Which of these MP3 Players would you choose?

NVWC2006 12-26-2005 12:52 PM
Hey, it's music discussion, I think I can put this here!

For Chanukkah my parents bought me an mp3 player. They wanted to get an iPod Nano 4GB, but the store was out, so they found another, and said I can return it and get the iPod later if i want.

the mp3 player i currently have in its unopened box is a SanDisk sansa m250 mp3 player. if you don't know about it, i'll give you an overview.

holds 2 Gigs
plays mp3, WMA, and protected WMA
box says plays for 19 hours on a AAA, CNET says it can do like 18 hours
is built with an FM tuner
build in mic, tho low quality
comes with carrying case
interactive features like favorite playlists and what not.

there is also a 4GB model of this mp3 player, i think it's called m260, which is what i'd go for if i didn't get the iPod.

the iPod nano, for the few on earth who don't know has this:
2GB and 4GB models
color screen
ultra thin
easily scratched
plays many more files but not WMA
lasts for about 14 hours w/out recharge, need to hook to a computer to recharge from what i understand.

i want a good 4 GB player. both of these can meet my needs. i'm just wondering which would be better to go for. WMA is unimportant, i can convert the few WMA files i have over to mp3. the SanDisk lasts longer on one battery and comes with a carrying case; it also has a bunch of features like the mic and FM tuner that i don't need.
the iPod can play WAV files (but they take up more space, i'd probably make them mp3 anyway), is smaller and lighter, can display pictures (fun but not neccesary), but doesn't come with a case and is more easily scratched. it looks really cool tho.

the prices given online, don't believe them. stores warp the prices by what is popular, what they have alot of and don't have, and especially now after xmas when people are returning and exchaning, the prices will change more.

which mp3 player do you think i should get, and why?
088nd 12-26-2005 01:17 PM
My sister just got an iPod Nano for Christmas. Seems pretty decent. Sound quality is surprisingly amazing. I mean that thing is good. iTunes auto-converts all your songs to go on the pod, too, so that's a plus. I can't really tell you which one I'd choose because I don't know enough about the subject.
Travis Bickle 12-26-2005 02:04 PM
Go with the SanDisk.

My dad had a nano and it shattered after he dropped it on his bed from about 6 feet high up.