Eureka SeveN

Paradigm Dog 03-27-2006 11:47 AM

Adult Swim Acquires Eureka 7 (2006-03-27 10:17:44)
Adult Swim has listed an April 14 online premiere for Eureka 7. The midnight Saturday/Sunday morning slot on April 15/16 is also listed as "TBD" on Adult Swim's TV schedule.

This is a very popular series in Japan done by Studio BONES (and Chiaki J. Konaka of THE BIG-O helped work on it). I've seen a trailer: While the animation looks nice, I'm not sure it's going to be too exciting...Still, I'll check it out.
Sharpshooter005 03-27-2006 12:30 PM
I glanced at wikipedia...this looks like another "little kids in big robots" thing.

I'm not getting my hopes terribly high, is all I'm saying.
David Ryder 03-27-2006 12:47 PM
Meh Eureka seven is a decent show, however I do want to see it dubbed, but watching threw it once was bad enough. Although Yuri Lowenthol is doing the main charecter, so it might be worth a watch.

"little kids in big robots"

Pretty much, pretty typical fare.
Ano Hito 03-27-2006 04:31 PM
If it's got big robots and it isn't big O, then I'm not sold.
paul1290 03-27-2006 08:10 PM
This is why I think the minimum age for piloting giant robots should be raised from 8 to 20.

But who knows, it might turn out to be pretty good.
Xero-Hour 03-27-2006 09:13 PM
You should definatly be able too drive a car before a giant robot ....
Schoolie 03-27-2006 11:18 PM
Is this the one with the air-surfboarding mecha? Even for anime, it's a little absurd. Still, I'll check it out.
Sharpshooter005 03-28-2006 08:53 AM
air-surfboarding mecha

I'm...pretty confident the concept of giant robots has now been taken as far as it can possibly go.
Randolph 03-28-2006 09:00 AM
I have yet to see a 50-foot death machine break-dance. And until I have, my life will not be complete.

I've heard some okay things about it... I might give it a look if it becomes convenient (i.e., the remote breaks and gets stuck on CN).
Paradigm Dog 03-28-2006 09:41 AM
In defense of the "mecha genre":

While mecha are certainly not needed for a great story, I do believe they are one of the defining elements of anime and can be used to express a superior story. They're not cheap gimmicks, as I will explain in the following:

Mecha, when used correctly, accentuate and reflect the nature of the hero; they allow people to see the raw spirit of the character. They are sort of like the knight's armor in medieval times: They give one the medium to fight and express their ideals/character--or get abused by their own character or the ideals they're serving. The mecha's size makes them further reflect the titanic nature of a given struggle in a Greek fashion, and given the world of technology we live in today, they make a pertinent statement of humankind's connection with machines and the interface with machines undertaken to change the world for better or for worse.

As such, in that respect, the mecha genre never really has a defined "limit". Right now, they aren't being used properly. I have not seen Eureka 7 other than a trailer and plot summery, but from what I have experience of it, it seems to go too over the top and goofy in using the mecha as a promotional tool (it can surf!). If mecha are to reach their full potential, the serious mood has to be well set. One has to be able to suspend their disbelief. Maybe it'll still turn out ok--who knows.

But, to finish my point: If you think THE BIG-O is the only "good" mecha show, check out RAHXEPHON, for starters. BIG-O fans really need to see that anime. There you will find a very deep, mature, emotional, and dramatic mecha show that not only reaches BIG-O's level, but, in my current opinion, as a whole, I feel it may have surpassed it. It's, in essence, what BIG-O could have been. (Ironically, Chiaki J. Konaka wrote scripts for about a quarter of the series in-between BIG-O Seasons 1 and 2).

On the other hand, I would NOT recommend the ever-popular Evangelion, as it plot is too poorly executed and it fails to maintain a tone that makes the viewer really believe in the world. The way its characters, mecha, and plot were executed, it's not a good example of a mecha show.

If you don't mind a serious mix of politics, military, and mecha, certain Gundam series (not all are equal by far) like Gundam 0080, Gundam 08th MS Team, and Gundam Wing show you just what a variety of emotions and unique excitement mecha can bring to a story and the characters in those stories.

With that, I rest my case. Just because the mecha genre has had its great share of bad eggs, I don't think it should be ignored or universally bashed. It's made significant contributions to anime as a whole and storytelling as a whole. Just as BIG-O and RAHXEPHON have pushed the mecha genre’s boundaries, I’m sure future productions will eventually emerge that will do so also.
Schoolie 03-28-2006 06:01 PM
I agree with the judgment that there are some excellent mecha shows out there:

Big O
Gundam 08th MS Team

These are the top three that come to my mind. They're all more of an "adult" mecha in that it's not teen angst, space opera and fan service.

I'll give Eureka SeveN a shot - the creators seem to be top notch.
Mugiwara Luffy 03-28-2006 07:05 PM
Originally posted by Schoolie
I agree with the judgment that there are some excellent mecha shows out there:

Big O
Gundam 08th MS Team

I guess I need to see RahXephon. I agree on the other two. 08th MS Team is the only Gundam I've enjoyed. Well, and G Gundam, but of course that's not a serious mecha anime.
Schoolie 03-28-2006 07:43 PM
I'll admit, RahXephon has a few of its "huh?" moments with respect to backstory and the antagonists. But it mostly clears up.

There's a big "human element" focus in RahXephon. The main character is a teenager, but nowhere nearly as annoying as most teen pilots. People often compare it with Evangelion, but RahXephon is a much better and refined (and self-controlled) anime.

