(The New!) Battlestar Galactica

Dork 03-07-2006 12:29 AM
Actually I did start a BSG thread not too long ago.

And here it is.

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I can't wait until the season finale. Is it really going to be an hour and a half? @_@ I don't quite believe it yet, it seems too good to be true. I think I saw Sharon's baby in the preview for this week's episode. The baby, Hera, has had me hooked on this show like a soap junkie. At the same time Helo has me really worried for his future live-ability. He told Sharon in last week's episode that it's "Just going to be you and me from now on. Just like I promised." From my experience characters who say those sorts of things tend to have a wee bit trouble staying alive.

edit: I have to agree half-way to the 'BSG is melodramic' thing. If the acting, writing, or camera direction were anything less than the awesomeness that they are I would have to call BSG a guilty pleasure. It's all about who's sleeping with who and who's sleeping with who because they want to be sleeping with another who, and 'who's the father' angst, and, once we're on the topic 'who's the mother' angst, and just general a lot of angst. There are times I have felt watching this show that I should feel guilty but I just can't. It's guilty pleasure television that makes you feel smart. If it were anymore perfect the world would implode. Big Grin

Dork 03-10-2006 10:42 PM
<--- Just saw BSG season two finale

I haven't decided weather I want to put Ronald D Moore's head on a pike or pronouce him almighty television God of the universe.

No. Seriously. No clue. The finale was both the single most awesome thing I have ever seen on American dramatic television and something that could potentially kill the series. Season three had better rock my socks right into the stratosphere because October is a very long ways away.

Oh, by the by (Mega spoilage ahead)
spoiler (highlight to read):
Cally+The Cheif= wrong

Mike 03-10-2006 10:55 PM
....I have to get into this show now. How much is the season 1 DVD?
DorothyFan1 03-10-2006 11:29 PM
Season three had better rock my socks right into the stratosphere because October is a very long ways away.

A post on the Talkbackers section in AICN is saying there's a rumor the reason for the delay for Season 3 being held back to October is because NBC may want to air BSG on regular broadcast.

I hope to God this isn't true because if anything...whenever a big Three network takes something this creative...they usually screw it up. And that's because they care more about ratings. So...according to this theory, since NBC seems to be in a funk to finding a good way to rev up their ratings...they're out to grab BSG and throw it to the wolves of prime time TV viewers. This could kill BSG. It's precisely because it's on a network nurtured for Sci fi viewers why this series is doing so well. It's a big fish in a very small pond. Take that fish out and throw it into a raging river...it won't survive.

I hope this rumor is false. Because if it's true...this would be killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Unfortunately, what makes this rumor so strong...is the fact that NBC owns the Sci Fi network. So I too, was shocked to hear Season 3 is being held up til October. Because I thought they would get to air more episodes during the month of July as I thought they would continue it that way.
Sharpshooter005 03-11-2006 12:31 AM
what makes this rumor so strong...is the fact that NBC owns the Sci Fi network.

Maybe they'll (they being NBC) air re-runs? It could be sort of the reverse of how they do things with the law and order spinoffs (where NBC airs them, and USA network runs the repeats...constantly I might add.) It could stay on sci-fi as far as new episodes, but then the reruns will be aired on NBC.

Which...could explain why they're holding back on season 3. The plan might be to re-air seasons 1 and 2 on NBC. Thus getting the bigger audience NBC has to either become aware or interested in the show. Then when season 3 hits, said viewers will migrate over to watching the first-run episodes on sci-fi.

If thats their angle...it would make sense.

whenever a big Three network takes something this creative...they usually screw it up.

To be entirely fair though, BSG is already a proven ratings magnet as is (I assume..everything I hear suggests it is).

Most shows that get retooled or somehow "screwed" either

A) Are screwed up in their first season, either through airing episodes out of order, giving it a terrible timeslot, or both

B) Get screwed up after some sort of fallout within the production of the show, or between the people behind the show and the network.

Since this ones already proven itself as a viable product for two seasons, they probably would be less quick to tamper with it too much.
Dork 03-11-2006 01:53 AM
The first season BSG can be bought off Amazon for the low low price of $48.96. I highly recommend buying from Amazon. I haven't seen a brick and morter price anywhere close to that. And once S1 has thoroughly kicked your ass (which it will do soundly, oh yeah) you can pick up the first half of Season 2 for $31.86 from Amazon.

Oh, I hope NBC doesn't put it on their Network. BSG is a powerhouse on Sci-Fi and protected againist potential onslaughts of media controversy that could pop up if the show was in the spotlight on a network.

