The Devil's Reject's

AlexRosewater 12-18-2005 09:55 PM
This is a sequel to Rob Zombie's cult hit movie "House of 1,000 Corpse's". It follow's three memeber's of the Firefly famliy Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding. Running from law after there house in the middle of no where raded by policemen who where looking to take down the family for there various crime's...
I loved this movie soooo much. It's now on DVD with the R-rated version and Unrated version.
Buck Buck #1 12-18-2005 11:09 PM
I saw it at my friends house. It was good, I really liked the end sequence. I really want to see house of 1000 corpses.
corrupt 12-19-2005 05:04 PM
meh, more like the devils retards...
Travis Bickle 12-19-2005 05:32 PM
Originally posted by V.F.D
meh, more like the devils retards...

I liked this sequel, but not as much as the original movie. Rob Zombie has interesting concepts for movies, though.