Kingdom Hearts 3? Praise the deities that be at Square Enix!

Mattartist 12-23-2005 05:46 AM
Hello! Mattartist here again. I wanna tell you guys a little story: I was looking around here (forums) and I could recall seeing a Kingdom Hearts thread here but I cannot find it, so I decided to do one myself, only this thread is FILLED WITH SPOILERS TO THE BRIM! So, if you wanna know stuff, just scroll down to see a describtion of the SECRET TRAILER TO A (gasp) KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!! (Halleyluya chorus stucken up) Hallyeyluya! Glory to God in the highest!

--What? I'm religious. PRAISE THE DOMINUS! (in latin that means God.) Tongue

spoiler (highlight to read):
After the heartbreaking ending (in a darn GOOD way, of course!) Sora is sent a message in a bottle from King Mickey himself! Sora, Kairi and Riku read in tamed curiousity as the scene moves to a dusty wasteland. A Power Ranger-like villainous character walks forward (that red dude with the Z stick, thats the dude these guys look like). He grabs up a rusty looking Keyblade as another comes up with two different Keyblades as well. Then you are treated to a bird's eye view of the place. Four divisions of the sea of keyblades are around them, a cross in the desert made by them, and the three dudes are at the center. Then a whisk of stuff flies in the screen (words, dudes, words) and they are these:

-Master of Keyblade
-Chasers (I'm betting thats what the keyblade dudes are called)
-Memory of Xehanort (I think its pronounced Zi-ha-nort)
-The lost two
-Keyblade War

Then we see a shadow of what I am 80% sure is Roxas, the Blonde Haired Kid shown in various KH2 trailers with the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper (they're keyblades, too.)

Be sure to comment, and visit, they are the best dudes to get new info on Kingdom Hearts and the like. Well, see ya!
aeternus_flammus 01-02-2006 03:25 AM
Originally posted by Mattartist
PRAISE THE DOMINUS! (in latin that means God.) Tongue



Dominus means master or lord.

Deus would be the Latin word for god.

Lux (scientis) fiat.