Travis Bickle 03-31-2006 01:17 AM
I've seen ads all over the place (Internet, AIM, TV, etc.) for this movie and had no interest whatsoever to see it. I hated the old David Croneneberg movies, and this seemed exactly like them.

However, friends of mine and I recieved free tickets to see it last night, and it was actually an honest-to-Ford good film. It was a homage to all the b-movies and horror movies (easily seen as influenced by the Troma films of the 90s, as some of the old crew from those movies worked on this), and was somewhat funny.

It's also 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is kind of odd. But hell, it's worth seeing over pretty much anything else out right now (except for Inside Man, V for Vendetta and The Hills Have Eyes).
088nd 03-31-2006 02:10 PM
SOAP will be better. Just gotta wait, man.
Sharpshooter005 03-31-2006 04:37 PM
Originally posted by 088nd
SOAP will be better. Just gotta wait, man.

Well yeah but....that can go for nearly ANYTHING.

Admittedly I don't know if I'll see this.

On the one hand.

-We're all familiar with my views on zombies, and how the undead add "zest" to a movie.

-Cronenberg? Not a big fan to be honest. I'm sure I've made some horribly disparaging remark about the guys films at one point (then again...I do that alot, so yeah) And it really does look similar, albeit taken to a comedic extreme.

I'm...also completely unfamiliar with Troma, so the analogy is lost on me.

And usually if I'm even moderately unsure, I just wait for the dvd. It's alot easier, and theres a number of reasons the theaters don't have me busting down their doors. So far all I can really rationalize seeing is SOAP, and Silent Hill.

Though "thank you for smoking" looks like it could be worth it.

ads for it on AIM have been tormenting me down to my soul.

Yeah the saturation point for those was hit a LONG time ago.

SOAP won't need to do this, they've already got buzz on every single corner of the internet. Al Quaeda webpages probably have 50 page threads, in arabic, talking about "That infidel fighting the cobras on the plane...we need to see this guys."
Mike 03-31-2006 04:53 PM
I don't want to see it just because for the past week, ads for it on AIM have been tormenting me down to my soul.
Jabberwiccy 03-31-2006 05:40 PM
I'm thinking it'll be's looks like it's in the same vein as Evolution....which means I'll probably be one of the very few people who seem to like it... :ninja:

But hey, it's got Nathan Fillian, so I'm gonna see it anyway Big Grin
David Ryder 03-31-2006 05:53 PM
It looks ok I guess. It does look pretty funny. And Troma owns all.
Hienrich Ele 04-02-2006 05:22 PM
I saw it yesterday. I came for the zombies, but I stayed for... Well the entire movie.

I liked it, and thought it was really funny. One line in paticular:

spoiler (highlight to read):
Harder than finding a needle in a f*** stack

Is my new favorite. Period.

Overall, glad I went to see it.
NVWC2006 04-22-2006 12:44 PM
I haven't seen it, and don't plan to, but I saw some previews off their web site.

spoiler (highlight to read):
One clip had a guy get sliced down the middle, he stood there confused for a few seconds, then fell apart. That was a pretty sweet scene.

Another had a girl in a bath, and then this little monster thing attacks her and gets in her mouth, and suddenly it's like a cross between something TRYING to be slightly sexy and a scene out of the X-Files when scully gets an alien slug put in her back.... a little bit weird.

it doesn't really peak my interest enough to go and see it, but in a few years, when it's out on tv, if they air it, i might put off watching another show to watch it instead.