A Fanfic in the Works, Triasuhram

fractyl2 12-21-2005 08:06 PM
While in work, the general plot, some principal charatcers and major monsters are formed. Give your suggestions.
This story takes place in the year 2045, 16 years after the famed, "Event" where a mysterious meteor crashed and devstated the city of Tokyo. A race of anicent alien bio-machines called Primevaliens emerge from the ruins of Tokyo & launch a series of attacks on the city of Neo-Tokyo. The only defense against these creatures is the secret agency. Enter Noa who is one of three children chosen to defend the planet from these unknown threats.
Noa Ryugouji, 15: The Japanese pilot of the Ashuram Unit 01. He lived in America before the story began. To this point, Nao's life has been very strained. He is a relatively quiet, introverted, self-conscious boy who doesn't tend to converse much with others. Driven the will to protect, his instincts can kick in, and he becomes like a berserker.

Unit-01, the Zeraph.
The Ashuram with supreme attack and defense ability, Zeraph is suit for close-range combat. Its ultimate attack is "Life and Death", where it's right hand is encased in heat. Zeraph restaints a Primevalien with the left arm while using the right arm to rip the Core of it. This attack required extreme stress and rage on Noa's part. But Zeraph has been known to act independently without either a pilot or without any apparent power source. Red is Zeraph's symbolic color.
Xandra, 15: The American pilot of the Ashuram Unit 02. She is somewhat cold-hearted girl, a trauma from her past caused her to be more of a loner and closed to the world and to the people around her. An independent and strong leader. Her goal is to be strong, so strong that no one or nothing could ever hurt or harm her. She RARELY smiles execept for her "father".

Unit-02, the Ophane
Lee Wong, 15: China's representive, pilot of Ashuram Unit 03. He and his brother were sent to space by their father to learn the Xaolin martial arts so they could return as canidates in the Ashuram program. At first, Lee seems very overconfident and acts like a lazy jerk. But once he's in a fight, no one can deny his warrior's heart.

Unit-03, the Kheribos
The most result Ashuram built specifically for combat, made by the China Branch. Combining the efficient construction of Zerph with Ophane's weapon' systems, Kherbios is a walking tank designed to counter the Primevalien threat. Green is Kheribos' symbolic color
Comander Mitsuo Raiga, 30: The youngest in his position, he oversees the NeoTokyo Branch of the ARK Forces. A gentleman-type who was friends with Noa's father.

Miki Nyaka, 23: She's 2nd in command of the Japan branch under Raiga. Dispite being very immature for a woman jut in here twenties, she's serious in once in her uniform.

Link Falcone, 35: From the American Branch, he can be seen an incredibly laid back member with a disregard for the rules. His idea on life is to "never look back and keep going".
-Design: Straight Cougar, S-Cry-Ed

Rhinehart: From Germany's Branch.

Hiroki, 15: In the same class as Noa, Hiroki's a street smart tough kid. A divorced child, Hiroki has a fierce devotion to his friends and family particularly his little sister who was hopitalilzed prior to the series due by a Ashuram.

Ken, 15: Hiroki's "sidekick".

Mishio, 15: A female classmate whom Nao has feelings for.

Mayumi, 15: A bookworm girl and one of Mishio's friends.

Lee Shen, 19: Lee Wong's older brother.

???????, 15: A mysterious boy of English/French descent, his shy and honest nature allowed him to form a friendship with Nao. He's one of the reserve Ashuram pilots when either of the others are unable to.

Yui Ichijou, 16: A mysterious girl with a dark past. With no known relatives, Yui lives by herself in the wong side of town. She was to be the test pilot of Ashuram program, but was mortally injured in a "accident" months prior to the first Primevalien attack. Ironically, she was born the same year the "Event" occured.
- Design: Raven of Teen Titans. But with silvery-white hair.
Primevalien: A general term for an Enity of unknown origin. They can merge and traverse other materials to build physical forms. A Primevalien has a self-shielding ability and, if damaged, can repair itself quickly. These characteristics make them impossible to defeat by conventional weaponry. To completely destroy therse beasts, the core must be extracted and shattered. Without the core, the body self-destructs, causing fierce blast. They are titled as "Unkown Enity-#"

"Envoy": Intends to revive Mother.
?????: The Envoy's spies.

