:: The Official Academy Animated Awards - Vote Two For Best Female Character! ::

Nine Kuze 12-17-2005 09:53 AM
Hey, everybody. This is Nine XXVI and this is the start of the first ever (and hopefully not last) Academy Animated Awards.

The Academy Animated Award for Best Female Character is awarded by the members of the Paradigm City Forums to the best character of the female gender. The award is presented to the winner, the female character. The character and the anime series they are present in are credited and listed below. The other three nominees of the category are also listed below.

You can check out the 2005 Academy Anime Awards Nominee Ballot here.

2005: R.Dorothy Wayneright - The Big O (voiced by Akiko Yajima, Lia Sargent)
  • Integra Hellsing - Hellsing
  • Kagome Higurashi - InuYasha
  • Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

2006: Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG (voiced by Atsuko Tanaka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
  • Fuu - Samurai Champloo
  • Haruko Harauaka - FLCL
  • Misato Katsuragi - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Nine Kuze 01-06-2006 12:41 PM
The Major and our favorite lovely android, Dorothy. That would be the obvious pick, but I'm not here for the obvious and that's why I'm going with Kagome. She's one of my favorite anime honies and she's strong as well. Even though the whole Inuyasha-Kikyo-love-triangle has been starting to get tiresome after Episode 5,000, I can look past that.

Nine XXVI's Picks: Kagome Higurashi, Motoko Kusanagi
(My dear God, I ended up snubbing Dorothy as well... Go easy on me.)
Nine Kuze 08-30-2006 11:36 AM
Welcome everybody to the 2006 Academy Animated Awards!

This thread is for Best Female Character and I've made some updates on the last year version, showing what the details of the Best Female Character category all about, who won, and who else was nominated for the award.

Best Female Character Presenter: Trisa

Like last year, you get to vote for two of the nominees. And those nominees are:

:: Fuu - Samurai Champloo
Ever since the "Sunflower Samurai" abandoned her and her mother when she was a child, Fuu was always sought to find him and make him pay for lefting them. Her chance came when she met two warriors, Mugen and Jin, at the teahouse wear she worked and "cleverly" tricked the two to helping her find the "samurai smells of sunflowers". During the journey, she became attached to the two who saved her numerous of times. She found her father who was terrible condition, ask for her forgiveness, and was later killed in front of her eyes.

:: Haruko Harauaka - FLCL
Posing as a nurse, a housemaid, and a space patrol officer, Haruko Harauaka traveled to Earth to find the infamous Pirate King Atomsk and take his powers from herself. Using Naota Nandaba to her own ends, she battles against Medical Mechanica, the corporation holding Atomsk and Commander Amarao, who seems to have fallen for Haruko. Just as Naota has as well, as Haruko seems to enjoy playing with his feelings with her.

:: Misato Katsuragi - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Since she was 15 and survived the Second Impact at Anaractica in the year of 2000, Misato Katsuragi joined NERV for the sole purpose to destory the Angels. Seemingly in the dark about many of the hidden aspects of NERV, Misato plans all of NERV's battles and strategies against the Evangelions and Angels. Although she hated him before because of his resemblence to his father, Misato rekindled her relationship with Kaji before he died. She also acts as Shinji and Asuka's guardian, caring deeply about Shinji and hoping that she can become like a mother to him.

:: Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
In charge of commanding Public Security Section 9, Motoko (the Major) headed the charge in ending the war with the refugees created by Kazundo Gouda with reckless yet brillant planning. During the events leading up to the war, Motoko's once hidden past came to light, and in the form of Hideo Kuze who she loved once she was a girl.

Mr. Fortnight 08-31-2006 01:22 PM
I must protest. (Politely)

Yomiko Readman should be up for Nomination as well.
Nine Kuze 09-05-2006 02:04 PM
Originally posted by Ensign Minneapolis
I must protest. (Politely)

Yomiko Readman should be up for Nomination as well.


Nah, I'm kiddin' Ensign. Just to let you know (again) that Yomiko Readman was considered for a nomination. But I feel like these four were best for the Best Female Award.

Anyway, you guys should know one of the girls that I'm voting for. Even not, check the avatar kid. Smile
Dominus of Requiem 09-08-2006 07:27 PM
Misato Katsuragi is my vote but still is all about my girl asuka
Big Grin