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Donatello007 09-23-2003 09:33 PM
Well i don't know if any of you play magic the gathering but since people have been so nice to me i figures i would return the favor and make custom magic the gathering cards for those of you who woulg like them. I will make them however you want as long as you give me a pic and all the important stuff needed for a card (color, p/t, main text,flavor text, creature type, etc.)
Here is one of the cards that i have made:
mAc Chaos 09-23-2003 09:35 PM
Oddly enough, I was just arranging my many cards. I got into the game during the summer - went I get into something I go 150%, so as of now my collection is larger than all of my other friends' combined. XD

In any case, I always wondered what a 'Big O' magic card would be like.

Maybe a 7/7, with some ability... "PISTON PUNCH: Pay 2 and tap, Big O deals 7 damage to target creature or player"
Donatello007 09-23-2003 09:44 PM
I need a casting cost and a pic then i will do it.
Trotsky 09-23-2003 11:11 PM
he that's awsome. i've been playing magic sence like 91 or 92... when it first came out. make one of Getall form my fan fic... o wait i dont have a pic... Crying o well if i did i would have him be red, cost 2collerless, and 2red.

i'de have the ability double strike. and be a 4/4 it's flaver would be, "When you are forced to live, you take life form others... and enjoy it." if you read my fan fic you would know he usto be crazy, this is crazy him, i would also want an other red one with him not crazy but i dont have any picks... and i dunno what he sane would do.
Donatello007 09-24-2003 11:56 AM
For Trotsky: Well i can make it without a pic if you want or you can send me any old pic of something and i'll do that.

For mAc: I'll do it i just need a pic.

Edit:Here's the pic i was talkin about in the other thread.
Manji 09-29-2003 02:14 AM
Right on, thats pretty cool, heres a pic you can use if its up to par (you might want to play with the little text on it)--

I may have a cool idea for a card someday, but I gotta find a worthy pic first
Donatello007 09-30-2003 03:56 PM
I will make that tomorrow. I'll do it old school style, then 8th ed style.
Donatello007 10-04-2003 11:30 AM
Well heres the Big O cards:
For some reason i cant attach them so ill have to have them hosted.

Big O 8th ed:

Bid O Regular:

And Big O Foil:
Septuo 10-05-2003 12:19 AM

Could you turn this picture into a card?
Name: Hakasashi 5/2 Black Casting cost- 3 swamps 2 colorless
Shadow, First strike

The mightiest blade, is the one unseen

Thanks dude. You rock.
Donatello007 10-05-2003 02:07 PM
Yes Sir!
Right Away Sir!

Here is the post 8th ed version:
Donatello007 10-05-2003 02:09 PM
Sorry for the double posting but it is easier than hosting: Old School:
Septuo 10-05-2003 06:04 PM
Thats great dude. Thanks. I think I might print it out and add it to my deck. I need to make a new black and blue deck anyway.
Where did you get the gfx for these?
Donatello007 10-05-2003 06:32 PM
It's a program called MTG Set editor. It's really easy and i enjoy making them.
Septuo 10-05-2003 08:16 PM
Did you have to buy it or did you download it from somewhere?
Donatello007 10-05-2003 09:04 PM
You download it. Just do an MSN search for MTG Set Edit and it will pop right up. By the way if you want me to do some more for you, I would be more than happy.
Septuo 10-05-2003 09:07 PM
Thanx. I'll do that.
I'll gonna be looking or a good ninja picture that I can use for Dark Shinobi. I'll probably just shade in a picture from something else. Perhaps Ninja Gaiden...
I'm also looking for some samurai pictures but without much luck. Samurai seem to be pictured without full armor alot of the time.
I'll be making some requests for some megaman ones after I create the images the way I want them.
Thanx again.
Donatello007 10-06-2003 04:56 PM
No problem! I am more than happy to do these as long as i am not swamped with homework.