US-02, Junk-Primevalien: The 1st to attack the city of NeoTokyo years after the event. It asborbed scrapmetal, various garbage, & a liner used for a class field trip to build its form before it NeoTokyo & procede to devastate it at it's liesure. The Anicent seems fairly equipped for close combat. It was first opponent Noa faces in the debut of Ashuram Unit 1. Noa managed to extact the core, but it mysteriously dissapeared when its body exploded...
UE-03: Insect-type monster. Larva & Adult forms
UE-04, Cloud-Primevalien: A Mobile Airfortress
UE-06: Magma-Primevalien: Was incubated in a dorminant volcano.
UE-07, Midgar-Primevalien: Sea Serpent
UE-08: It has the unique ability to become three separate beings(Alpha, Beta, Gamma) with a link conscious when it splits and can merge itself back to its original form. It possesses a fairly weak barrier but makes up for it with its phyiscal skills. The three Ashuram pilots were deployed to fight this threat, but were soundly defeated by its abilty. However, after the trio synchronize with each other, it is defeated.
David Ryder 12-21-2005 08:27 PM
sounds basically like eva if ya ask me.
fractyl2 12-21-2005 09:14 PM
The Villians so far.

"1st Primeval": The Mother of all, she "gives birth" to the PrimEvo Cores that asborb surrounding inorganic matter to create bodies of their own. She wears a 9-eyed mask.

?????: An Alpha-Q style villian with three faces. Dispite being a Primeval, he oversees the revival of his "mother", & serves as only the commentor. His faces are labeled as the Creator, The Protector, & the Destoryer.

Oziph: A man who encountered the 1st Primeval & was "Chosen" to carry out its will. His old name was Abdul Hazred, who was an member of ARK who oversaw the prototype Ashuram Unit-00 with his daughter piloting it. But a horrible accident occured...
Episode titles for season 1 (Tentative)
01. Invasion, Year 2061
02. Launch, Ashuram Unit-1
03. Noa & Yui
04. Xandra
05. The 3rd Ashuram's Grand Debut
06. The Ashurams Defeated?!
07. Three minds with One Accord.
08. The Sunless Day
09. The Dead Shall Rise
10. The Enemy....another Ashuram!?
11. Smile...
12. Red Angel.
13. Ashuram vs. Ashuram
fractyl2 12-22-2005 08:34 AM
Summary for the 1st Episode

01. Invasion, Year 2061
In the year 2061, in the depths of the sea, beneath the ruins of old Tokyo, something stirs...A boy named Noa was summoned to Japan by his estranged father, who mysteriously disspeared after a event a few years ago. At the same time, a middle school class attended a very special field trip to...the junk island to learn about conserving resources. The flies are bothering Sensei and the rest of the class is either holding their noses or looking at junk. Two of the students, Hiroki & Ken, wander off for a minute and into a garbage cave, where suddenly the garbage comes alive and is being asborbed by a strange orb-like creature.

As they run to inform the others, the mountain of garbage transforms into a giant being known as an "Primeval", which absorbs the boat that the class had come to the junk island in while the class watch. The monster than arrives on the outer area of NeoTokyo, which is met by the ineffectual offense of the U.N. Noa must pilot the equally giant robot Ashuram Unit 1, Zeraph, to fight this monster.
The 1st Monster in the series.

UE-02, Junk-Primevalien: Born from a Primevo-Core asborbed the
various garbage on the Junk Island near NeoTokyo. Various parts include TVs, mircowaves, and old machine parts. Like those to follow, UE-02 is capable of regeneration, self-evolution, and creating a barrier to protect itself from most opponents.