Oh, and in case you were wondering we've got about 205 days until October. ;_; And there's no telling when in October it'll air either. ;_;


Well, I've already totally geeked out over this episode but I've had a little time to think about it and collect my thoughts.

spoiler (highlight to read):
First and foremost, I am so happy Helo didn't die. I noticed today that the actor's name wasn't in the opening credits and with Helo spouting all that stuff about he and Sharon sticking together just like they agreed had me very worried for his future.

I am so happy that the Priest is a Cylon. The moment he showed up last episode I was suspious. The producers have picked up a habit of using recognizable sci-fi/fantasy actors to play Cylons. I always liked that actor so it'll be nice to see more of him down the line.

Before the Priest all the Cylons have been pretty young but I was hoping we'd get an older looking Cylon sometime down the road. The Priest is an interesting personality. An athiest Cylon. I'm surprised the human Cylons, whose society is based on unity would allow for that. He also puts a face to the idea that Cylons of the same number really are like clones. I don't think we've ever had two same-numbered Cylons talking together for any length of time. These two were truely in tandom with their ideas and personalities.

Sharon still believes that they (the president, Doc Cottle, etc.) killed Hera. This whole Hera thing is driving me crazy. Taking away the baby may have been the only thing to do but it was also morally reprehensible and I still think it's going to catch up to Rosalin (or whoever's in charge) eventually. I maybe completely naive in this but I really believe Hera will be returned to her mother one way or another sometime down the road.

I don't really know what to make of Maya, Hera's adoptive mother. They made a point of pointing out her name and showcasing her as much as possible to establish her of a character of some importance. What that importance is is anyone's guess. Oh, by the by Maya named Hera 'Isis'? She goes from being named after the queen of the greek gods to Isis, an Egyptian furtility goddess. Can anyone pick up the symbolism in that? I don't know much about either of those goddesses but I'll have plenty of time to do research in the next 200 days. All I get from the name change is a vague Mosses vibe.

Have I mentioned lately that I love Helo? Because I do. The more he opens his mouth the sexier he gets.

The messed up relationships in this show are just getting more messed up all the time. I'm not really sure what to make of the Corporeal Six's suicide, if it can really be called that. Her relationship with Baltar has been an interesting one. I don't think she was ever really attracted to him but just felt obligated to indulge him because he saved her. But I'm not completely convinced of that. In any case their last meeting seemed to be a parting gift. The more I think about her the death the more I'm convinced it was her programming that made her do it. She knew the explosion would be a beacon. Maybe she still wanted to die maybe she didn't, I can't tell.

I'm not quite sure I really like this episode or the changes that were made to the series in it but I love that those changes were atempted. Ronald D. Moore's writing reminds me a bit of Johnny Depp's career. Depp had one stint in a teeny bopper show in the ninties and has spent his entire career running scared from stereotypes to the oddest of roles. And after a stint on Star Trek Moore is determined to get as far as he can get from Trek Universe's amazing ability to always return to the status quo. It's not a bad thing. But Depp and Moore have come up with some amazing stuff running from these things but it's just funny.

I love the year skip. I used to wish Voyager would jump ahead a year in time in the middle of it's run when I was a kid. I'm still a little giddy over the year skip. It's so gutsy. It could totally bite them in the ass but I'll forever love em for trying it.

Mike 03-11-2006 08:11 AM
Do you need to see the miniseries for it to make sense? Or is that part of the full series?

I remember hearing about the miniseries, and wanting to see it but I didn't know when it was on.
Dork 03-11-2006 05:30 PM
The Miniseries is included in the season one set.
Mike 03-11-2006 07:13 PM
Oh man, this show kicks ass!

I just finished the miniseries. Really cool.

I always liked the old show. I got into it because, a, Galactica looked like a Star Destroyer's little brother, and b, the theme song ruled. Oh yeah, the Colonial symbol/logo/roundel thing looks a heckuva lot like the Rebel Alliance Starbird.

anyway I have off this week. I predict that much of it will be spent turning these DVD's.

Edit: I got them for $49.99 at Best Buy. Cursed real store charging one more dollar! Oh and I watched up to "Water."

I used to watch SciFi all the time when SeaQuest was on. That show ruled...for awhile.
Dork 03-11-2006 08:57 PM
What did you do? Run to Wal Mart? The entire first season kicks ass. There's not a weak link in the bunch.

If you missed any episodes in the second half of season two check Sci Fi's schedule. They re-air those episodes constantly in marathons.

