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Spoderman 02-03-2006 01:14 AM
I'm tired of looking at a blank "robot features" section, so I'm just going to finish it for you.

Big O (season 2 attacks/abilities)

Big O is back with some new tricks, in addition to all the old favorites. Episode 14 unveils one of Big O's new attacks: the Anchor Storm.

Roger uses the Anchor Storm to defeat the three Foreign Megadei, Fouche, Carnot, and Robespierre. The Anchor Storm is triggered by a circular button appearing on the console in Big O's cockpit, at which point all of Big O's hip anchors pop out in preparation. When the button is pressed, the anchors are simultaneously fired in all directions.

The O-Thunder

Believed to be Big O's coolest attack, the O-Thunder is also one of the most powerful. Roger and Big O use it on three separate occasions, and only in the case of Big Duo Inferno did it fail to completely obliterate the opponent. To activate it, Roger pulls the Arm Joystick all the way back on the track, as if he's winding up for a punch, at which point the joystick flips over, and a new one appears. Simultaneously, Big O's arm opens to reveal four barrels that rotate around the fist. The barrels then rotate and fire lasers at the hapless victim. A ring of energy forms around the fist and crashes into the enemy as the attack ends, destroying the opponent.

Energy Field

This attack is only used once, as a desperation move on Roger's behalf. When Big O faces the Hydra, the ressurected Eel from Act 3, normal attacks do not seem to affect Hydra, as it regenerates itself after being cut. Furthermore, Hydra shoots bolts of electricity from its three mouths, which paralyze Big O. However, in the middle of the battle, Roger suddenly has a flashback where he remembers a certain feature of Big O. He clicks a button on the floor with his foot, and new panels appear in the cockpit of Big O. Simultaneously, Big O's shoulders open and spread a red force field. The force field blocks the eletricity and begins to expand, disintegrating everything it touches--namely the Hydra.

Final Stage

World a-splode.

When Roger is unable to penetrate Big Fau's force-field with normal attacks, he must take drastic measures. With Dorothy's help, he activates Big O's ultimate weapon: The Final Stage.

The two joystick tracks in Big O's cockpit recede as a new control panel extends, with a single joystick in the middle of it. Simultaneously, Big O launches four Hip-Anchors into the ground to brace itself, while panels open on its arms and main body in a manner similar to the Energy Field used in Act 22. Then, Big O's gold chest plug extends out of the chest, and the central plate begins to spin at high speed and gather energy. A force field is extended to protect Big O, as it is vulnerable while preparing for this attack. When the attack is finally ready, Big O fires both its Arm Pistons and releases the energy in a fantastic explosion. This attack obliterates most of Big Fau and destroys Paradigm's Central Dome.


Leviathan is a Megadeus which takes the form of a gigantic Dragon. It is an Archetype, perhaps that of Big Fau, and triggers a connection with Dorothy as it approaches the city. It has a serpent-shaped body with four claws that can ignite and disentigrate anything they touch. It is shown swimming through the sand in the beginning of the episode, accomplishing this presumably by spinning its four claws as propellers.

Deadly Claws

Leviathan's only known means of attack is to disintegrate the ground beneath it using its feet and create a pit. Its enemy falls into the pit, where Leviathan then disintegrates it.

Leviathan is destroyed when Big O grapples with it and makes one of the claws touch the main body, disintegrating the Megadeus.

Beck the Great RX3

Beck is back and at it again. This time, he contracts the company: "Yoshifura-Yakamoto," to create a Power-Rangers style Megadeus that is formed from the combination of three vehicles. Little is known about it because this Megadeus has a screen time of under three minutes (At least thats two minutes and 59 seconds more than Behemoth). This episode (Act 18 ), by the way, is hilarious.

"Ultimate Evil"

Beck's Robot uses one attack during its brief appearance. It procures a boomerang-shaped blade and begins to brandish it... and then it is promptly obliterated by the O-Thunder.

