Animal Crossing Game Journal

Dork 12-31-2005 12:29 AM
I wonder if anyone else is interested in doing game journals for AC (gamecube or ds).

AC players who wanted to could post (in this thread) what they did in AC today (ongoing, of course) and everyone could just jump in whenever posting when they felt like it.

It could go something like this:

Game: AC:WW
Town: Paradigm
Day 14

It was a really great AC day for me. I caught a stringfish (my first super rare catch) last night, Mallary or Big Top (I forget which) gave me a regal dresser, and Nook had a half day sale (I cleaned him out and layed in a stock of bottle notes and cheap paper). And then Goldie gave me her picture. Should appease the great HRA beast.

You could include character deletions, who moved in, who moved out, what you got from wandering vistors (Pascal, Dr. Shrunk, etc.), neat tricks you've discovered, notable items you found, were given or bought, and just anything interesting that happened in your town that day.

If any of you want to do this I'd like to keep this thread reserved for journal entires and comments about those entries. General observations about the game itself can be keep in the Friend Codes thread (which seems have become the AC thread...)

Schwarzwald 12-31-2005 10:08 PM
Ah. at they have that sort of thing going.

I don't think I'd have the paitents for it though. Most of my time is spent working on paying back debt and looking for museum items. I don't run into many interesting characters. Though occationally if I catch one of my NPCs with an axe or some interesting NPC interactions I'd definatly post that.

Actually... Mint... she has a large feild of flowers in front of her house. Each day a new flower was added but she moved away yesterday. So... *shrugs*
Mugiwara Luffy 12-31-2005 10:24 PM
Originally posted by Schwarzwald
Though occationally if I catch one of my NPCs with an axe....

Can they do that now??

I really need to get this game.
Schwarzwald 12-31-2005 10:44 PM
Yeah I see em walking around with fishing rods, watering cans, shovels. Most characters carry certain items most of the time. Like most of the ducks have the fishing rods and Tank the Hippo carrys a shovel.

I wonder if at new years tonight they will use thier party popper thingys.
Dork 01-01-2006 01:01 AM
We'll see how it goes. You don't have to post everyday or everyweek. Just whenever you like, however long or however short a post.

I'm going to do one for yesterday and today.

System: DS
Town: Paradigm
December 30th
Day 11

It really was a great AC day on the 30th. I'd caught my first uber-rare fish, a waterfall-dwelling stringfish. 15,000 Bells for that baby. In the morning I turned it and a handful of miscellaneous fish (totaling 11,000) over to Nook.

But the first thing I did when I turned the game on was run to the beach and there was this animal I hadn't seen in town before. It was Pascal! He told me his little words of wisdom and gave me a piece of pirate furniture!

I was a little antsy about the game that morning. Goldie had threatened to leave the night before. But I begged her not to go and sent her presents and not only did she not leave she gave me her picture ^_^. Pictures are suppose to be lucky. Should help my HRA rating quite a bit.

I found three gyroids buryed in the ground (yay!) and had quite a few good catches. I think I got about 70 bells that day. One sour note is that Mallary threatened to leave. Not good.

December 31st
Day 12

I was working up near Valdosta Georgia this morning working on computers at an RV dealership. When I was done I tried hooking up to the wi-fi they had set up for the cameground peoples. Just on a whim. I'd never any luck with the wi-fi so far. I was feeling discouraged about the whole wi-fi thing. I just got overwhelmed with the thought that I'd never connect to get my friend code. And of course, if I could get the friend code it's not like I have a known quality wi-fi, and I didn't know anybody. I'm not big into the wi-fi thing but it might be fun. And I really want to get some foreign fruit and upgrade to Nookinton's. All things that a bit impossible without wi-fi.

I tried connecting. The dog at the gate told me there was no access point. I closed the DS up. But I had time. I sat on one of couches and checked for a plug for my charger. I edited my wi-fi setting through the DS, found Cooper, and pummeled my hopes as he searched for the access point. I couldn't look at the screen, and when he finally popped up with a response I had my friend code.

