Actor Bob (Beck) Papenbrook, R.I.P

Big D'oh 03-30-2006 01:32 PM
Was shocked to see this at the AICN Anime column:

Am really bummed by the news. Didn't know the man, but thought he was one of the best voice actors out there. Not only did he voice Beck, but many other anime characters including Hubb in Wolf's Rain. He was also the voices of Shogo and Lupin in Streamline's versions of Megazone 23 and Castle of Cagliostro. What a versatile actor. He'll definitely be missed!
Randolph 03-30-2006 01:38 PM
Old news, I'm afraid. His passing already has a discussion in the Speakeasy... which is where this would belong were it not already being discussed.
Tickle Tickle 03-30-2006 01:49 PM
You're confusing him with Robert Wicks. Bob Papenbrook did do the voice for Rosco Fitzgerald though.

Sad about his death, he was a good voice actor.
David Ryder 03-30-2006 02:38 PM
Robert Wicks did Beck. Bob Papenbrook did like many have said Rosco Fitzgerald.