UE-02's main offensive weapons are its cable-arm extensions. The extensions themselves can be used like tentacles to wrap opponents up, leaving them vulnerable for further attacks, or drills for battle and/or digging. UE-02 also posesses a heat-ray and a freeze-ray due to the numerous heating and cooling devices that make its body.
fractyl2 12-26-2005 07:02 PM
The 1st half done so far.
[We open to the underwater ruins of a city, which by the way it looked was Tokyo. We zoom into the ground under Tokyo Tower...Where in the depths a giant white creature is seen. From the torso up, it was vaugely human-like with a nine-eyed mask mask on its face. From the torso down were features seen on precamian creatures. Then another, though smaller miliipede-like creature appeared. It opened its mouth, and a face appears, the Creator.]

Creator: Mother has brought me to life, to prevent hers from leaving! But how can I do that?

[The face is replaced by another, the Perserver]

Perserver: Yes, I need to strategize. We must plan very carefully.

[That face is pushed aside for the final face, Destroyer.]

Destoryer: Plan?! We need no plan! We take what we need! There is abundance on this planet has it. And nothing will stand in the way.

Persever: Very well. We shall play it your way, for now.

Destoryer: We must awake up mother. Her children will seek out the suitable energy source and destory any one try to get in our way.

[The creature stabs one of "mother"'s tentacle and siphons the inky blood into a canister.]

Other Masks: Brilliant!

(He takes the test tube with some of "Mother's blood" and pours it into a aquarium of sorts filled with a blue liquid. Moments after the two solutions meet, the organism inside expand rapidly, until they emerge
as small spheres with a embryonic creature in each: the original organisms transformed.)

Perserver: Go and bring your mother back the energy she needs to live!

Masks: Hahahaha... Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

[With that, the newly-created pods lifts into the air and escapes through open pipes. Moments later, the dozens of sphere leaveout of a sewer grate and fly into the night...The next day, we open to a car driving across the street as a woman is seen drving. On the passenger side is a photo of a boy in a school uniform. We fade to that same boy calling from a telephone booth ]

Phone: Were sorry...The line is busy. Please try agian.

Boy: It's no use... I don't know why have come here...

[We change the scenery to a a group of students on a field trip to a trash island to learn about conserving resources, most were holding their noses due to the awful smell. But two of the students strayed from the class. One is Hiroki & the other Ken.]

Ken: Are you sure we should be doing this?

Hiroki: Come on, what better way to learn that embrace it.

[The two should heard a moaning noise from a nearby cave. The guys went in, only to find no one...]

Hiroki & Ken: Hello?

[Without warning, a wall of TVs are turned on without warning, various images of one of the embryonic core-things sceen earlier. Suddently the TVs start to fuse unto eachother followed by very trash. Tentacles shot out from the mass which slither toward the two boys, who were freaked out. The two mustered enough will to run for their lives. By that time, the teacher and the rest of the class were getting on the boat headed for the mainland.]

Teacher: Where's Hiroki & Ken?

Hiroki & Ken: Go! Go! Go!

Teacher: What are you two-

[Emerging from the large garbage heap was a massive mechanized creature. The class tried to rush to their boat only to watch the mechanized beast assimilate it as well and evolve into a larger menacing version. We fade to a disclosed location.]

Staff: Unidentified intruder has surfaced.

Male Voice: We've got it on visual. I'm putting it on the main screen

[We open to the stange monster swimming its way toward the shore. It was a human-like enity made of various scarpmetal and junk with a few dino-features.]

Staff: It's been 15 years...

Commander: Yes, well now we know for sure. They are back.

CHAPTER 1: Invasion, Year 2061

Boy: I guess we won't be meeting here. Maybe I should find a hotel to wait. Uh...

[A sudden strong wind knocked Noa down as he noticed the gigantic creature walking toward him. The car soon arrived and opens the door. The boy gets in quickly as the car drives out before it was stepped on.]

Lady: Sorry, get in, am I real late...Are you all right?

Boy: Yeah, but my mouth is full of dirt.

Lady: You'll be alright. Come on...

Boy: Thank you, miss

Lady: Miki would do. So you're Noa.