Anywho, lets talk more after you finish season one. I only saw it a few months ago myself.

edit: You know you can download episode commentaries to almost all of the episodes on SciFi's website? Here's the link. They're vaguely spoilly. Ronald Moore occasionally talks in broad terms about what he's planning but it's nothing earth shattering.

Generalissimo D 03-11-2006 09:16 PM
...Olmos is in this show?

Must see soon, then.
Dork 03-11-2006 11:06 PM
I read something online that keep talking about a character having a picture of Olmos' ass. Was it that dinosaur thing or something else? Anyone know or did I just type the words "Olmos's ass" for absolutely no reason?
kaura117 03-11-2006 11:18 PM
The latter, I believe. >_>
Sharpshooter005 03-11-2006 11:24 PM
I read something online that keep talking about a character having a picture of Olmos' ass.

Theres an episode of Family Guy where the grim reaper carries a picture of Edward James Olmos' ass in his wallet. It's..probably a reference to that.
DJX Prime 03-12-2006 07:52 AM
I borrowed the complete first season from a friend about a month ago to see what it was like. Since then, I've been catching the encore showings of Season 2 on Monday nights. I have to admit that I didn't think I was going to like the new Galactica; especially since I grew up on the original. Now I have to say that I actually like this one better than the original. That and I now think that Glen A. Larson should just say away from being a producer of sci-fi (too campy for me).

I'm still wondering what to make of Richard Hatch's involvement in the series. It's just funny to me since he was the biggest voice in wanting to do an all-new Galactica series with the original characters. I wonder if it was a money thing or a "if you can't beat them, join them" way of thinking.
DorothyFan1 03-12-2006 10:31 AM
Below are my speculations...so I'm putting them in spoiler quotes. I actually got burned (they actually removed my entire post) by the admins in TWOP for not doing this EVEN though I was speculating about future episodes with no personal knowledge of what happens in future eps. I will NEVER post my theories about BSG in there again. EVER.

I'm going to repost my speculations I did in there that was removed. Oooohhh...I guess I was onto something those fracking ******* didn't want me to even speculate about for others to read.

spoiler (highlight to read):
I'm speculating that the Richard Hatch character is probably a Cylon himself. He was the one who gave Baltar the idea about using the planet's discovery as a weapon against President Rosilyn.

Chief Engineer Tyrol could be another one thanks to the disturbing sequence we see him do to Callie and his nightmare. I'm wondering if Cylons can commit suicide as part of their programming even though it's considered forbidden according to the Cylon religion. Gina's suicide aboard Cloud 9 after she detonated the nuke could be a clue to this question...and the answer could be yes.

I believe CapricaBoomer (the one who shot Admiral Adama in "Twilight's Last Gleaming Part 2") is going to reveal the evidence to the Galactica crew that Baltar was the traitor who gave the defense secrets to the Cylon command. I also theorize that doing this act will cause her to become enemies with Number Six because she's in love with Baltar and won't want anything to happen to him even though she used him to get the defense secrets of Caprica before the nuclear attacks.

The recent hiring of Xena Warrior Princess Lucy (D'Anna Bieyrs) Lawless for a very unusual 10 storyline arc suggests very strongly that her Cylon character will expose the truth about GalacticaBoomer's baby Isis (formerly named Hera) is not dead. She will expose the secret deal President Rosilyn did to allow the baby to stay alive. It's been revealed thanks to spoilers that Lucy Lawless's character is the Supreme Leader of the Cylons and this will be revealed in a future episode.

I believe the events we see in "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" suggest very strongly that Lucy Lawless's character is the one in charge of this false peace offer to the humans. I say this because the events in "Downloaded" happened way before "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2"...and Lucy's character clearly had been redownloaded after the 36 hour downtime and paid retribution against Number Six and CapricaBoomer. So this means the Number Six and CapricaBoomer we see in the end of "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" MAY have been "re-educated" into the Cylon consciousness to continue their missions.
Dork 03-12-2006 01:09 PM
I agree that speculations shouldn't be considered spoilers. A few people on another board got all anal because I posted some speculations when I first got into the series. I hadn't read any spoilers but they still got antsy.

Maybe it's in the Big O fan's blood. 80% of Big O's enjoyment is derivan from speculations.

But in the future could you mark actual spoilers you've read seperately? You mentioned that (spoiler)
spoiler (highlight to read):
Lucy Lawless' character is the head Cylon
Normally I don't care about spoilers (I search for them like a dying man looking for water in a desert) but for some reason I generally avoid them in this show. Just in the future could you mark the spoilers?

