Can you Identify the Magical Girls?

Tickle Tickle 12-31-2005 11:26 AM
Here's something I stol-- borrowed from AOD forums. Wink

It's a page of Magical Girls, can you name them all?
Travis Bickle 12-31-2005 01:31 PM
1) Sasami/Pretty Sammy
2) Powerpuff Girls

Sorry, I don't watch girl cartoons too often to know this stuff.
dominusofdeath 12-31-2005 01:40 PM
Sailor Moon
Cutey Honey/Kirasagi Honey
Tokyo Mew Mew
Asirt 12-31-2005 03:18 PM
Cutey Honey
Sailor Scouts (Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury)
Nurse Witch Kagumi (haven't seen that show, but have seen The Soultaker)
Card Captor Sakura
Saint Tail (haven't seen this show)
Powerpuff Girls
Kiki (from Kiki's Delivery Service)
Pretty Sammy

Although I do not know the names of these girls, I know what series they're from:
Wedding Peach
Tokyo Mew Mew

And that's about all I know.