[Back at HQ, ]

Male Voice: The target's coming towards us. It's headed straight
for NeoTokyo.

Staff: Commander! The other Commanders request you.

Commander Raiga: It's as the good doctor had forsaw...The Primevaliens have awaken.

Shadowed Commander A: Then fire everything you've got on it!

[We change to see a missisle shooting toward the Primeval. Miki noticed the weapon as it passed her.

Miki: Are those guys nuts!? Hold on Noa!

[Back on the island, the teacher and some of her students ducked and covered to as a big explosion occurs once the missile reached its target.

Commanders: Yeah...

Raiga: What's the status of the target?

Staff: We're unable to confirm, the EM-Pulse knocked everything out.

Shadowed Cmdr B: It must be dead, it took the full blast.

Male Voice: External sensors restored.

Female Voice: Energy readings at the epicenter!

Shadow Cmdr B: It can't be!

Male Voice: External cameras online.

[The Junk-Primevailen.]

Shadowed Cmdr A: It's a demon!

Commander Raiga: So he was right as well...The creatures are able to create a barrier. Conventional weapons are no use on them. I propose we'll activate Unit-01 at once.

Shadowed Commander A: Raiga, that toy of your is untested. What if it ends up like Unit-00.

Commander Raiga: We have no choice

Cmdr-in-Chief: Very well...Command of this operation is been entrusted to you Raiga. Don't betray our trust.

Raiga: Yes, Sir.

Shadowed Commander: What make you thinks you will have better luck then us.

Raiga: That is why the ARC Foundation exists.

Cmdr-in-Chief: I pray you're right.

Staff: The target is still stationary.

Raiga: Activate Unit One.

Staff: Activate it? But we have no pilot.

Raiga: The Doctor provided us with a spare before leaving.

[We head toward Nao and Miki as they arrive to the subway were a train waited]

Noa: Anti Rampage & Crisis?

Miki: Ah-ha, it's a secret organization controlled by the UN.

Noa: And that's where my father works?

Miki: Well, yeah. You do know what he does, don't you?

Nao: All my teachers told me was that it was important to the future of mankind. Are we going to see my father?

Miki: I don't really know. Oh yeah, did your dad send you an ID card?

Noa: Am I going to be working for him? What am I saying? He wouldn't have sent me a letter unless he needed me for something.

Miki: Sounds like you don't get along with your dad...Oh we're here.

[We open to a undersea area the tube the train Noa and Miki were in was heading toward the base.]

Nao: Awesome!...

Miki: That's right. This is our base of operations, Babylon. This city is the key to protect all mankind for a better future.
fractyl2 12-27-2005 10:36 AM
2nd half done
[The duo arrived to a elevator, the door opened to a long woman as she was brushing off a youngman with spiky red hair.]

Woman: Why are you wasting my time, Falcone? Don't you know we're short on time and manpower!

Falcone: You know I never waste time.

[The two stopped to see Miki was Nao.]

Falcone: So, what's with the kid?

Miki: Well, according to the report, he's a "Canidate".

Falcone: A Candiate

Woman: Pleased to meet you. I'm Ms. Usako, head of the science department.

Noa: Ah... uh. Sure.

Miki: He's the son of Proff. Ryugouji.

Falcone: You don't say.

Miki: I'm afraid he's just like his father... the gruff and unfriendly part that is.

Staff: Battle stations Level 1. Prepare for ground level intercept.

[The base starts to surface. In the elevator...]

Falcone: I see the show's starting soon.

Ms. Usako: It sounds pretty serious.

Miki: So how's AU-1 coming? It's never worked before has it?

Ms. Usako: The possibility of activation is 0.0000000001%.

[They reach a darken area.]

Noa: Hey, Ah, why's it so dark in here.

Falcone: Just clap.

[Nao did and the light snapped on, revealing a giant silvery human-like face with yellow eyes glowing.]

Nao: Ah, it's a face... A giant robot...

Usako: Mankind's ultimate Fighting Machine, the Ashuram. This is Unit 01. Built here in secret, it is mankind's last hope for surrival.