Finally with the friend code everything else seemed do-able. I remembered that my neighbors had an unsecured wireless network. I thought of all those times I'd sat in my living room wondering if I'd ever be able to connect. And it was there all along, all around me, and I just didn't have enough sense to think of it. All I wanted to do on the way home was look at my friend code. To memorize the numbers on the little lighted screen under that lovely heart menu option. But my battery was running out and I sat listening to CAKE instead.

The neighbor's connection, of course, worked fine and while waiting for my order at Panera I configued the DS for that location as well. Nothing was resolved on the Mallary front throughout the day. I went to her house and her boxes were still packed up. I didn't feel much like playing today. I didn't do much fishing during the day. My favorite regular catch, Football Fish, doesn't come out until dusk at the earliest. At 8 I caught K.K. Strider and got a few songs for my turntable.

In preperation for the New Year's I set the DS' clock back an hour so I could catch both my AC Town's fireworks show and the annual real life fireworks show Jacksonville does at new years. The RL show was incredible, I love fireworks. I missed it two or three times in the last five years because of traveling issues. They had these kind of mushroom cloud looking fireworks this year and I really liked those. I love how big the whole fireworks thing is. And when you stick your fingers in your ears and can feel the vibrations through your body and watch the lights. It's all that, it's just vibrations and light.

A little while after the Paradigm show Camofrog gave me his picture. I'm quite proud of that one. He's one of the cranky characters but I've got him to like me. I've been trying to get Rosie's picture for a while now. I think what did it with Camofrog is that he had a cold for a few days and I kept bringing him medicine. Kody has a cold now, I'm hoping I can get a picture out of him when it's done with. I'm so bad.

Well, you don't have to have that much detail or write so much. I'm a rambler, you guys should know that about me after so long. If you do want to do a few journals just do what your comfortable with. I'd really like to hear you guys have been up to in your AC towns.

Schwarzwald 01-20-2006 01:24 AM
Captain's Log. Star Date. One, Twenty, Two-Thousand-Six Time: 2:24 AM. Entry Log 1.

At 12:10 I received Kabuki's picture! Mwhaha. I feel so fufilled! Kabukis a true friend *nods* *nods* My first picture as well. Big Grin
Dork 01-24-2006 03:11 PM

Collecting pictures is so much fun. It's my current Animal Crossing goal. They're so hard to get and they do boost your HRA score quite a bit. Very nice for those of us who think collecting furniture sets is a nazi plot.

Rosie gave me her picture not this thursday, but the thursday before that. And I think Maelle gave me her picture on wednesday. Maelle's is a bit unsatifying. I didn't even work for it. She just gave it to me.

Anywho, brings my grand total to 6. Two pictures per room.

I think Kody's close to giving me his picture. He's so demanding though. He had me bring him four shirts in two days. Right now I need a checkerboard tee. Grrr....

Spooky 01-27-2006 09:50 PM
Today I got stung by bees, and Twiggy's moving Frown

It was a sad day in Yavin IV.
Dork 01-27-2006 10:38 PM
You can keep residents from moving. The trick is, from what I've seen, is to keep talking to them and keep asking them not to leave (whatever you do don't tell them farewell). When they say they'll think about it or they can't leave you then you're probably in the clear.
dtk91 01-30-2006 04:49 PM
yesterday i bought 1000 turnips and 1 pack of red turnip seeds, hoping to pay off debt in animal crossings own stock market. today i am hoping to get a good turnip price so there's no wait for a good price. planing on fishinhg.(i had to rush out that last second a minute ago because i had to go visit the bathroom.... now i need some pepto. Big Grin )
Travis Bickle 06-26-2006 01:20 PM
Anyone willing to visit my town and buy something from Tom Nook so I can get the next upgrade for the store? I've only had the game for a couple of weeks now, and I've made a lot of progress and the like. PM, Email or IM me for details and such.