Mrs. Beck's Wallpaper Requests & Gallery

Mrs. Beck 12-22-2005 10:35 AM
BethMcBeth 12-22-2005 04:39 PM
Wow awesome stuff! I really love the Hellfires of Death and also the Witner Night Phantom one! Thats aweosme I love the effects you used to make them its awesome! Alrighty mwhhhaah!!! I shall make a request! Is it possible that you can make me a Wall Paper using pictures from my Big O Block Heads Comics ? I think that would be awesome! If not I'll make another request! Make one with Dorothy and Perro! XD! Whenever and whichever one you do would be awesome! Good luck! And again your stuff is awesome! ^_^"""

Mrs. Beck 12-23-2005 08:35 PM
XD Awww, thankies muchly!!

Oh my gosh, I'd be honored to do one themed around Big O Blockheads!!! *almost feints from the honor* o.o Waaah, I shall get to work on it ... immediatly!!

Though, considering how little I get to use the computer, it still may be a few days ... sorry ... BUT I SHALL TRY TO HURRY! *runs off to start it*
Tickle Tickle 12-23-2005 09:30 PM
Those are awesome! Can you make me a wallpaper from this image? Can you just give it a new, darker background? And can you put "Tokimeki Tonight" on it?

Thanks in Advance.