I'd argue RahXephon does the best job of featuring every character and giving them time to shine at various moments in the series. The animation and music are beautiful, too - always an added plus.
Paradigm Dog 03-28-2006 09:54 PM
Originally posted by Mugiwara Luffy
Originally posted by Schoolie
I agree with the judgment that there are some excellent mecha shows out there:

Big O
Gundam 08th MS Team

I guess I need to see RahXephon. I agree on the other two. 08th MS Team is the only Gundam I've enjoyed. Well, and G Gundam, but of course that's not a serious mecha anime.

'G-Gundam' certainly is interesting to note in that it doesn't totally fit the mold, and yet I would agree that it is a fantastic mecha series. It has its faults in that it has some moments that lean into silly or where the plot wanders. However, the overall story and the emotions expressed are very powerful and mature. It should probably only be watched after a more 'normal' Gundam series, though. I noted the ones I did because:

Gundam 0080: The most emotionally powerful series in Gundam. A short tale that's very lifelike. Some of the best animation in Gundam and the human characters are captivating. The only thing the viewer has to get over is the fact that the story is mostly told from the perspective of a child, but that is skillfully executed and is actually one of its strengths. It has a balanced story between normal life, and commando life.

Gundam 08th Team: A nice, stylized view of the ground from the perspective of grunts. Exciting mix of action and drama.

Gundam Wing: I feel it's the most complete Gundam series. You get a worldview and a lot of political/philosophical/theoretical frameworks alongside over-the-top action. The main central characters are essentially teens raised as guerilla soldiers, which shows just what the stresses of political instability and war can do to societies. A lot of people can't accept that previous notion, and thus this series is usually a love or hate series. It's not an impossible premise, however, as it's happened in life, and as for the oft-complained about, 'indestructable Gundams,' chalk it up to superior technology. Certain nations in WWII were able to do tremendous damage to superior-sized armies by having superior weaponry. This portrays that grim truth. And, as Gundam Wing shows, even allegedly 'indestructable' is not indestructable. Regardless, I find it the best intro to Gundam, and probably the strongest Gundam series overall.

Personally, I think the current 'Gundam SEED' is pretty horrible--a mish-mash of scattered ideas, plot points, and haphazard character development--and am hoping that someday 'After War: Gundam X' (made around the same time as G-Gundam, Gundam Wing and 08th Team) will be given a North American dub release. Chances of that look slim right now, however.

Schoolie: I'll admit, RahXephon has a few of its "huh?" moments with respect to backstory and the antagonists. But it mostly clears up.

Yeah, the first time I watched RahXephon, I must admit that everything didn't sink in until the end. However, when you rewatch it, even a little bit, you realize how finely-crafted the plot really is. Each character has a lot of depth to them, as was noted.
David Ryder 03-29-2006 02:05 AM
The mecha genre is good but, it seems that the big boy of the genre, Gundam, has been getting worse as the years go by. SEED is lacking in many areas, and reminds me to much of Gundam Wing (not a good thing), from the shallow charecters, and one sided battles. 0080, 0083, 08th MS, the original, and Gundam X (the best) are what gundam should be. Zeta was pretty decent too. Also the mecha genre in general seems to be worn out.

I did a mecha marathon a few days ago with Big O, some gundam, RahXephon (my god that show is overrated), and Z.O.E's and I hate to say it but the mecha genre is need of some help.
Randolph 03-29-2006 08:55 AM
Gaddes speaks the truth.

Mecha anime may be a big part of history, and they may all be totally awesome and whatever, even if they are really good, we can't be fed the same thing all of the time and expect to be entertained after a while. It just gets old and repetitive.

If you take all of the mecha anime you think are the best representation of the genre and watch each one, one after another, by about the fourth one you'll just be sick and tired of it and want to watch something different, no matter how good it is.
Schoolie 03-31-2006 07:10 PM
I agree the mecha genre is in need of some innovation infusion. (Maybe surfboarding mechas is just what we need! Wink )

Of course, Evangelion was the first dose of "destructing" the genre. But even that's been copied and improved upon.

And Big O is another example of putting a twist on the mecha genre - "retro" some call it. To me, what makes it more entertaining (and my #1 favorite anime) is the film noir style and the use of adult characters - no whiny teenagers.

I forgot about Gundam 0080 - War in the Pocket (?). I agree that the boy protragonist is somewhat annoying, but he is a boy and we're seeing the show through his experiences. It's interesting how some of the "spin-off" mini-series of the Gundam franchise are the best of the whole title.
Nine Kuze 04-04-2006 03:26 PM
I saw the commercial that Adult Swim is plugging for this last night and it looks pretty good. I have no idea what the hell it is about but the animation and the cinematography look fresh in a 'fun' kind of way. The animation looked like s-cry-ed (but I hope to whoever is in charge of Heaven this week that the plot and the screenplay is nowhere near s-cry-ed).

I can't really think of that many mecha anime series I've seen. Big O is one of my all-time favorites and Evangelion was a straight-up good as hell series (around the end is where things fall apart but still). I hate to admit this but the only Gundam series I've seen is Wing and I really like it. I liked the storyline plot and the musical score was one of the best I've heard. And who can forget Voltron? Now that's classic.
Paradigm Dog 04-08-2006 07:45 PM
Yes, I must say, the animation may carry it. It's done by Studio BONES, and they're basically the best animation studio right now for consistant quality as far as I'm concerned (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Escaflowne: The Movie, Wolf's Rain, RahXephon, FullMetal Alchemist, etc). They rely mostly on Cel-style animation still, which is what sets them apart.
Schoolie 04-15-2006 02:28 PM
Eureka SeveN starts tonight. Despite the odd set-up, I'm looking forward to it. Studio Bones seldom disappoints.