Speaking about spoilers. I know I just said I don't like them but on my own I've been keeping an eye out for vague spoilers about season two. There's a really interesting one in this last episode's, 'Lay Down your Burdon's', Audio Commentary.

(speculation on previous spoiler)
spoiler (highlight to read):
One of the guys said that next season will be five years into the future.
I don't know if they were joking around but they sounded pretty serious. Check out the commentary, I'd love to discuss it. It's an intriging idea
spoiler (highlight to read):
If true it could put us far enough into the future in time for another election. Afterall we have no idea how long Presidential Colony terms are. Baltar took the office of President right after winning the election so I don't we're dealing with American presidential terms and ideas here.

IF the jump is made Hera/Isis will be six years old. She'll become an actual character instead of glorified prop. If the Six in Gaius' head is right Hera is suppose to be an important character. It would be nice if this important character was capable of speech and independant movement in short order.

(extra speculation on commentary spoilers)
spoiler (highlight to read):
It was implied in the commentary that the ragtag fleet will eventually reform and the journey to earth will continue. This whole thing on the planet is just a detour. A huge, frakking detour, but a detour non-the-less. I think we're going to see a surprising amount of return to the status quo. I think lots of little things will stay changed. Sadly this very likely includes the horrific pairings of Lee/Dualla and Cally/Tyrol ::shudder:: though I suspect Kara's new husband will die and (here's why I mentioned the election above) Laura will be re-elected president. Mary McDonnal has a wonderful presence as the president and it would be a shame to let that power go.

Anywho, loved to hear what you guys think.

DorothyFan1 03-12-2006 04:21 PM
That's all very interesting...but how does that relate to what's being planned with the Lucy Lawless character? She's getting a 10 episode arc...very unusual for a drop-in character considering what she turns out to be.

I still think as someone posted at TWOP board that this whole thing could be a dream sequence. We saw for instance Leoben, who was airlocked in "Flesh and Bone". Is he really back? And someone was astute enough to notice just before Baltar lays his head on his desk that Admiral Adama DID do an investigation into the nuclear explosion aboard Cloud 9 and what Baltar pushes aside is the "eyes only" conclusions to the investigation. What were the results of that investigation?

I'm especially intrigued about the Leoben appearance because only Rosilyn knows about him and...

spoiler (highlight to read):
Someone posted at TWOP that this is where we see Rosilyn running through the forests, so this is probably where Rosilyn has her "vision" about the planet and it being a trap laid by the Cylons.

Personally I'd like to see more of the Cylons. After all, I loved "Downloaded" and we should get more episodes from their point of view. Simply showing them with the glowing eyes and not seeing them except as cardboard villains with no real purpose other than to "destroy" humanity doesn't a good villain make. This only makes the Cylons a "prop" for the humans to fight against...and after all since we are "human" we're supposed to root for the humans. But what if...we could see things from the Cylon point of view and learn more about them rather than the ragtag fleet members of the Caprica survivors?

I was disappointed there was no way to integrate Admiral Cain into the show. I thought actress Michelle Forbes was excellent in the role and the producers should have found a way to keep her onboard. Would have given more political intrigue on the military level between her and Adama.
Dork 03-12-2006 05:29 PM
I didn't say my speculation had anything to do with Lawless' character.

I know what you mean though, about the year jump feeling like a dream sequence. It doesn't feel quite real. But listen to the Audio Commentary Ronald Moore says in no uncertain terms that this is indeed not a dream sequence. His exact words more something to the effect that he didn't want to be sudtle in the changes that have taken place in the characters in the past year because he didn't want anyone to think it was a dream sequence.

About Leoben. Remember, he was spaced before the Galactica and Co. destroyed the Resurrection ship. There's absolutely no reason to think that this Leoben isn't the same Leoben Starbuck interrogated in that episode. He's just been downloaded into a new body. There was another Leoben in the mini-series who Adama killed too.

Be careful about the spoilers. I love all this speculation but even information on which (cylon-playing) actors have signed on for episode arches in the next season is a spoiler. One I unfortunately had spoiled for me a couple weeks ago when someone didn't mark it in a thread on another board.

Mike 03-13-2006 01:05 PM
GAH! I have to finish the DVDs. I read your spoilers but I had no idea what they were talking about. So...yeah.

Still, kicks huge ass. Watching 6 warp Baltar-s mind is great.

Sidenote...I always thought Starbucks Coffee was named for the guy from the old Battlestar Galactica, not the guy from Moby Dick...