:: The Official Academy Animated Awards - Vote For Two For Best Supporting Male Character! ::

Nine Kuze 12-17-2005 09:49 AM
Hey, everybody. This is Nine XXVI and this is the start of the first ever (and hopefully not last) Academy Animated Awards.

The Academy Animated Award for Best Supporting Male Character is awarded by the members of the Paradigm City Forums to the best character in a supporting role of the male gender. The award is presented to the winner, the male character. The character and the anime series they are present in are credited and listed below. The other three nominees of the category are also listed below.

You can check out the 2006 Academy Anime Awards Nominee Ballot here.

2005: Schwarzwald - The Big O (voiced by Katsunosuke Hori, Michael McConnohie)
  • Alucard - Hellsing
  • Jet Black - Cowboy Bebop
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood - Trigun

2006: Batou - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG (voiced by Akio Ohisuka, Richard Epcar)
  • Dan Dastun - The Big O
  • Alphonse Elric - FullMetal Alchemist
  • Scar - FullMetal Alchemist
Nine Kuze 01-06-2006 12:43 PM
There were a lot of nominees from FullMetal (Al, Roy, Maes...) but I decided to snub them and gave you these four strapping characters. Alucard is sweet like you know what but I came across Hellsing pretty late and I gotta go with Jet and the crazy Schwartzwold. Sorry Nick, but I've never really watched Trigun. My bad...

Nine XXVI's Picks: Jet Black, Schwartzwold
Nine Kuze 08-30-2006 11:33 AM
Welcome everybody to the 2006 Academy Animated Awards!

This thread is for Best Supporting Male Character and I've made some updates on the last year version, showing what the details of the Best Supporting Male Character category all about, who won, and who else was nominated for the award.

Best Supporting Male Character Presenter: Mistress-Samwise

Like last year, you get to vote for two of the nominees. And those nominees are:

:: Batou - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
The second-in-command of Public Security Section 9, Batou is the carefree yet headstrong type. Even though he spends time on body lifting weights and is the favorite of the Tachikomas, Batou shows that he wants nothing then to take down both Kazundo Gouda and Hideo Kuze. During the chaos of the Dejima War, Batou took command of Section 9 and his feelings for the Major escalated along with the war as well.

:: Dan Dastun - The Big O
Until the very end during the fight of Big O and Big Fau, Major Dan Dastun was as striaght as the book goes, Mr. Law and Order. In charge of defending Paradigm City from the abnormal attacks that it regularly suffers from, Dastun realizes how much the city needs Roger Smith and the Big O, no matter how much he hates the realization that he can't protect the city himself.

:: Alphonse Elric - FullMetal Alchemist
Ever since he tried to resurrect his mother along with his brother, Edward, Alphonse Elric has always wanted and has fought for only one thing; to return his brother's body to the way it was. After the events at Lior, Alphonse actually became the Philosopher's Stone myself and seeing his brother killed at the hands of the homonculus Envy, he used the Stone and his own life to resurrect his brother as Edward returned the favor and brought Alphonse back to his 10-year-old with no memories of what happened that faithful day.

:: Scar - FullMetal Alchemist
Seeing no way out for myself and more importantly, for his people of Ishbal, Scar took the path that most alchemists take in trying to create the Philosopher's Stone using the military themselves as material. Ending a personal strife with the Crismon Alchemist Zolf J. Kimblee by taking his life, Scar was able to help his friend Alphonse Elric from dying by turning him into the actual Philosopher's Stone at the expense of his own life.

Nine Kuze 09-11-2006 11:17 AM
The cyborg and the kid in the armor, although I purposely made the avatar showing Alphonse in his human body and not in his armored form. Part of my master plan it is. <_<

Also, even though I gave it to Mugen and Jin, I keep thinking that maybe Batou could have been nominated for Best Male Character.