PSP game recommendations

Patsai 01-28-2006 02:33 AM
Now you might be wondering, "Why the hell did you get a PSP when you could've clearly spent the money saving up for the next-gen consoles!?". I asked myself the same question that because to be honest, I didn't really want a PSP to begin with. But now that I do have it, I can't really complain, especially since I didn't pay a dime for it.

I came home from work today and my mom just gave it to me. There wasn't anything special I recalling happening or anything I recall doing that should reward me for something like this (I do admit though the damn thing is sexy as hell), but since I haven't really looked at the PSP's library enough to distinguish the really good games from the mediocre ones, I thought I might ask some people on here what they recommend. I do want the most out of the system anyways. I do look forward to GT4: Mobile, but that won't be coming out for a while, so I need somc games to occupy me until that time.
AlexRosewater 01-28-2006 10:46 AM
Here's a few games I own that I really like...

Metal Gear Ac!id: It has all of the elements of the MGS franchise but with a twist of RPG and Card battle element that works really well for the series and the protable.

Untold Legends: This game is one of the best RPG'S that the PSP has to offer with dynamic game play and character development mixed with a great stroy.

Prince of Persia Revelations: It has alot of the game play mechanics from the PS2 game " The Two Thrones" and is very versatile.
seraphjei 01-28-2006 12:14 PM
Grand Theft Auto: liberty story cities.

Or you can justgo emulator crazy, but i would suggest the first choice.
AndroidZeroX 01-28-2006 12:32 PM
Socom Fireteam Bravo is amazing.

I only have that and GTA.
Trust me SOCOM's levels are huge and the story is pretty interesting too. Online is sweet with it too so you should definetly look into it
Schwarzwald 01-31-2006 11:14 PM
GTA and Socom look fantasic! And SOCOMs online play is pretty good! The best you'll find for a portable system, even has mic capability.

But if you alreayd have those or you don't plan on getting violent shooters... buy Lumines. My spelling my be a bit off. Its a great geometrix puzzle game, very visual and music oriented. Looks fantasic style wise.

About untold legends...I'd wait for Untold Legends 2 for when they release online play... Untold Legends 1 is good... but since the 2nd is already in the works... and 1 has been out for so long(It was what I got first for my PSP)... I think you might as well wait a few par-secs before you buy 1 and work a well powered level 35 alchemist.
corrupt 02-01-2006 01:21 PM
kingdom of paradise I think its called