I take Siggie Requests!

dorothyrocks 09-30-2003 08:00 PM
Aww, thanks!

You are now one of my *favorite* people. You keep giving me reasons to like you.

I could make you a Buffy sig, its not like I don't have enough Buffy pics on my computer...wait, no, I just have mostly Cordelia......But, hey, just let me know!

BTW, Donatello, I'm finished.
Donatello007 09-30-2003 08:29 PM
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked That is awesome!!!! I cant decide between that and my current sig!!! They are both too cool, so i think ill use yours here and the other at the technodrome... and at wintertime
Serena Jin 09-30-2003 11:18 PM
Hey! I found one! You can cut out whatever you want, as long as you get the face. Uhm..the background/special effects, something green/earth tones and/or goes with it. Don't really care about what font as long as it is pretty. I want it to say Serena Jin. Thanks so much! Err..thanks. Red Face Just telling the truth. ^_^ If you want me to redo the pic, let me know, because I had to resize it. Here is a link to the original, just in case you need to know. Picture Thanks again!
dorothyrocks 09-30-2003 11:28 PM
Ok, will work on it. It might not be done until Thursday, though. I'm going over to Io's tomorrow, and won't get home until 10:10, or around there.
Serena Jin 10-01-2003 04:11 PM
Thank you! Doesn't matter to me when you get it done. I'm going to have to try and make a banner. Yep. It is going to be so cool!
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 12:08 PM
I'm home sick today, so I went ahead and worked on your sig. It's done!!
Shady Dark Lady 10-02-2003 01:38 PM
I'd like one of Dorothy standing on the balcony/column? with her hair and dress blowing in the wind. I'll have to think of what the text will say still..
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 02:13 PM
Okay, well as soon as you figure out what you want it to say, let me know.

BTW, I made another sig for myself....yes, another one.....but, I'm not gonna use it RIGHT away.......
Serena Jin 10-02-2003 04:06 PM
Thanks dorothyrocks! Wow, it looks great! Uhm..I'm having a little trouble reading the text. But, maybe again, it could be my computer. But, thank you! Hope you get better soon!
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 04:10 PM
If you want me to change the text, I keep all the original files, so its no sweat.

BTW, another reason you're cool, is on your profile, you say 'Viva la redheads!'. I'm a redhead.....Rock on!!
Serena Jin 10-02-2003 04:23 PM
Yes, that would be wonderful, please.

I'm just getting into your good graces. I'm a redhead too. So, that is why I put it. (Easily guessed though. So why am I putting it? Ehh..)
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 06:30 PM
Mmmm...I'm changing the sig right now...but, I need to know: Was it the font or the color, that you had trouble reading?
Donatello007 10-02-2003 06:37 PM
I think it was because i'm having a little trouble with that too.

Edit: Reading it i mean
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 06:48 PM
Ok, I changed both of yours. I'm just gonna have to double post.

I tried to make the fonts a little more readable.

If there's problems, any details that I messed up, TELL ME!!! Please!
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 06:50 PM
Ok, Donatello, here's yours.
Donatello007 10-02-2003 07:09 PM
Not quite as cool looking but a lot more readable. BTW, where do you get your fonts or are they standard photoshop fonts?
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 07:15 PM
The best font website in the world....! At least in my opinion.....


I love that site! It's much better than Fontalicious, because they have the same ones and hundreds more.....easily categorized, too......
Donatello007 10-02-2003 07:24 PM
OK thanks!
Serena Jin 10-02-2003 08:40 PM
I see it! I see it! It is soo cool! Thank you soo much! It looks incredible! Yea, it was the font color, because you could barely see the words. Thank you so much! I would have posted sooner, but I have been trying to make an animated avatar. (Which isn't going that well. ^_^Wink
dorothyrocks 10-02-2003 11:01 PM
Ok, I couldn't take it anymore. I switched my sig and av, again......Just can't make up my mind.....