PSX and PS2 screen 'jumps'

R.Smith 01-27-2006 04:06 PM
Heh, I had completly forgotten about this problem I had waaay back when I had a PSX. Embarrassed Sweatdrop

I have an old (20yr+) Zenith, System 3 TV (why? because it still works well that's why) and I recall asking the gamestore clerk years ago about this problem and he said it had to do with the TV, and that I needed something to fix it.

I haven't a clue as to what that was, but anyone have any ideas?

Heh.. thanks to Google I got this:

14.15) Bouncing picture on some (Zenith) TVs

The problem of a shaking picture on some TVs (notably, Zenith models) is due
to a problem in the PlayStation sync generation, not really a TV failure.

(From: Jerry Jessop (

PlayStations will sometimes slowly "bounce" on older Zenith chassis sets,
this is due to the way the vertical sync is outputted on the PlayStation.

Call the PlayStation 'hotline' and explain the problem, it is well known and
the system will be modified at no charge to you and you will get a free game
for your trouble!

A small daughter board will be installed that will correct the problem.

Um....... anyone know where I could get this "daughter board", so I don't have to ship my PS2 someplace (I don't think I could do this anyway, because I won the PS2 on eBay, and don't have any um... "proof of purchase")?
Krang 01-28-2006 03:22 AM
I also had that problem in the past when using my PSX with a somewhat older Zenith TV, but I switched to another TV soon after that, so I'm not familiar with any solutions. I doubt that board would be available anywhere else, but you could try eBay if you haven't already. Also, I haven't tested this, but you could try the method described in section 3.6 of this FAQ to see if it works with your TV.
R.Smith 01-28-2006 03:30 AM
Thanks for the link Krang. I've never tried (or heard of) that menu before, so I'll give it a shot tomorrow morning (morning meaning afternoon for me ^^; ). Smile Just hope they mean on the TV set, and not the remote, because the remote died years ago. Dead

It's really ashame that it happens, aside from the screen going red every once in a while, and half the screen being slightly darker then the other Laughing , it really is a good made to last TV.
R.Smith 01-28-2006 03:44 PM
Well, blast.... either this TV doesn't have the onscreen menu, or it was the remote's buttons that needed to be pressed. Oh Well

*Looks on eBay....nothing with nothing.......* Frown
R.Smith 01-29-2006 12:53 AM
Sorry for the now triple post, but.... seems that I jumped the gun on this.

It was just the "Swap Magic" loading screen that would jump none of my *cough* imported games are jumping! Big Grin
Krang 01-29-2006 01:59 AM
Glad to hear that. The problem depends on the signal that the PSX/PS2 is sending, so the Swap Magic disc could be sending an incompatible signal even though the game isn't. I remember now that when I had that problem, some parts of games worked fine (such as FMVs) while others jumped.