying down?

Like I said, my memories are rather faulty from not having seen the show in a while (college can suck the anime watchin' time away), but I hope that helps give you some ideas or answers...

EDIT: Sorry if I didn't even address the other two questions...I honestly have no clue about why he would be rejected, if he even was the Dominus.

Big Jauln 04-01-2006 12:44 AM
For starters, It showed those Duo's in Act 13 and 20, when they were showing the disaster of 40 years ago(sorry if I didn't list anymore), and I mean WHERE EXCACTLY did Duo come from? And, I just came up with a question about all Bigs: If there was an army of the same big, what happened to the rest of the army?
Randolph 04-01-2006 12:59 AM
If we are to believe the words of Gordon Rosewater, who seems to be fairly credible, there was no "war of 1,000 Bigs". That was an artificial memory intended to throw the people of Paradigm off the track, and lead them to believe in and act on a past that never happened.

Big Duo was not one of many, but a single Megadeus placed by The Director where it's proper Dominus would find it and use it to fulfill his role upon the Stage. In short, we are led to believe that The Director brought the world to be with Big Duo sitting in that hangar for 40 years, waiting for Schwarzwald to arrive and pilot it. Similar methods were likely employed to ensure Roger and Alex discovered their respective Sacred Chariots as well, to keep the Play moving along its proper track.
Big Jauln 04-01-2006 01:04 AM
As I am to say, wouldn't anyone notice Big Duo in the hangar for 40 years besides Schwartzwald? And, if Gordon was right, why did Roger always dream about it?
Randolph 04-01-2006 01:09 AM
Actually, no. Because the Director apparently planned it out such that only the one it was meant for could discover it. As such, anyone who looked into the hangar would have seen a pile of junk, nothing at all, or simply wouldn't have cared. It's one of the reasons I so despise the whole Director schtick in the first place; it didn't really deepen the plot, it mostly just served as a plot device to explain anything that needed explaining, rather like the old plothole excuse of sprite comics, "a Wizard did it."
A Clockwork Tomato 04-01-2006 01:06 PM
Schwarzwald seems pretty good at finding Megadeuses. He found three of them, after all -- The Archetype, Big Duio, and the Leviathan. That's pretty good work!

As to whether he's a "true Dominus," we don't really have any idea how high the bar is for this. Alex Rosewater's opinions on this are sort of tainted: he was nuts, and anyway he seems to have been confused -- he thought that he and Big Fau had the power to do what only Angel and Big Venus could do.

So Alex thought that being a "True Dominus" meant that you had the ability to recreate the world in your own image, and he thought there was something wrong with Roger Smith because he never tried to do this. So I think all the "True Doiminus" stuff is questionable.

While I suspect that Alex is usually wrong, Gordon is usually right. He said that Big O chose Roger, and this is probably true. What he DOESN'T say is whether Big O might have chosen someone else if Roger handn't come along.

If you pay attention to secondary evidence (the match between the colors a character chooses for himself and those of his Megadeus), then it's pretty clear that Roger and Big O wear the same colors, as do Angel and Big Venus and Alex and Big Fau. Angel and Alex seem to have worn their colors long before they became aware of their Megadeuses. (Big Venus is shown in negative, but when she's not in negative she's done up in pink and black, which are Angel's colors.)

We don't know what Roger wore before he found Big O, nor do we know what Schwartzwald wore. After Schwarzwald found Big Duo, he showed up at his costume party dressed in Big Duo's colors. He also dressed Big Duo up in bandages. I conclude from this that Megadeus pilots have a powerful urge to wear the same colors as their Megadeuses. Also, that some pilots have piloted their Megadeuses before, in a previous life, and unconsciously choose those colors.

So I don't know about Schwarzwald and Big Duo. I'm much more confident that Roger piloted Big O in a previous life, that Angel piloted Big Venus, and that Alex piloted Big Fau.
Hobodoken 04-01-2006 01:56 PM
Well, the Hanger was outside of Paradigm. Most people wouldn't even consider leaving the city, but Schwarzwald wasn't like most people. I don't really think that Duo "betrayed" Schwarzwald, Big Duo had lost the fight, and then, in desperation, attempted to act out Schwarzwald's will anyways. Blow ****er's heads off and such. It just, without a head, only one arm, and all that back damage, it didn't quite work out. As for why we saw Duo when we did... since Schwarzwald only came to be known as Schwarzwald not too long before we see him, he probably didn't have time to find Duo. I mean, there's also the matter of needing to put all those bandages on, and learning to pilot it. From act... 9ish maybe, Schwarzy might have found Duo, learned to pilot it, and then began his plan to teach Paradigm the Truth.