Giant Construction Robot

As the most powerful megadeus ever constructed, the Giant Construction Robot was cruelly fated to destruction at the hands of Big O, since Big O obviously has to survive till the end of the series. Nevertheless, the Giant Construction Robot died nobly, toppling artistically from one punch by Big O. However, if there was a Round 2, I'd put everything on the Giant Construction Robot.

End Sarcasm.

You see this robot once in the beginning of the episode, and again at the end, barely edging its screen time over that of Beck the Great RX3 and Behemoth. It's a Construction Robot (durrrr) and it too, wants Dorothy. The Union reprogrammed it after the Android Crusher was, itself, crushed. One punch from Big O ends its rampage.

It has several arms, as you can see, that serve as construction tools, and later on, as weapons.

It has:

A Drill
A Semi-Automatic Rivet Gun
A Crusher
A Clamp
A Normal Hand

But wait.... love tap from Big O...


Though Bonaparte is lacking in the aesthetic department, he can both take, and dish out a beating. Created from the remnants of Fouche, Robespierre, and Carnot, Bonaparte is one of the more powerful enemy Megadei in the series. While Big O proves his superiority in their duel, Bonaparte is no pushover, and it is only the underhanded tactics of Alan Gabriel that prevent Roger Smith from destroying Bonaparte outright.

Bonaparte showcases several attacks during his rampage:


Robespierre's arms are featured on the abdoment of Bonaparte, and are just as destructive. Bonaparte uses its drills to cut its way through obstacles and opponents.

Electricity Weapon

Bonaparte retains the ability to discharge electricity from its heads, and this weapon seems greatly amplified in power since we saw it used by the three separated Foreign Megadei. It uses this weapon to destroy a good portion of Paradigm's Central Dome.

Head Tendril

A very strange attack used on Big Fau. Robspierre's head fires off from the main body and attempts to constrict the opponent, all the while delivering an electric charge. However, Fau severs the cable quite easily, rendering the attack useless.

Big Duo Inferno

The rebuilt form of Big Duo is quite powerful, although it is speculated that Inferno is not as strong as the original Duo. Original Duo's super-powerful leg-based missiles would probably give it the edge in that argument, but I digress. Big Duo Inferno proves to be one of Big O's most formidable opponents, and does considerable damage to Big O itself. It retains the ability to fly, as well as some new features.

Drill Hands/Propellers

Instead of fingered hands, Duo now posesses deadly drills that double as powerful weapons. Duo has two sets of these drills in each arm, one primary set, which is red, and a silver set, which is presumably stronger. If you look closely, you can see the destroyed red claw from Big Duo's right hand--it has been discharged and Duo is now using its right silver claw to bore through Big O's chestplate.

Ultra-Eye Laser


In place of its old eye lasers, Big Duo Inferno features a single targetable laser over its left eye. However, this laser seems to be no more powerful than its old one.


Apparently there wasn't enough time in the episode to have a proper fight between Behemoth and Big O. Very little is known about this Megadeus, other than the fact that Vera pilots it. It is destroyed almost as soon as it appears. If Behemoth is an archetype, then that would mean that it is Big O's archetype... after all: Behemoth is a beast of the land. That would mean that the "Archetype" from Act 4 is either Big Duo's actual Archetype, or just the skeleton of a "Big" Class Megadeus (Meaning that the evolutionary ladder of Robots goes: Behemoth --> "Archetype" --> Big O)

Horn Drills

Judging by Behemoth's protruding shoulder-mounted horns, we can see that these are probably drills and its main method of attack.
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Originally posted by Zenigata-Da-Vida
To be honest, everyone, I kinda forgot about the section since school started up in September. Frown Red Face I do have a portion of the profiles done on paper, they just need to be typed up and made a little neater >.>


Krang, if you want to give me one last chance I'll get them in by Monday. Embarrassed Sweatdrop

No problem, I can understand. As I mentioned above, I think it would work out best if you and Spoderman worked together on this, so maybe he could send his updated descriptions to you so that you can incorporate parts of his descriptions into yours. If so, I'll add his name to the contributor list on the Robot Features page when I update it.
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