Nao: Is this my father's work?

Raiga: Correct.

Miki, Falcone, Usako: Commander!

Raiga: We're at Code red. We're moving out.

Miki: Moving out?! Wait a minute your gonna' use Unit One?

Usako: There's no other way.

Miki: Now wait! We don't have a able pilot!

Raiga: That's why I had you bring him here.

Usako: You're serious?

Raiga: Nao Ryugouji will be the pilot of Unit 01.

Miki: But even the last candiate took seven months to recuperate from the last time we trested the Ashuram. It's impossible for him to do it, he just got here!

Falcone: He just has to fight, we don't expect more than that.

Miki: But...!

Usako: Listen, defeating that the Primevaliens are our ultimate priority. If we have someone who has a chance at synchronising with an Eva,
then we've got to risk it. You do understand that don't you, Capt. Nyanka?

Miki: Yes, Ma'am.

Nao: Was that why my father sent for me?

Raiga: I don't really know. He dissppeared a week before you came. But seeing that you're the son of Ryugouji, it would make chance you pilot the Ashuram.

Noa: So, you're asking me to take this thing and go out there and

Raiga: Correct.

Nao: : No I can't. I've never even seen anything like this before. There's no way I can do this.

Raiga: You will be instructed.

[Outside, the JunkPrimevalien, after attempted by the miltary to stop it, arrives in the city. It lumbered its way toward the center.]

Raiga: So..It know we're going to attack it. If you're not going to pilot Ashuram, then go. We'll use Xandra.

Falcone: But Commander, she's still not ready to fight.

Raiga: We have no choice. If she dies, it will be on that boy's hands not ours.

Nao: Fine...I'll do it... I'll pilot it.

[Outside, the skies are dark, spotlights are shining, as the railroad bridge starts to move toward the base.]

[We open to Noa in the cockpit, a globe-like dome with a ring on it.]

Female Voice: Filling the entry plug.

Nao: Huh? What is this stuff? Ah, ah, ah, uguh....

Usako: Don't worry. You'll get used to it. You can breathe normally in it.

Nao: Fuah, guhah... I'm gonna' be sick...

Miki: Stop complaining! You're a boy you know!

Staff: Starting the "Synaps Trace" system.

[The ring spins down in Nao as a black liquid forms in the center. As it pressed on Nao, the liquid conforms to his body, becoming a body-suit with metal protections on the shoulders, back, elbows, wrists, ankles, & knees.]

Female Staff: Synchronisation ratio at 41.3%.

Miki: Amazing!

Female Staff: Harmonics seem to be normal. I see no disturbances.

Usako: Let's do it!

Miki: Begin launch sequence.

[The module Ashuram was in is transfered into a what looked like a traincar. Babalyon opens to reveal a liner-style bullet train.]

Female Voice: Launch path clear. All systems green.

Staff: BabiLiner ready for launch.

Usako: Understood. Can we really do this?

Raiga: Of course. There is no other choice.

Miki: Launch!

[The train starts up, using the repositioned bridge to make it to land. The speed of the thing was awesome, passing even the Primevalien as it stopped between it and it's target, a buliding which like the others went underground upon as part of the emergancy system. The Modules was positioned upward as the Ashuram was revealed, a white human-like robot in red armor. The two giants stood there, getting spotlights flashed at them.]

Miki: Noa... Don't get killed out there.

[The scene wass watched by the mysterious "emissary".]

Creator: Impossible!

Perserver: It can't be!

Destoryer: Zeraph...


Narrator: Nao managed to defeat the Primeval UE-02, but this is only the beginning of an epic conflict. As Primeval UD-03 surfaces to challenge the Ashuram. While this goes on, Miki offers to have Nao move in with her. Next time, Launch, Ashuram Unit-1. The Key to Victory is...Zeraph.
fractyl2 12-29-2005 08:24 PM
Episode 2's Done
[Last time...The Ashuram, with Noa piloting it, has arrive to challenge the Junk Primevalien. Raiga, Miki, Usako, & Falcone are in the operating room of Babylon.]

