Heavy Metal!

NightRanger 03-26-2006 09:07 AM
Don't let the title of the film fool you. It's NOT about Heavy Metal Music. It's an animated film based on stories from a Sci-Fi magazine of the same name. It features the voices of alot of well-known actors (eg John Candy, Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis, others) and some not-so-well-known (eg Susan "Sailor Jupiter" Roman, Joe Flaherty, others), but it's truly a piece of work! Especially for 1981! Some of the stories are kind of silly though, like that one about that nerdy guy who gets sent to another planet and is transformed into this big, mausceline bald guy (but it's actually one of the film's best sequences). I also like the one about the crew of the World War II fighter plane getting killed, and returning as like zombies or something, and that one about the two coke-headed aliens! The opening sequence alone with that car descending towards earth is amazing! The soundtrack is also a big highlight here. It features songs by Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick, Devo, Donald Fagen, Don Felder, Grand Funk Railroad, Sammy Hagar, Journey, Nazareth, Stevie Nicks, Riggs, and Trust. There's a load of great tunes here! I really like this movie alot! I only have it on PSP at the moment though. Definately check it out if you get the oppurtunity, but be sure to AVOID the crap-tastic Heavy Metal 2000.
Sharpshooter005 03-26-2006 09:12 AM
Saw it on t.v. ages ago. In many ways it seemed like a hentai movie but with fewer tentacles.

If it hadn't come out (and flopped initially which it did) in the age of video rentals, and more importantly, when cable stations running movies began gathering steam, I'm pretty sure nobody would remember it save an even smaller group.

There's a load of great tunes here!

....Grand Funk Railroad...as in "I'm your captain" Grand Funk Railroad....

My opinions pretty much unchanged, yeah.
Travis Bickle 03-26-2006 09:14 AM
I hated it. That's just me, though. I never bothered to read Heavy Metal magazine or anything to further understand it, nor did I see Heavy Metal 2000.
Mike 03-26-2006 09:22 AM
I saw part of the original one. I think you have to be full of cocaine and in the early 80s mindset to really get it. Really weird.
Inigo Montoya 03-26-2006 02:18 PM
The movie Heavy Metal was amazing. First chance I got, I bought it on DVD (sadly, I also bought 2000, thinking it'd be almost as good). The different art styles for all of the scenes were awesome, and it's sad to think we no longer have animation like that in this day and age. Much as I like anime and manga, the sheer and utter realism of Heavy Metal was one of the things that convinced me I wanted to be an animator (I first saw it when I was 8). Certainly, the plot behind a couple of the scenes were cheesy and played out, but that was the WHOLE POINT of those scenes. They were deliberately cliché. But look at the scenes on their own...

The cabby scene had remarkable realism, and the fact that they used hatching and cross-hatching (SHADED THEM BY HAND!) continues to draw one in.

Plus, all of the scenes linked together, the key thing here being the Loc-Nar, the source of all evil in the universe. And the truth that it cannopt be destroyed, only weakened at times. And in the end, the awakening of the last universal guardian left the viewer with hope, that though evil would always exist, likewise there would always be someone ready to fight it.

The soundtrack was incredible. Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, AC/DC!? You can't beat bands like that. And before anyone makes any "I need more cowbell!" jokes, keep in mind that Don't Fear the Reaper was not BOC's only song, and that all their work kicked mighty amounts of arse.

SO, yeah... all aspiring artists and animators, whether you want to work in an American studio, or make manga and anime, should watch this movie. But to emphasize what others have said, avoid Heavy Metal 2000 if you can. It was all right, but nowhere near as good as the original.
Jabberwiccy 03-26-2006 02:24 PM
But, Heavy Metal 2000 had Julie Strain! If you like any of her other stuff, check it out. But other than that, it's okay.

Now, as for Heavy Metal, I'm gonna have to agree with just about everybody else. Awesome. Well done. Bizzare? Yup. Worth it? Also yup. If you're really interested, you can buy the 2 DVD set...the original DVD has some cool deleted scenes and stuff.

I must say though, my favorite part was the one with the bombers...I love 'Taking a Ride.'
Inigo Montoya 03-26-2006 02:27 PM
Agreed. The bomber scene with the zombies is what you are referring to, I presume? Yes. AWESOME scene. Easily could be one of the best scenes in the movie. Not much dialogue, it's just about a WWII bomber pilot dealing with the zombies of his buddies on his plane.
David Ryder 03-26-2006 02:50 PM
Saw both, hated both. Meh.
Inigo Montoya 03-26-2006 03:36 PM
Any particular reason you hated the first? I've always been curious as to what makes a person hate a movie so much. I've explained why I love it, how come more people don't explain why they hated it, unless they're starting a thread about hating it?
David Ryder 03-26-2006 04:46 PM
my reason? I didn't like is the reason. I didn't find it to be all that interesting.
Zopwx2 03-26-2006 07:38 PM
My dad used to have giant stacks of Heavy Metal magazine laying around, and he loved the movie.

But that was like what, ten years ago....
NightRanger 03-26-2006 09:02 PM
Venome Lord, you are officially one of my friends.
Sharpshooter005 03-27-2006 03:31 AM
I've explained why I love it, how come more people don't explain why they hated it, unless they're starting a thread about hating it?

I'm in no way a student of animation, I have no intrinsic artistic ability in any sort of visual medium (That thread where I made the "comic" in MS Paint and it was two motionless stick figures bickering is really a good example), and I have no aspirations to suddenly develop any.

So basically most of those points are totally lost on me.

Which left me with judging the plot, which again...wasn't terribly special, or I didn't see how it was.

Usually yeah, I try to be better about why I dislike something but this...really had very little of an effect on me either way, it just marginally falls more into the "dislike" category.
Nine Kuze 03-27-2006 02:04 PM
Originally posted by Sharpshooter005
Saw it on t.v. ages ago. In many ways it seemed like a hentai movie but with fewer tentacles.

This is probably the best and fastest way to describe Heavy Metal. Also add "pure-evil-glowing-green-talking-orb-that-kills".

Heavy Metal was an alright movie, I didn't know what the hell I was watching at first but its alright in my book. Heavy Metal 2000 sucked and that was basically NOTHING but fanservice (what the hell was the plot, if any, to that movie anyway?). I liked the music in Heavy Metal and some of the stories were interesting if nothing else.

There was so much nudity that it seemed almost embarrassing to watch after a while. Really, its like they try to shove the animated hentai aspect of it down the throat... and clearly won't stop until you're past the point of even caring that you're gagging to realize. That's what I got from the movie at least.