The Bleach anime is licenced

Green_Bird 03-08-2006 07:19 PM
Nothing about this has come out on ANN yet, but AnimeOnDVD is reporting it....

Viz Media Acquires Bleach Anime (06:36 PM EST): According to this report from C21 Media back on February 6th, Viz Media has acquired the Bleach anime in order to push more into the teen anime market. This comes at a time when a recent Cartoon Network interview has the commentator talking about how Bleach is very much an Adult Swim oriented show and would fit well in their line-up. Time that with Inu Yasha getting closer to finishing and it looks as if Viz Media is lining things up for their next big TV push in addition to Naruto.

From: AnimeOnDVD

What I'm worried about is since Viz is releaseing Naruto under dubed.DVDs, I hope they don't do that with Bleach. But seeing as how Adult Swim is mentioned. I guess they won't be doing that and will just release the DVDs normaly. I can't wait for the DVDs to come out to see who they pick to do the voices....
David Ryder 03-08-2006 07:59 PM
wow, suprised it took them this long to get it licensed over here, however this looks like it will be taking over InuYasha's spot as Viz's big cash cow.
Travis Bickle 03-08-2006 08:02 PM
Hell freaking yes. I'm a closet Bleach fan.

I can't wait.
Generalissimo D 03-08-2006 08:06 PM
I saw the first episode.

It was great. Like FLCL without the lame.

Hope they don't mess this up.
Buck Buck #1 03-08-2006 09:18 PM
Bitchin. Bleach is awesome, I just hope that they have good VAs.
Madrona 03-08-2006 09:56 PM
It's about time. 70 odd freaking episodes later....
God I hope they choose decent VA's.
And I hope they don't mess up the open and closing credits ( like Funi did with FMA)

If they don't do it justice, I will personally vandalize the San Francisco office.
Ano Hito 03-08-2006 10:10 PM
I really dislike the Viz stable of VAs. Le sigh.
kaura117 03-08-2006 10:29 PM
...yep. Think I'll stick with my pirated copies and fan scanlations of the manga, thank you very much.
Green_Bird 03-15-2006 06:58 PM
To anyone who though it was fake, you were wrong:

Viz Media has informed us that they have "secured from worldwide licensors, TV Tokyo Corporation and Shueisha Inc., the television, home video and merchandising rights to Shonen Jump's Bleach in the Americas, Europe and Oceania."

Viz is the Bleach master licensor and expects to announce television broadcast and other licensing partners "shortly." John Easum, executive vice president of Viz Media, stated, "Working together with Viz Media B.V. in Europe, we look forward to making Bleach a global success.”

No specifics about the home video release are available yet.

From: ANN

Also here's a press release on it as well.....