Miki: Are you ready, Noa?

Noa: Um, yeah.

Usako: Final safety locks release! Ashuram Unit One, move out! Noa, just concentrate on walking for now.

Noa: Walk...

Miki: He's walking!

Noa: Walking...

[Ashuram tripped & falled forward.

Miki: Nao, are you Ok? Hurry, Hurry, you've got to get up!

[JunkPrimevalien lumbers at Ashuram with intend on attack. Ashuram got up and took out a the nearby cannon from BabiLiner annd fired a direct blast at the monster's head. It seemed a victory, but the monster's head cracks open, revealing a more organic head. It was like a Dinosaur's head inside out with bony armor-plating. The monster's body morphed into a fighting form, it charged at the Ashuram and knocked the robot the the ground. The Primevalien lifts Ashuram up and grasps Ashuram's left arm tightly. Nao, still insynch to the robot screams in pain as a response.]

Miki: Noa, calm down. That's not your real arm!

Raiga: Where are the defense systems?

Staff: The denfense systems are not responding.

Usako: They're not up?!

[In moments, the Ashuram's arm's joints have been partically ripped off. Noa screamed in anagonizing pain from it.]

Staff: Left arm damaged.

Staff: The circuits have snapped.

Miki: Noa, get out of there!

[Ashuram tried to retreat, but JunkPrimevialen refused to allow that.
Using the freezers built in its arm to freeze the Ashuram in place. It then grabbed the robot by the head and began to punch at it repeatly. Nao got knocked out cold for the first three hits. After it had its fun, the monster flung the robot to the other of the city and turned its attention back to the building.]

Raiga: It's targeting the Hospital again! Is the Ashuram able to get back up.

Staff: We're not getting any readings on the pilot.

Miki: Noa...

[Noa opened his eyes and found himself in underwater. The water was the same as the liquid that was pumped into the Ashuram cockpit. Noa realized he was not alone as a shadowed girl's silhoutte was sceen.]

Nao: Where am I?

???: What are you?

Noa: Noa...Noa Ryugouji

???: Is that term for this organic being or a personal name?

Noa: It's my name.

???: Why have you come here?

Noa: My father...

???: Is your objective out of instinct or responsibility?

Noa: I..Don't know.

???: Why do you exist?

Noa: I dob't know that either.

???: Then what is the proof that you are yourself not another? When you always run away from the truth.

Nao: Then...I won't run away...I won't run...

???: Thiat hand of yours crys to protect. Let it do that.

[The scene changed back to Ashuram badly damaged]

Raiga: Status report?

Staff: The head is damaged, extent of damage unknown!

Miki: What about Noa?

Staff: His condition's unknown! AU-01 has gone completely silent.

Miki: Commander! Preserving the pilot's life is our first priority.

Raiga: We've got no choice. Abort the operation! We've got to rescue the pilot. Enage the emergancy ejection device.

Usako: We can't. It's not letting us.

Raiga: What did you say?!

[The monster was ready to destory the hospital when it heard a a rage-filled roar. The Ashuram's eyes flash as it go back to its feet.]

Usako: The Ashuram's reactivating!

Miki: I don't believe it! This can't be!

[The Ashuram starts to glow a burning red as a facemask forms. The right-forearm gauntlet reforms unto the hand, creating a claw-like weapon.]

Raiga: The true form of Ashuram Unit-01. The King of God's Hand.

[The Primevalien annoyed, unleases a barrage of projectives. But Ashuram took a unique of dogding, by racing its legs rapidly along the sides of the buildings in its path! This tactic is successful, allowing the Ashuram to run so fast that it not only dodges the attack, but is able to get to monster when his guard is down with its right fist. But JunkPrimevalien quickly forms its barrier.]

Usako: No not now! As long as that Field is up--

Miki: --he can't get near it.

Nao: This hand of mine cries out for me to protect!

[The Ashuram's left arm snapped back in to.]

Usako: The left arm has regenerated itself.

