Nine Kuze 03-11-2006 06:42 PM
Has anybody else heard of this series? It called Texhnolyze (pronounced Tech-knol-aiz) and it kind of has a Ghost in the Shell feel to it and its rather interesting after watching a couple of episodes.

The plot basically follows this guy named Ichise, whose known as a stray dog, who joins up with this one gang in an underground city called Lukuss. There are three different gangs in this city, the Organo (the gang that Ichise is with), the Union, and the Recan, and all three of them are pretty much gunning for each other as the city of Lukuss follows the words of a girl known as the "Seer" who can see the future.

The series touches on things like fatalism, death, and free will and on how humans are obsessed with the development of technology. You can check out more about the series here.

(Also, for those fellow FMA fans like myself, the main character Ichise has prosetic arms and legs like Edward Elric does and he looks too much like Roy Mustang. Just wanted to add that in there.)

Anyway, has anybody seen this before and what do you think about it if you have?
David Ryder 03-11-2006 07:14 PM
My bro has Technolyze, and I sat down and watched it....meh. It was decent but the god awful techno music was almost unbarable.
Asirt 03-11-2006 08:57 PM
I've seen about four episodes of Technolyze on the Encore Action Channel, and I liked what I saw. Some of the people who were involved in Serial Experiments Lain (such as Yoshitoshi ABe) also created this series, which was why I wanted to see the series. Sadly, I was never able to finish the series as Encore moved on to a different anime show. It did seem very interesting, though.
Alexzyuy 03-16-2006 08:01 PM
I've seen the whole series. Big Grin It's really kind've dark, and if you're looking for something funny Texhnolyze isn't it. I liked it though, even the ending...which is suprising.

Ran is my favorite character, followed right by Ichise and Onishi-san. I even liked Hal....despite his blond afro.