Where is Vera from?

Patsai 09-22-2003 11:51 PM
Is she from France?



dorothyrocks 09-22-2003 11:54 PM
Pretty much all I remember at the moment-

She sounded like she was French.
And she said she was from 'The Union'....I think......*scratches head*
OMGWTF 09-22-2003 11:55 PM
Top of the ugly tree. Big Grin

Judging from her accent, probably Germany.
SharpDressedMan 09-23-2003 07:37 AM
She sounds to be French though when I hear voices like that ( I HATE VERA'S VOICE!) I just have to tell myself that the creators never really meant for the character to sound like that. Other than that I think I could eventually love Vera and even though the entire world things she is good queen ugly I belive with a little time we could establish some good times with her... well maybye not after she called that thing Bonepart... oh my.
Dark-Vertigo X 09-23-2003 07:39 AM
She definitely sounds French.
StevieV019 09-23-2003 08:05 AM
Why must she be French? Why must she be german? Why must she be even European?

Where is Paradigm City? We dont know if its a renamed New York, it could just a fictitious name for a fictitious place...if thats the case, it may not even be located on OUR earth...

Vera is a foreigner, we know that, but where she is from is unknown...

Just like whether Paradigm City is in a country known as the U.S. or another country or another world is not known either....(at this point...)
Big Doo-Oh 09-23-2003 10:00 AM
lets see, theres a hudson river, similiar buildings, the union met in GRAND CENTRAL STATION

the JFKmark airport
its new york
StevieV019 09-23-2003 11:22 AM
Umm...its never been referenced...yes there are similarities...but its never been mentioned....

It can be interpretted and a conclusion drawn...but that doesnt mean it specifically is New York...just like the foreigners specifically could not be from Europe or any country that we know of in the modern world....

and if I do recall...the wrecked railway station said "Terminal" not "station"...

It said "Grand Central Terminal" if I do recall....besides, the creators couldve referenced similar landmarks to bring a certain big city feel to the series...but not ONCE has it verified where it EXACTLY takes place...
Executor 09-23-2003 11:49 AM
The android crusher was wearing a f***ing Yankees cap! Vera has a French accent that could choke an elephant!
Shady Dark Lady 09-23-2003 11:53 AM
I don't know, although Schwarzwald should have given her a mask..She is scarrrrryyyy!! Schwarzwald, where are you??
StevieV019 09-23-2003 11:57 AM
show me where someone actually said New York, or something, then Ill believe its New York...accents dont mean a damn thing...animation uses them to bring "color" to the show....thats why EVERYBODY doesnt sound alike...

read the above post...creators create things that look familiar to us to provide a more personal experience. Thats why in Cowboy Bebop, for instance, there were automobiles and skyscrapers on Mars...to make it seem familiar to us...it looked like Earth, felt like earth...but WASNT earth....

just like in Big O...looks like New York, feels like New York, but QUITE possibly could NOT be New York....
Sixfortyfive 09-23-2003 12:01 PM
Lol. Give it up, Stevie. It's New York.

Here's a few songs from the second soundtrack, all of which refer to various places in NYC, mostly in Manhattan. I've checked all of them with online maps.
Sure Promise - Union Sq.
Brick Ballades - Houston St.
Apologize - Bleecker St.
Respect - Upper West Side
Respect - Lower East Side
Painful Dream - Spring St.
Prayer - WTC St.
(Think about it for a min....)
And Forever - Grand Central

I love how they never just come out and say it, but it is pretty obvious if you've been paying attention from the beginning (not saying that you haven't).

Also, to get back to the topic at hand, I think the real question is... WHY DOESN'T VERA USE HER DAMN SLEEVES?! Sheesh.
StevieV019 09-23-2003 12:12 PM
(dont hate me cuz I can make a somewhat good argument....at least someone, sixfortyfive, can somewhat appreciate that...)
I think its New York as well, however, I still havent seen anything that mentions that....I was trying to make a point...I guess its pretty much gone over everybody's head...

the point is this...Why are we RESTRICTING where the Union is from...just because someone has an accent doesnt necessarily mean they are from specific point on the earth. (Yes, its a HUGE clue, I know...) There are many military brats that were born overseas, yet dont carry accents from the foreign country they were born in. Simple example, but it does characterize what Im saying. I enjoy this series so much, the Big O, that I dont want simple answers necessarily...doesnt anybody want to know the little intricacies of this "Paradigm world"? I mean, if Vera is from France and we come to that conclusion just based upon her accent, that limits things. I wanna know the whole story behind the Union, not some simple cop out that says their from Europe solely based on their accents....

Same with Paradigm city...why does it HAVE to be New York...why not Chicago...why not Los Angeles...why not Tokyo?? Why not a mirror city from another planet that looks and acts like Earth or a city on Earth? (I know VERY EXTREME here...but I hope you get the point of this...)

We truly do not know where the Big O is taking place...I think its New York, you think its New York, but it still doesnt mean it IS New York. I dont want to limit the experience by having to submit to the obvious...

There's my point...its a different point of view...which I was hoping people might pick up on. Yes, the obvious answer is Paradigm City is New York...I can agree to that..but we still truly dont know....
Sixfortyfive 09-23-2003 12:16 PM
I'm content with saying that the Union is from Europe and not getting any more specific. Their Megadeus is named Bonaparte, but the name Vera Rondstandt and their anthem "Flag" both sound very German.

Yeah, I get your point, and I know a lot of stuff having to do with location in Big O relies on at least some assumptions, but there's no use in denying some of it.
StevieV019 09-23-2003 12:22 PM
Im not denying it, I was giving a different perspective that pretty much got shot down because some people refuse to think differently...

I think its New York as well, the signs and assumptions can support that...just like the Union is from Europe, with its theme music, naming of their megadeus and so forth...but submitting to that without being completely sure would deny myself the whole experience that Big O brings to me...sorry if Im not in the majority who is basing everything on assumptions...
SharpDressedMan 09-23-2003 01:55 PM
Sorry to get a little off you guys subject but that entire baseball cap thing was a little bit out there. Now wouldn't there more than likely not be a hat that tells the true name of the former city if that. name was forgotten 40 years ago. While I am pretty certain that Paradigm is New York City this part of the series really struck a sour note with me. I think that simple things like this should be looked at closer before they hit the series.
I still belive that Vera is French but my only problem with this is that Angel and Alan are also parts of the Union and their voice shares no resemblance what so ever with hers. This leads me to belive that maybye the Union is not neccesarily from another country but another part of the country Paradigm is in but far away! Like I said I really don't think it was all that good of an idea to make Vera sound like this but maybye they will make it fit into the story very nicely!
Mr. ? 09-23-2003 02:38 PM
SHE'S !&8(! GERMAN! And yes top of the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down.
SharpDressedMan 09-23-2003 03:05 PM
Is there a site where you can actually read that she is German? I'm not going to say that she isn't German but she just sounds so stinkin French to me. Especially the fact that the name of the foriegn megadeuces when they have been combined is Bonepart... hmmm named after Napolean... a French dictator? FRENCH! But hey like I said I could be wrong!

And I mean she is not the prettiest woman in the world but I guess she has some other qualities that make her such a great woman... especially if all those would just up and leave their lives for her cause. To tell you the truth I dont think she is all that ugly but it is evident that she has some age on her. Especially love her snazzy outfit! Oh yeah!
Mr. ? 09-23-2003 03:22 PM
ACH, DAS=German Go rent shindlers list or INdiana Jones and listen to das Germans
Big Doo-Oh 09-23-2003 03:27 PM
in the credits they who the voice actor for Vera Ronstadt is

shes german