Miki: No way...

[Using the left arm with the right, Ashuram ripped its way into the barrier.]

Miki: It broke through the barrier like it wasn't there.

Noa: Take this! Life and Death!

[The Ashuram hold the monster with his left fist while the right uses an ironclaw move to rip into Junk-Primeval's body, but the monster grabs Ashuram as it changing shape and covering it like a ball.]

Miki: It's gonna' self-destruct?!

[A big explosion.]

Raiga: Is the Ashuram...?

[Ashuram is walking, alive with the Primevo-Core in hand. The robot collapsed on its knees as its cockpit opened with a battered Noa emerging, breathing heavily. The Primevo-Core falls to the ground nearby in front of Noa. It watched without warning, revealing a hideous creature seeming to stare at Noa as it was apparently dying. Noa was filled with a feeling of horror at the sight of ther creature and started screaming...]

[The scene fade to Nao waking up in a hospital bed.]

Noa: Was it a dream?
fractyl2 01-11-2006 08:11 PM
Second half!
[We open to a disclosed location. Raiga was in a dark room with monitors. One each monitor was a shadowed person]

Raiga: It's been a week since the 2nd Primevalien, code-named UE-02, has appeared.

????: So the Anicents have returned... It's rather sudden.

????: It's the same as the Event. That's the way of disasters, they come without warning.

????: On the positive side our previous investments would appear to be not such a waste after all.

????: You can't be sure about that yet. If it doesn't pay off, it's still a waste.

????: Correct. Now that these things are now common knowledge. You must take steps, to control the manner in which this information is received by the general public.

Raiga: You may rest assured that its already being taken care of. Don't worry.

????: Well, we must acknowledge that.

????: But still, I wonder Commander Raiga, was this Ashuram program used efficiently?

????: Repair costs for Unit One, added to the cost of damage caused by Unit Zero... Are simply staggering.

????: We also understand that you gave that toy to a child.

????: Time, money and manpower... How much more will be wasted by you?

Raiga: I ensure you, it will be worth the trouble.

[With that, the monitors turn off. At the hospital, Noa was looking out on the window. He noticed a girl passing his the entrance of his room. She looked like the same girl he saw in the strange vision he had in Ashuram. He goes into the hall to see her, only to find Miki there. A few mintues in the car.]

Noa: What did you say?!

Miki: You heard me, I said I'll be taking you to live at my place, Ok. And don't worry, I'm not into younger guys.

[We open to Miki's apartment, a bit slopy with books and stuff in stacks.]

Miki: Um...I know it's a little bit messy...but go ahead and make yourself comfortable.

Noa: A little bit messy?

Miki: This is your home so feel free to take advantage of everything her.

Noa: Ah, yes ma'am.

Miki: Is that all you can say? You're not a soldier you know. Lossen up.

Noa: Ah... yes ma'am.

Miki: Well..I guess you can't help it. Why getyourself a bath. Yeah, wash away your troubles! Bathing cleans the mind and soul you know.

[We open back to hospital to the girl resting in bed as Raiga looked at her. He soon walks oit to see Falcone waiting for him]

Falcone: So how was Yui today?...After that incident last week, I almost thought this place was going be blown to blews with Yui beyond our help.

Raiga: She'll be able to work again in a week. By then we'll be ready to
reactivate Unit Zero.

Falcone: Unit Zero? I can understand Ashuram Unit One, we built that from scratch but Unit Zero is not something we should take lightly.

Raiga: There is no one else who can pilot Unit Zero and live through it. As long as the girl survives, that is what we'll have her do.

[Raiga walks off as Falcone was a slight annoyed.]

Falcone: With no regard to what she may want?


Narrator: Nao begins his first day at school. But the fact that he's become a pilot makes him a hero to some while others who watch him who feel resentament. The mysterious Yui shelters herself from the rest of the world. What is her relation to the ARC Foundation? But Noa's school-life and duties collide as a beam shot by the 3rd Primevalien melts Ashuram's chest. Next time: Noa & Yui.