I need Big O Art, Y'ALL!

Mattartist 02-26-2006 07:26 AM
Hey ho, its yer pal Mattartist from LONG WAYS AGO. No seriously, I posted last back in, oh, December 2005! But enough with the spiel:
I need to ask all the great folks of Paradigm City Forums a wittle favor --
well, maybe SEVERAL wittle favors...

-Remember those sillohetes from the Adult Swim "popups" when they were still showing only the first season? I know they have them here on the site, but do you guys know where the ACTUAL PICTURES of those sillohetes are? I mean the full body picture of Roger, Dorothy, BIg O, the works.

OR, if that you cannot do:

-Could anybody please scan me some art from the Big O Manuel? That's the concept design book I keep hearing so much.

I thank all of you in advance, and I hope to find a way to bring my fancomic out on the web soon, and of course, its the one I told you all about some five months ago:

BIG O: SHOWTIME! is a comic that (hopefully) continues the Big O story to the letter, and amazingly reveals the remaining secrets within the show!

Cool, eh? So I would need all this art to help make the characters and setting and -- well, everything else look alot like the actual show! Thanks again! Big Grin